Optimal Rental Search Process

  1. After renting here for >10 years in my experience the best time to look is between November and April when the weather is bad. The inventory is lower but so are the prices and competitiveness. The summer rental market is bonkers. Renting in the summer, you more or less need to sign the lease on site during your tour if you like the place enough.

  2. Let me guess, youre from out of state probably mid west or the south? Nothing wrong with that its just that these points are common knowledge to anyone who lives in the west or east coast. Welcome to your new home!

  3. Lived here all my life and the only thing they're REALLY bad about is failing to train their dogs not to bark (which is NOT hard regardless of breed.) Everything else they're tolerable.

  4. I managed to find a place with a small yard so I will not be a contributing factor. I guess also my dog is trained well enough too. As far as neighbors go or maybe even renting out a place if I was a land lord, I'd be more afraid of people with small children. But I'm just speculating

  5. Absolutely. It felt like I was being rejected by the city. Like it didn't want me there. And the reality is it probably doesn't cause it's crowded enough as it is

  6. Did you end up finding a place that allows dogs? My landlord raised my rent so much but I don’t think it’s possible to find somewhere that allows dogs for anywhere around what I pay. I ended up signing another year lease just so he can’t raise the rent again. It’s kind of crazy if you add allows dogs to the Craigslist requirements it’s almost nothing but really expensive new buildings (over 2k for a studio in my neighborhood).

  7. Theoretically a budget of almost double would also double the available properties. Apartments are generally more plentiful as well. I wasn't against apartments but they made up about 90 percent of the market. I think you should be able to find something twice as easily as I did

  8. The best strategy for a cheap apartment is to walk around a neighborhood you like and look for the buildings that put phone numbers up with vacant signs. They often offer properties below the market rate and just want a good, solid local renter to live in their somewhat outdated building. Then you usually don't have to deal with any of the above bullshit.

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