I wish I would've the guts to wear T-Shirts in summer

  1. Wear them. Fuck what others think. You should be able to feel comfortable wearing what ever you want. I don't think scars should be judged because it shows how much people have gone though and overcome.

  2. you could maybe start off with wearing very thin, airy cardigans? like a black one that’s knitted so you can see skin but doesn’t draw full attention to the scars. that’s what i do in the summer so i don’t melt

  3. Yeah. It really depends on the people around you. I wore short sleeves around campus for 2 days in a row or else i would've literally melted and nobody said anything. It felt really nice :).

  4. It takes time, but as you get better you realize your scars are proof you survived. Wishing you strength Ɛ>

  5. Same mine are from attempts back in December and they’re fairly big and I’ve always worn short sleeves during the summer and now I’m incredibly scared, worried, and everything else for how people will react. I just recently went to a store where I don’t know anyone and wore short sleeves and I kept my arms to my sides or in my pocket but it felt good to do it at least once. I’m hoping I can get there. I recommend buying compression arm sleeves. I wore them right after when I went down to Florida and it kinda helped and it makes you look active 🙌🏻

  6. You can start with 3/4th length sleeves and work your way up! That way you can try getting used to having your scars visible. You can also try going out somewhere you know people won’t know you and that way you might feel more free.

  7. Dude this looks exactly like my right arm 😲 And honestly; fuck what people think. I’ve so far only gotten 3-5 people (never covered my scars up) in all my years!

  8. You should try just walking around your house with short sleeves and try to work up the confidence and don’t beat yourself up about it

  9. Ik ur scars hold some bad stories/traumas but honestly think your arm looks beautiful, I'm sorry abt the t shirt situation :(

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