Later Sephora!

  1. I'm excited so many brands are moving to ulta, but nervous this will end some of what I love about it like the sales and lower priced items. It's nice to grab something I've been eyeing for half off every once in a blue moon and I love walking through the drugstore section and just grabbing a little something that catches my eye. If ulta keeps picking up high end brands, I'm nervous they'll dump the lower price points.

  2. well they’re in Target too where they also sell low priced items! I dont think Ulta would since it works?

  3. Sephora won’t be closing down, of course, but they should definitely be rethinking their rewards program! That’s why most people are saying Ulta is where it’s at. I’d much rather spend my coin at Ulta knowing they have so many point multiplier days or I could use my points I’ve been saving to pay for it. If you’re not Rouge you can’t even get that $100 reward they have and using 500 points for $10 is not worth it.

  4. I’d have stayed Sephora if they hadn’t changed their return policy. With young kids and working full time, sometimes making it in for a return in 30 days isn’t feasible

  5. This is amazing news. I’ve been trying to move my spending from Sephora to Ulta for the better rewards. Natasha Denona, Charlotte Tilbury, Tatcha, and Olaplex were my biggest Sephora purchases that Ulta didn’t carry, so this makes me super happy.

  6. Me too! I have both credit cards and I must say I've earned more valuable points with Ulta than Sephora. This year I'm trying to shop at Ulta more to see for myself which reward system is better and this totally just made it easier.

  7. This is amazing… the three brands that I dreamed Ulta would have were olaplex, CT, and rare beauty. 2/3 is pretty good!

  8. I will say though, Shoppers Drug Mart (Pharmaprix in French Canada) is starting to get some great options. A lot of high ends are moving to drug stores. The points with Shoppers plus the double day points are amazing! Definitely 100% greater than Sephora points since everything is constantly out or way too tiny.

  9. The CT website ships to Canada for free and without duties, you get 10% when you register a new email address, two CT samples at check out…I went to the US regularly pre covid and while I like shopping at Ulta I don’t think we are especially underserved when it comes to a brand like CT.

  10. Ok but where’s the official confirmation on this 😭 I heard the same thing about fenty and NOTHING!!

  11. I'm jealous of people that have a great Ulta. My closest one is so cramped and somehow always faces the sun so it's way too bright and uncomfortably hot. Ty for listening to my rant.

  12. Yesss. All the ones around me suck. They’re dirty and everything has been opened. They plop skincare on a shelf right above a lightbulb and it’s boiling hot. I hate going in there. Where are these magical Ultas?!

  13. I shop online 99% of the time. I'm trying to shop at Ulta more to test their reward system. So far I have to admit I'm liking it more (I also have the credit card which helps with points, but the points have been more valuable).

  14. Mine somehow always has low stock and never gets the newer brands, so I continue to shop at Sephora. New partnerships doesn’t mean much if accessibility is so poor. Plus there is no minimum shipping threshold at Sephora. 🤷‍♀️

  15. This might get lost, but someone messaged me and said Sephora has an exclusive agreement with CT so I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.

  16. I get frustrated with their coupons because sometimes they're member specific (last year I think I only got 1 20% off including prestige) but they definitely have more point multiplier days and coupons on non-prestige items often so I think in the long run it will be more advantageous to shop Ulta.

  17. The magic concealer (wand) hides my dark circles really well and is also a good shade match. It's hard for me to find both qualities in one product. Now I'm hooked on their (her?) creme eyeshadows (champagne). Not a fan of the loose powder. I got it because it's cheaper than the Hourglass powder, but next time I'll go back to Hourglass.

  18. The people at my local Sephora tend to be more helpful than at my local Ulta in my experience, so I’ll probably stick with Sephora. But I guess that’s probably just store loyalty rather than brand loyalty

  19. Def. I'm not necessarily close to either store so I just shop online. The people at my closest Ulta are never helpful so I think it's a hit or miss thing.

  20. Between this and ulta stocking olaplex now, I’m finding it harder and harder to justify putting up with Sephora’s shit. 😂

  21. I have always been a Sephora person, but recently just started buying things here and there from ulta. And I realized that ulta has a superior rewards program and has way better samples. Sephora often just give out packets of samples while ulta give out full travel

  22. I just WISH they would CARRY these brands in store. I live in southern california, and we don't have any of the new brands announced

  23. Wow this is amazing news! My HG foundation is CT’s airbrush flawless & I use her blushes and eyeshadows daily! My local Sephora doesn’t carry CT but hopefully Ulta does!

  24. I saw a rumor that Sephora is letting these brands that they own go to Ulta because they could be buying them out. That would be wild.

  25. Someone messaged me and said CT has a contract with Sephora so it's questionable. I hope it's true, but only time will tell.

  26. If you have the Ulta app it shows you how many points you have and how much cash off its worth :) I currently have $20.50 in rewards points.

  27. I’ll always prefer Sephora over ulta 🤷🏼‍♀️. I don’t care if Ulta has “better” rewards. My Sephora points never expire.

  28. Yay! All they need is Fenty and Huda and all my money will go to them. Sephora's member rewards have been disappointing.

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