Driving up to the tulip festival today! What are some places to stop at along the way?

  1. Drive faster. Stop for nothing. Every second you waste is going to be 10 minutes sitting in a line of cars.

  2. Not necessarily along the way, but in the area once you’re there check out snow goose produce for a giant ice cream cone

  3. It's Easter, lots of things will be closed and the tulips will be massively busy and crowded by people who had the same idea as you to go up on a holiday.

  4. Lol, I have never been to the festival, but feel like I've seen every angle of every tulip from having been on/off dating apps over the past few years. Like 1 in every 3 hetero women has a picture of themselves at the tulip festival. So, get plenty of good pix of yourself for Tinder/Hinge I guess!

  5. Yesterday, there was a fair near the festival. They were selling food, drinks, candles, art, jewellery etc. It was along the way to the tulip festival, so you might see it.

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