What scam is this?

  1. Thanks for the link. I think this is it. The person insisted that it was a bet (monetary) to cut the hair/go bald. I have the person’s phone number and also know their employer. Should I file a police report? I’m not even sure what to report since nothing really happened in my case

  2. I don't know if or what "scam" is going on, but you should contact Rover and tell them about it. They have a team of people to handle safety issues

  3. Definitely report that to Rover! That’s the oddest scam I’ve heard of, immediately it made me think it could be a fetish that you happened to be roped into by these two people independently? Either way please take care of yourself and I’d be interested to see if anyone else has more insight.

  4. I have the same feeling. I first thought it might be something related to ‘donate your hair for cancer patients’ but the more I think it feels like a weird fetish.

  5. It sounds more like either a prank (containing only slightly more humor than "I swear, putting your cell phone in the microwave will fast-charge it) or someone's kink. After reading the article posted below, this is my bet: they talk you into doing it, maybe promising money, maybe asking for proof in the form of a photo. They then have evidence that they tricked some poor sap into shaving their head. Just about anything that could fall even loosely into the category of trolling makes the "for teh lulz" crowd (see also: 4chan) laugh (read: feel the power they probably think they lack in their daily lives).

  6. Agree with this. But what about rover? This was an actual person with a dog. And it seems like this person was talking the same thing with several others as well

  7. Agree. This person is in a very high position in one of the big tech companies in Seattle. I found this on their LinkedIn. I want to somehow teach this person a lesson (legally of course). But I have no power/case to do that. I will try filing a cyber bullying case with Seattle police department but I’m not confident anything will happen

  8. Probably some sort of prank. If you're curious you could use an app to make yourself look bald, and see where it goes. You could even set up an audience filter that only shows certain posts to them so it looks like you're making posts but they're the only one who see them. Even get a few friends in on it to react to your post if you really want to make it look like you fell for whatever it is.

  9. Im not sure we can effectively judge this without seeing your hair, maybe they are suggesting a glow up for you.

  10. It’s not a scam, it’s liberating. I was talked to about shaving my head and it’s the best. I thank that person 2x a day, everyday

  11. Idk what the hell this scam (or troll) is about. However, it’s a fine time to notify people about so-called people search engines.

  12. This is so weird. I was in Mexico a few months ago and saw some posters for something very similar. I looked online at some of the videos (they had a link on the poster) and it just left me with more questions. The women in the videos were talking about how powerful it feels and that it's all very comfortable but would give no details as to what it is they actually did at these things (other than shave their heads).

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