Tabloids post a lot of dumb stuff but I don’t know if I ever seen a bigger we didn’t ask article than this one

  1. I read it so you guys don’t have to. Basically “what was in the past, stays in the past”, he seems to not know anything about what Chrishell is up to and does not know that she is with G flip. He mentioned that after they divorced, that was that, and they haven’t spoken since

  2. After the interview he did admit that he “wished i had thought of this Kid Rock hat idea before spending so many irritating nights trying to get new hairplugs comfortable on the pillow”

  3. In his new movie (Senior Year) he’s literally the supporting character to the supporting character. She’s way more relevant than him now, no one gives a sh!t what he thinks.

  4. He basically tanked his own career by ending things with her how he did. His only real draw is being the heartthrob/love interest/dreamy guy. When he ended things like that, while SS was in the midst of filming, and then was basically immediately with a friend of theirs, he lost the heartthrob/dreamy guy factor for many women. I wonder if he's realized yet he played himself.

  5. He tanked his career? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 And Chrishell suddenly became relevant because she is in a music video with GFlip. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. He’s bashed her passive aggressively in the press all the time. Not that long ago he was talking about how much better his current relationship is compared to his last one

  7. Yes, that was my first thought! The first decent photo I've seen of them that allows us to really see their face. Much more attractive than other unflattering, tongue swaggin' photos...Edit: To bash the ex...Yes, Justin's a jerk. Used to love him until the way he dumped on her national television.

  8. Yes, we (the patriarchy) must all know what this low value garbage male thinks about these two women who by all accounts appear to be living their best lives.

  9. I miss Passions! That was such a good show. Hated that they canceled it. Teresa was one of my favorites on there along with Tabitha and Sheridan. Lol,I totally see Teresa saying shut it.

  10. I literally couldn't give less of a fuck. This is the same man that divorces someone over text... Absolute piece of shit.

  11. I love how he always tries to claim he’s “private” and “mature” when he’s the one who ended his marriage over text and basically let the whole world know about his divorce before his ex-wife did - truly a gem of a guy, right? 🤢

  12. I thought this was a “what-do-you-get-when-you-blend-2-people”… Chrishell is the blend baby of the left and right photo!! Damn I just solved the internet

  13. He obviously steers clear of her and all her drama. Too bad the gals at the agency still lap it up. Never spoke to her again speaks volumes.

  14. Because he ended a marriage over text message. It’s also been heavily rumored that he became involved with his current wife while still married, and most recently, Chrishell indicated that he was very dismissive when she was offered SS. But mostly, it is the text that makes him pretty unredeemable. He’s ending a marriage, not canceling an appointment with a plumber.

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