Chelsea’s old aesthetic>>>> If she stuck with this she would have been in her own lane.

  1. This is the first time I can see how beautiful she is. This kind of chic , pared down aesthetic suits her. In fact simple things , like the cream crochet dress, look so beautiful on her. Girl looks like someone I'd like to befriend in these photos, the way she presents herself on the show , I would run miles away in the opposite direction.

  2. The reason she presents herself that way on the show is because she’s on the show. It’s possible that she’s changed her style as well, but I think that it’s also normal to have a different aesthetic on a reality show that you would in your real life.

  3. I agree! I think she’s gorgeous but she wears a lot of glittery makeup on the show and it isn’t flattering. Maybe it’s just the camera and lighting

  4. I don’t understand her harsh defensiveness with Christine. Christine is a 33 year old woman who can fight her own battles, she’s not a 8 year old. And to make matters worst, she’s a mother! I feel for her son, Christian Jr.

  5. it makes more sense if you remember it's a tv show, most likely the producers were looking for some sort of balance

  6. Most of these pics looks like she’s just got less or no make up on and isn’t glammed up. The make up she uses has harsh contour.

  7. Agree for the most part, but let's not act like these photos are from 5+ years ago. 1 is from Jan, 1 from last year and 2 are from 2019. These are all pretty recent

  8. Chelsea is such a stunning woman and it’s hard to see just how beautiful she is when her whole vibe and style are so distracting and chaotic. I can actually see her here.

  9. personally i think it's a bit weird that we're attributing someone's personality to the way she dresses and looks...

  10. Hm? The way you choose to present yourself to the world does indeed say something about your about personality.

  11. she’s so cute i love chelsea. What i hate about this sub though is that you want chelsea to be better than the white woman so damn bad. STOP HOLDING POC TO DIFFERENT STANDARDS. NOBODY ON THAT DAMN SHOW dresses normal….WHY? BC ITS A DAMN SHOW. and Chelsea is a human being. Human beings change aesthetics all the time. When i was 12 I’d dress all in barbie clothes. I’m not 12 and I dress differently. Her taste has changed. Leave her alone

  12. I dont agree. I'm black and I've seen lots of threads discussing how much people hate the changes the women have made to their faces and the way they dress as well compared to earlier seasons. I wasn't even aware she had made any cosmetic changes. I thought it was just makeup. She can do what she wants for sure. But it does make me sad when gorgeous women in general do things that make them look less attractive and somehow cheaper for SO MUCH MONEY.

  13. Most of these women who have had a lot of work done , I personally prefer how they looked before. They looked so much fresher.

  14. why does she need to “stay in her lane”??? let women wear what they want when they want. stop putting them in boxes.

  15. Y’all are mean. Do you have nothing better to do than to rifle through old pictures and start a discussion about how good she USED to look?

  16. I dont think it's mean. Lots of the women in reality shows looked better before they did absolutely unecessary things to their faces. Nobody's calling her ugly by commenting on her evolution.

  17. I’m a big believer in letting a woman choose a style that makes her confident. I know which of her two styles I would choose for myself, but I love that she has chosen what makes her happy.

  18. It's less colourful, sure, but she's still wear short, bodycon, slightly ott outfits here. Does anyone else own white, knee high leather boots they casually wear??

  19. My exact thoughts. She’s wearing a fur coat and white knee highs on a private plane. She’s always been “fabulous,” she just now has a reason to crank it up. I don’t see a difference.

  20. It’s also part of our obsession with womens bodies to fit the look of the current era and that we focus so much in the superficial. It’s just ingrained in women. It isn’t something we can stop overnight.

  21. We’re not talking about body or face we’re talking about outfits I think people are not understanding that I just liked her old outfits which aren’t even that old these pics are from “2019-2022” so they’re extremely recent

  22. I truly don’t get how they afford this. Her husband works at an ad company (and not a particularly well known one - literally YEARS in the industry and I’ve never heard of it). He’s not even in the c-suite. Unless his mom / boss is doing some major profit sharing or there’s family money on either or both sides, their whole lifestyle is a mystery to me.

  23. for how progressive this sub pretends to be y’all sure do get mad when women dress for fun rather then what you deem women of that age should be wearing

  24. Chelsea is young and cute. I just thought her outfits on the show weren’t cute(I don’t think anyone on the show outfits are cute😅) and I liked her old style so I was just appreciating it

  25. I knew she was putting on a show to fit in when she said “last time I met you I was wearing flats and I’ve beat myself up everyday since”

  26. I agree she looked “effortlessly chic” here. Now her style looks like she is just screaming for attention.

  27. Hardly any black girls look like this anymore as it's not fashionable, especially in London. This is the broke days look. Black women who like look this are the wallflowers or from an older generation, knowone is checking for them. I'm pretty sure she's happy with how she looks like now, they definitely wouldn't of picked her for Selling Sunset if she looked like this now.

  28. She is so pretty in these! I think the look she has now is fun for an event, but she just honestly is so much prettier in these pictures!

  29. Crazy. She looks amazing. I just think the massive platform shoes with the barely there skirt on Sunset was a little strange when working with clients and the camera kept trying to pan up to her butt and it was just weird.

  30. Oh my god she’s STUNNING. Not that she isn’t now, but this is her and her alone. I think more of her fashion choices were influenced by the show a bit. But I’m absolutely obsessed

  31. She looks like a genuinely pleasant person to be around in these pictures. It suits her so much better and would fit much more with this “intelligent, classy, professional” woman character she wants to portray.

  32. All of three use to look so beautiful before they went on the show (really after the first season is when their obsession with their looks got to them)

  33. Her skin is lighter in the new show too. (No shade, I’m ethnic and my mom uses skin bleaching cream-) her color here is so much richer.

  34. She’s a gorgeous woman and seems to really love her kids. It’s a shame she couldn’t stay independent and good as opposed to basically Christine’s bitch!

  35. Omg she looks so gorgeous and natural here. Lol. I'm not going to lie. Call me judgmental but on the show I found it hard to figure out what she actually looked like because everything she had on and her hair and the jewelry and the makeup was so distracting. I think she makes herself look less attractive... and I was also a bit confused when I saw her with her hubby. He just looks like he likes more lowkey women. Now I get it lol. She was more low key. I'm black woman and I've dated mostly outside my race so lol I know what I'm talking about. I'm speaking from experience. That's all I'm saying.

  36. why does she need to be "in her own lane"??? You don't have to love her wardrobe but she clearly does, and that's what matters. And that "in her own lane" comment.... given that many of the other non-black ladies wear similar clothes... YIKES.

  37. She doesn’t need to be in her own lane. The own lane comment was to say that she would have been original and a trend setter. I think you’re taking this post wrong. I was just appreciating her old outfits which aren’t that old since these pics are from 2019-2022. All the other ladies old outfits personally from what i’ve seen werent cute enough to mention😅 but Chelsea’s outfits were extremely cute to me.

  38. Omg she was beautiful! Why did she do all that to her face? Yes, I know people can do to their faces whatever they want and I respect her right to do it, but she was just stunning.

  39. She clearly had to change to be noticed in the industry. It's too bad. She is gorgeous here! Even Christine looked really pretty before but had to do a lot before she got noticed!

  40. Her husband looks like a hostage, tbh. He seems more gregarious on the show, but maybe he’s actually shy & had to work up to that.

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