‘It’s a feud’: Brand new homeless shelter sits empty as leaders squabble

  1. And the tiny house shelter villages have the highest success rate of any transitional shelter type in terms of getting people into permanent housing. Which is the goal here. Getting people back onto their feet.

  2. to pay for social workers, kitchen staff, utilities (water, sewer, electricity), psychologists, food, clothing... Yeah it'd be a lot for just rent, but obviously it's a lot more than that

  3. Seattle really has no interest in "Fixing" anything. They spent 2.5 Billion (according to King 5). Where do you all think the money goes? Remember the eeeevvvil "Military Industrial Complex." This is the same thing.

  4. I have a sneaking suspicion I know the statistic you're talking about, and if I'm right, the vast majority of that money was spent by charities. What you're looking at is private charity is a giant scam.

  5. I'm having trouble thinking of the right word or phrase to describe a person who compares a mouse to a whale and opines "look they both eat and poop so they are basically the same."

  6. RHA was created to develop an accountable, coordinated homelessness response. Basically Lee and Chopp undermining it should be the headline.

  7. Love to see Westneat, who doesn’t give one flying fuck about people experiencing homelessness, having fun taking slaps at what single-family home owner types like to call the “homelessness industrial complex,” and simultaneously amplifying that ridiculous Post Alley site, which published the ridiculous Jean Godden piece last week arguing for her buddy Perer Steinbrueck’s POV wanting drivers to keep full access to Pike Place, and now Danzo plumps for a Sally Bagshaw piece that pretty much says everything Danny says.

  8. That's a weird flex for you, Widdershins. What does it matter how much she makes, especially if she's getting her side of the bargain done?

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