Moving from Downtown to Fremont and looking to hire movers. Anyone have first hand experiences they could share?

  1. Ecomovers were great when I moved from Queen Anne to Ballard. They are pretty central so you minimize the cost for their travel to and from your place.

  2. I just hired Adam’s Moving. They’re based just north of Greenwood. They were easy to book and the most reasonable offer at 190/hour for 2 movers and a truck!

  3. I question how this company pays their workers and operates at large. I used them in my last move from Lake City to Bitter Lake and paid a decent amount ($1000+) for less than 6 hours of work. After processing our payment and providing a tip based on various recommendations online, we received a passive text message from the movers mentioning that we didn’t tip enough to the point they offered their Venmo accounts for more money. Since we were new and unfamiliar with using professional movers, we forked over more money. The ordeal left me unsure of providing a positive recommendation.

  4. We used them as well for Fremont to Ballard and they were awesome, on time, finished under their estimate and most importantly didn’t break anything at all. (We paid them to pack kitchen)

  5. Ecomovers did a good job for me when moving from Wallingford to queen Anne. The crew really did a great job wrapping up all my big stuff and took really good care of everything. I tipped them 40 each and 6 blunts.

  6. I had a pretty good experience with College Hunks. There was almost an incident with some spilled alcohol, but that was really my fault for putting my stash in an ottoman and not labeling it.

  7. I used ecomovers twice last year. They were easy to work with even on very short notice and did a good job. They clearly knew what they were doing with wrapping and protecting my furniture.

  8. Lake Union Movers did ours. They came in within the estimate range and did a good job - nothing broken and only two minor scratches. I'd use them again.

  9. I've had good experiences with Super Friends. If you are packing yourself and just hiring them load, transport, and unload, I would also recommend looking into something like HiveBoxx.

  10. I had a horrible experience with ecomovers a few years ago. The two on my move were also apparently supervisors. I’d use someone else.

  11. I used ecomovers when I moved from Phinney to Maple Leaf last year, they were awesome and super professional. They're a bit on the spendy side but absolutely worth it compared to other movers I have used.

  12. I've used Can't Stop Moving twice for home moves and once for a business move and have found them excellent.

  13. Surprised to see that nobody has mentioned Bellhop - they offer only moving and truck services (not packing!). I moved from Greenwood to Cap Hill last year and was quite impressed with how efficient, careful and friendly the movers were.

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