Allowing your toddler to suffer with pain from rotting teeth because you're too crunchy to do what your dentist prescribed.

  1. Imagine soothing your crying child every night, knowing you could take away their pain, but allowing them to suffer because you're crunchy and believe colloidal silver will cure them.

  2. I'm dealing with an infected tooth right now that I have to treat by taking penicillin every eight hours and the pain I was in before the antibiotics kicked in was unreal.

  3. I’m an OR nurse who runs the pediatric dental service at my OR, meaning I go into most of the cases like this. Recently we had a little girl who was so sweet and bubbly. At first, when she talked to me, I thought she had already lost her front teeth. She was a little young for that but I have seen patients that age who had lost them.

  4. I had a root canal this week, and they prescribed 800mg of ibuprofen to keep the pain at bay. And truthfully, the pain after the root canal was way better than my infected tooth pain prior.

  5. There’s going to be a generation of children that have blue skin with all the colloidal silver being administered by stupid parents.

  6. I bet the moment that “mother” gets a toothache, she will run to the dentist and get it taken care of immediately.

  7. My first pedi prescribed colloidal silver in the nostrils when my 6 month old had a bad head cold/sinus infection. 3 days later, she had pneumonia.

  8. I’ll throw my 2 cents , I don’t know where OP is but my son had rapid tooth decay even tho we brushed and flossed daily . I’m far from crunchy too. , anyways to get him this dental surgery it was a wait of 6 months and it cost 4K.

  9. It’s funny cause silver does actually have antimicrobial properties but some people they can just put it on anything and it will be magical

  10. OP, please tell me that the comments told her to get the dental work done. This is straight up child abuse. As someone who has suffered through lots of cavities, root canals, and tooth extractions in my life, tooth pain is absolutely no joke. This tiny child is in horrible pain and this stupid mom is betting on her silly colodial silver over modern medicine to help her suffering child. This is really upsetting to me.

  11. I remember the tooth pain I had like 10 years ago that ended up needing a root canal done. I couldn't sleep at night and the next morning my manager was nice enough to let me leave work early (she just needed to call in someone to cover me) to get to the dentist to get it done.

  12. This is extra sad because this can effect (affect?) the adult teeth below. Not to mention the potential danger of an infection interacting with other organs, including the heart. This poor kid, man

  13. The first time I saw a brain abscess caused by rotting teeth was the last time I EVER went to bed without brushing, not even once, no matter how tired or drunk I was. I would be terrified to let my child out of my sight with teeth like that, honestly.

  14. My baby's teeth were worse. Multiple cavities before she was even 2. By the time she was 6, she had 6 capped teeth, more fillings, and one was pulled. She was breast-fed, no juice or soda. Once we saw the first cavity when she was 20 months, we brushed her teeth literally after every meal with prescription toothpaste. She also had prescription vitamins for even more fluoride. Dental appointments every 3 months for cleaning, checks, and still more fluoride treatment. Cavaties still popped up all the time. Most of that was in hopes of growing better adult teeth, which is working out successfully. And I assure you, I had a healthy pregnancy where I ate very carefully.

  15. Crappy genetics. My son had to have two baby teeth pulled and another capped when he was four. I'd brush his teeth every day and we didn't often have soda or other sugary items in the house. Brushing and flossing help, but they can't always protect against rotting teeth.

  16. i know some people just have genetically bad teeth, but even with just the worst genetics i feel like needing teeth pulled at 3 indicates bad oral hygiene. like...those teeth only been out a couple years, and a 3yo shouldn't be having a ton of the stuff that really wears down your teeth like candy or soda.

  17. My kid had rapid tooth decay and had this issue we brush 2x times a day and had to switch to adult tooth last im convinces kids tooth paste is trash and causes more trouble than not

  18. I have horribly crumbly teeth despite looking after them really well my whole life. I never could understand it until my dentist told me it was just my genes and nothing I could do to prevent it. As such, I am obsessed with checking my childrens teeth to ensure they are healthy and have regular check ups.

  19. 100%! I wish people knew this. I was really unlucky growing up with dental issues. As a 3-4 year old I didn’t always understand pain until it became a huge issue so I would start (just like OPs kid) bawling at night time. My mom was (and still is) an absolute rockstar… she wouldn’t sleep ALL night to give me medication and warm compresses all night. Dentist opened at 8 and she started letting the phone ring at 7:59. I was always in the dentist by 9AM. THANK YOU MOMMY!! I feel SO bad for this poor kid- should I send my mom over?

  20. Yep. I’ve been terrible to mine and never had as much as a cavity it my mother has been perfect to hers and had 7 years of orthodontic work. It’s the luck of the draw, but what isn’t is how you treat it (with the obvious issues of money respected of course)

  21. Thank you for this. I look after my teeth and they look nice but they fall apart, and always have done since I was a kid. I’ve always felt such shame about it, and it’s a relief to know it’s most likely not my fault

  22. Adding this quote(emphasis mine) from the website you linked: “A predictive test for dental caries or for periodontal disease does not currently exist; both of these are complex diseases with multiple genetic and environmental risk factorsbold.”

  23. As a dentist, this is the second post I’ve seen in two days that has really made me angry and sad for these poor children with idiot neglectful parents. This is beyond wether dental care is affordable or not. Why would you want your child to be in pain when it’s so preventable??

  24. I hate to say it. But this is probably better than most foster families/group homes out there. I wouldn't take the chikd away from this situation entirely, I would make the parents take parenting classes and health classes and keep observing for a couple years. I would rather have a child have a bit of tooth decay than be molested/abused. At least the tooth decay is fixable.

  25. As someone who’s had major dental issues and suffered through several implants/surgeries/etc, probably nothing bothers me more in the mom group sphere than moms ignoring/denying their kids major dental issues.

  26. I had a bad cavity when I was around 21 and it ended up getting abscessed and I had to get it removed (probably could have saved it with a root canal but I was in a foreign country and in so much pain I just wanted it OUT, and it was the most rear molar)

  27. I had the same thing happen when I was a teenager (shitty teeth, family had been unable to afford dental care for a couple years) and, while on antibiotics waiting to have it extracted because we couldn't afford a root canal, Tylenol #1s didn't put a dent in the pain. This poor, poor baby.

  28. Im a dental assistant. It doesn’t matter if “it’s only her baby teeth” if she doesn’t get them fixed the decay will continue on into the adult tooth as well. Extraction should not be an option at this point because that would affect new incoming teeth and their positions. She is not only letting her daughter suffer in pain, she is also putting her life at risk. A tooth infection can kill. She’s fucken insane. That poor child. CPS should get involved.

  29. My son always had holes and needed feelings (what my 5 yr old calls them lol) growing up and I remember after about the 4th one just almost crying and saying to the dentist “please please believe I make him brush twice a day” and the dentist said I can absolutely see he brushes his teeth are in good condition he just has bad teeth and that’s how I learnt that some some people can just have bad teeth regardless BUUUUT we did everything the dentist told us. Antibiotics, pain relief, removal and fillings. The dentist could of told me to let him get dentures at that age and I would of gone along with it.

  30. Just wanted to add his holes where nooooooooot like this, he had little holes here and there not big gapping wounds like this, that poor little girl.

  31. Cavities happen, it really just depends on the kid, but not getting surgical extractions isn’t just adding to the child’s pain, it’s increasing the risks of abscess or sepsis. This isn’t just cruel, it’s actively doing harm.

  32. Literally my BIL and his girlfriend. Their daughter didn’t see a dentist until she hit her face in the bathtub and her front teeth disintegrated. When they finally took her to a dentist because MIL forced them to, GF didn’t want to give the baby antibiotics for the rampant infection she had in her mouth. Again MIL had to force the issue. BIL and GF wanted to rub butter on baby’s teeth and were having her eat straight butter to “grow the teeth back”. And I am dead serious.

  33. Baby bottle mouth is a thing. Genetics combined with night nursing/putting the kid to bed with a bottle = teeth that need to be pulled.

  34. Yep I had my 2 front teeth removed at age 2 bc of this. The adult ones didn’t come in until age 8. So… many years of no front teeth. On a plus side, my teeth are pretty good now outside of regular fillings occasionally (and I didn’t even need any until in my 20s despite lack of much dental care as a child). Thank god for genetics on that.

  35. I wonder if they can't pull the teeth until after the course of antibiotics. I've heard that the freezing doesn't always take if there is infection (please correct me if I'm wrong); I know I had a root canal where it wouldn't freeze appropriately and it was excruciating. Either way I doubt colloidal silver is going to do a thing, and i dont know why this person would be questioning the care plan. Last toothache I had I was taking combinations of ibuprofen and acetaminophen and still ended up in the emerg at midnight on a Saturday because the pain was so bad.

  36. Dentist here! Sometimes it makes sense to give antibiotics before extraction, especially if the infection is severe (so the bacteria won’t spread even more through the extraction + helps the numbing work better). Judging only by the photos though, I can’t tell you if it’s indicated or not. How I interpreted the post is “Mama had some antibiotic around the house and decided to maybe give the kid some” - which is not good. Only take antibiotic if prescribed, and if you do, then take the whole prescribed dose, not just a bit until you feel better. That’s how you get resistent bacteria like mrsa 🙄😭

  37. Those are her baby teeth, but you lose your molars much later, like late elementary/junior high school, right? Those teeth are done. She may have to have them pulled now. I don’t know if caps would even solve that one. What a fucking idiot. How does that even happen?

  38. Do we really think she is brushing this kids teeth with fluoridated toothpaste? Or on well water? Some fluoride may have helped. Either way regular routine dental visits should have caught this way before it got to this point.

  39. Just because a baby tooth has a cavity doesn’t mean the problem will disappear when they get their adult teeth; if the infection is deep enough it will begin to effect the adult teeth underneath.

  40. Cool. My mother refused to take me to the dentist as a kid and called me a drama queen when I spit out a broken shard of tooth at the dinner table when I was 10. By high school, I had cavities on the fronts of my front teeth.

  41. I’m pretty sure when your child is in active pain, and you have your moral high horse reservations about stopping that pain, it becomes neglect

  42. My little cousin just got placed back into foster care (2nd time he’s been taken away). He has surgery on the 1st because his teeth are like this too. His parents didn’t brush his teeth or anything (very neglected). He’s 3.

  43. I watched something awhile back about something called Mountain Dew Mouth that crops up in certain parts of the US because kids as young as two are being given Mountain Dew in their bottles, by the time they reach 16ish their teeth are literally all rotting and infected, and the only option is to pull everything and dentures. It was really eye-opening about how limited access to dental care is in some places and also how badly people misunderstand that baby teeth have a huge impact on what happens with your adult teeth. The one guys infection was so bad that anesthesia did work and he couldn’t even have them removed. What I have to add here is how in the fuck can you look in your child’s mouth and see a gaping black hole and not rush them to the dentist and give them all the drugs known to man that will clear it up.

  44. My brother is only 26 and just had to have all his teeth removed and is getting dentures bc of this. He primarily drank Mountain Dew his whole life (small Midwest town in Ohio near West Virginia/Pennsylvania). Somehow my other brothers have avoided it but have had teeth issues quite young. I avoided it bc I didn’t only live in Ohio in my childhood but I also didn’t receive dental care regularly until I was in college and could take myself. My brother has a myriad of other issues too (mental health) and doesn’t drive or work regularly (only w my step dad sometimes), etc., but I’m 100% sure that households only beverage was Mountain Dew for many years after I moved away (my mom passed in 2012 too, but that’s a whole different story and her presence wouldn’t have prevented this outcome anyways). My step dad never goes to dr or gets dental stuff done and smoked since he was 12 y/o so he never forced my brothers to do any different but somehow he still has teeth and now my under 30 brother does not.

  45. Wow I have a lot of mom guilt bc sometimes I forget to get my 3 year old to brush, she drinks juice and has the occasional candy or chocolate etc and I worry a lot about her teeth. But this just put so many things in perspective for me that her teeth are great and I’m not failing her lol.

  46. Decayed teeth is the worst pain I ever experienced. Both my top wisdom teeth decayed due to how they grew and me having a tiny mouth. I couldn’t brush them because the toothbrush didn’t fit back there. I didn’t know until it was too late and my teeth decayed and got infected. It was the worst pain ever. No amount of Motrin and Tylenol helped. Antibiotics helped the infection but I think the pain was coming from exposed nerves. Every day was constant never ending agony. It took a month to get in for surgery to remove them and it was the longest month of my life. It got to the point where I just didn’t want to wake up the next day because I was just so exhausted from dealing with the excruciating pain. I feel really really bad for that child. The teeth need to come out. It’s the only way she’ll get relief.

  47. This makes me physically ill. Tooth pain is so unlike any other pain. I’ve given birth twice with no epidural and I would take that 100x over when I had a “hot tooth” and we were waiting to see if the nerve would calm down from the dental work or need a root canal. At a certain point I was begging for the root canal. I walked into the endodontist’s office in tears.

  48. We recently had to report a family that came to our office for delaying a referral we made almost 18 months ago for surgical removal of a painful, decayed tooth. It was their first adult molar but they insisted that they thought it was still a baby tooth and just wanted recommendations for the pain (even if it was a baby tooth, which it wasn’t, that’s horrible to let your child go through). They never took the kid in, came back to our office all these months later seeking more “palliative” care as another tooth was now starting to hurt, the original problem tooth was so rotted out that it no longer felt pain so they thought it was ok. This time they outright rejected the referral to the hospital. This prompting the report. It’s so infuriating. Horrible lack of care for your own child. I get people don’t know what they don’t know, and sometimes you can’t help a lack of understanding, but when you are told how to fix the problem and how life-threateningly dangerous this is for your child and you don’t care / reject necessary care, that’s just evil.

  49. Any time I see one of these posts "Child is in constant pain because of bad teeth." I seriously wonder if the parent has ever had tooth pain. I have had one root canal. We caught the infection before it destroyed the nerve so that mofo was alive and making my life miserable for a week before I could get the procedure. After I got the first round of numbing, I went to the window and stared at the green trees and blue sky like I had never seen them before.

  50. Dentist prescribed me some perocet 10mg to deal with my tooth pain before they extracted my infected tooth. Didn't look nearly as bad as this poor kids teeth.

  51. This needs professional attention yesterday. Unrelated to the immense pain that this poor baby is in, oral health is so important to overall health, and untreated infections can spread to the rest of the body (including the brain).

  52. That's disgusting. I guess this POS mom never experienced a toothache before cause those are killer. Can't imagine the pain that poor kid is going through. If anyone looking through the comments needs a solution to a bad toothache until they can get to a dentist and actually fucking listen to them, I suggest Anbesol. It can be directly applied to where the ache is and I used it to have my teeth pulled on the spot.

  53. They’re “crunchy” but they’ll use amoxicillin and Motrin? Sounds like they’re just extra neglectful.

  54. My parents didn’t care for my teeth as a baby - I ended up with a silver tooth and multiple cavities as a toddler. Despite being careful to care for my adult teeth (although admittedly could have flossed more in my 20’s) I’ve always been prone to cavities and am currently recovering from a gum graft at the age of 36. This poor kid is likely being set up for a lifetime of dental issues.

  55. I'm confused. How is she crunchy? She's giving amoxicillin and child Motrin? I don't think it's unreasonable at all to seek a second opinion when the plan is to go under general anesthesia for the teeth. That's several thousand dollars. As long as she can get a second opinion QUICK and get it fixed quick, then what's the problem?

  56. “I promise we brush my child’s teeth.” Really? No you do not. Like, that is some heavy neglect of dental care to get teeth that are that rotted out at 3 years old.

  57. My 4 yr old who is terrible at bushing and screams when we try to brush his teeth, has no cavities and bad genetics when it come to them. It doesn't take much keep the cavities at bay. That looks like she's never had her teeth brushed

  58. tbh they probably do bush... a quick brush 1x a day with a training toothpaste, no floss, no flouride, and think they're doing their duty. A LOT of parents don't adequately brush their kids teeth and don't realize it until the teeth are rotting out of their kids heads.

  59. These pictures make me look like a bad mom, no, you make you look like a bad mom. I can’t believe you’re letting your child suffering pain like this. Honestly, if you’re concerned, contact another dentist and get in there right away for a consult. This is disgusting.

  60. My kids have something called hypoplasia, they've had a cluster fuck with their teeth, my daughter was on life saving drugs at birth and then my son was put on strong antibiotics because of what happened to his sister. Drugs at birth effect teeth badly and their dad's aren't strong so genetically they've inherited bad teeth. They have very thin or no enamel.

  61. My teeth are also fucked due to genetics and antibiotics (not as severely as your kids', ooof) but I'm in my 30s and have a few fillings and am only missing one tooth.

  62. I literally just had two teeth pulled on Monday because they were broken. I was in fucking agony, no over-the-counter painkillers helped. Allowing a child to suffer through this is unquestionably abuse, this cruel bitch should not have children.

  63. I had really bad toothache to the point where I was really happy to seen the dentist and instantly agreed with root canal without second thought. after 5 anaesthesia injections later still felt the pain. it was really nightmare.

  64. This poor kiddo. I had a cavity turn into an abscess when I was a teenager and my family couldn't afford dental care for a couple years. It hurt like hell, it was among the worst pain I've ever experienced.

  65. WTF!! Tooth pain is the absolute worst!! How can you just be ok with watching your child suffer like that? Get those child’s teeth fixed before a fucking infection gets to her brain!

  66. The thing is she is giving her child drugs already! Don’t really understand what the difference is between amoxicillin and anesthesia for the surgery?? If she was really concerned about the drugs then she wouldn’t even give her the drugs (which she should not be giving her unprescribed)

  67. Tooth pain from an infection was the worst pain I have felt in my entire life. Worse than than recovery from my C-section. I started having thoughts of taking pliers and ripping my own tooth out. I cannot believe she is allowing a three year old to suffer like this! Just horrible

  68. As someone who had WAY too much dental work as a kid and thus was extremely diligent about dental hygiene with my own kiddo, this absolutely infuriates me.

  69. Even though the child will lose those teeth, they still need to be taken care of. The infection can travel down and attack the growing adult teeth and bone structure.

  70. That is, if the infection doesn't kill that child. Infections like that can be deadly if neglected. To me, this is child abuse.

  71. This breaks my heart. As a teen I had a lot of dental work done (fillings and a root canal) and know how badly that has to hurt. I could deal with it at 16/17 but I don’t know how a 3 year old could possibly deal with it. And to imagine her mom has the exact right tools to make the pain go away and just WONT pisses me off to my fucking corr

  72. I work at a pediatric dentist office, we have tons of parents that are like this. I never understood it, you won’t use certain toothpastes or let the doctor fix your child’s teeth because you’re “crunchy” and it’s “not healthy” but you are okay with your child having multiple INFECTIONS in their mouth from bacteria?? The worst is also hearing them say “oh it’s JUST baby teeth.” ITS AN INFECTION AND FRANKLY NEGLECT MA’AM.

  73. We stopped using fluoride in the last year because my kid kept eating the toothpaste 🤦‍♀️ she has since learned to spit, but her teeth seem to be doing well so far, so we haven't switched her back. Is fluoride really that critical?

  74. People don’t realize how serious teeth infections can be, not just painful. A coworker of mine had an abscess in a tooth, and put off getting it fixed for months, just kept popping painkillers. She finally got it fixed, but the bacteria get into her lungs and she developed a treatment resistant infection. It almost killed her and she ended up having half a lung removed to get rid of it.

  75. Coming from someone who’s dealt with tooth decay, I can’t imagine how this poor kid feels. It’s one of the worst pains because you can’t just keep your mind off it, and it’s so excruciating. I know damn well this mom is lying about taking care of her daughter’s teeth too, it shouldn’t be like this at 3 years old. Those teeth are freshly in. Shame on her for not taking care of her daughter properly and not even trying to get rid of her pain.

  76. This is 100% medical neglect. This poor child has decay and the root nerve is exposed. OP, depending on your location this can be a CPS call for medical neglect. This poor child.

  77. They're baby teeth they need pulled and seriously consider what the hell is causing them to be like that before the permanent ones come in

  78. I hear that tooth pain is one of the worst pains, this poor kid. I hope the parents get serious and do something so this kid doesn’t suffer anymore.

  79. I can’t imagine having this bad of tooth decay and not wanting to beat my teeth out of my mouth. I have a small hole in each tooth and almost killed my liver by taking Tylenol cause I was in so much pain, the liver pain was worse than the tooth pain. I feel so bad for this little girl who has to have such crap parents

  80. Where in the ever loving fuck is CPS? This bitch makes me so mad. That baby is in excruciating pain bc his POS mom won’t follow doctor orders or even go see a doctor at all?! Ugh stuff like this makes me so sad for the poor kid suffering bc a dumb ass parent.

  81. And this is why I fight with my 2 year old twice a day to brush her teeth. She's at the stage where she only wants to do it herself but she's 2... she chews on the brush and then says, all done!

  82. I have nothing against what you said because I understand that as a parent you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes for the sake of your child but maybe it will help her to give her options? Like if you can afford it maybe you could get a couple of different types of toothpaste or another different color toothbrush for her and let her choose which one she would want to use if it made her more eager to brush her teeth? Sometimes children just refuse to do something because they feel like they have no say in what’s going on (and while that may be true lol) sometimes if you give them options they’re a little more willing to cooperate.

  83. So sad, these are 2nd year molars and probably only erupted 6-12 months ago (depending how close she is to either 2 or 4 (my twins are a young 3 and my son is finally getting these molars now.) Those poor teeth have probably never seen a toothbrush, or decent, fluoride toothpaste. That’s a lot of damage in such a short time. And if these are pulled, she won’t get her permanent teeth until she’s 10-12(?) Poor kid, or to mention how much pain she is in.

  84. 3?! This has to be pretty severe neglect to let a babys teeth get this bad by 3. Don't back molars not come in until 2?!

  85. Yeah, the last set of molars typically comes in between age 2-3 so at most they’ve probably been erupted a year? I’m don’t have the best teeth ever but that kind of damage surely takes longer than just a few months of not being cared for.

  86. Yeah, I get it. If you don't have insurance and have no way to pay, dental care is fucking expensive (I lost a back tooth to an abscessed cavity as a teenager because my folks just couldn't afford dental care for a couple years).

  87. My daughter's teeth are nowhere near that bad, and she's getting them fixed next week, but it's like 5 grand to fix. Just mentioning on the off chance that she can't afford this.

  88. Oh, my God. When I was a baby, I had all the ear infections. Constantly. Get one, cure it with amoxicillin, get another one, repeat forever. Tubes twice, still got them. Still get them to this day, but I'm an adult and I know the signs to try and counteract before they get bad now.

  89. As someone who’s recently had to go to the dentist three times this year (and two more times coming up) i feel so bad for this baby. Both of those look so bad. I had one like that and it was so bad that my dentist was concerned that filling it In wouldn’t even help because of how close it was to the nerves. That’s more than just a cavity, that’s a fucking hole in her tooth.

  90. Now I am not a dentist, but can’t having bad teeth ( rotten teeth) as a child affect the adult teeth as well? I think I heard it somewhere that it will make your adult teeth bad (weak, rotten?) when they come in.

  91. In the world of child protection services this is considered medical neglect and would be accepted as such.

  92. Hey guys. No judging but I've decided to torture my 3 year old! Please don't say anything negative but she's always crying and screaming for it to stop.. can anyone recommend any essential oils? I don't trust modern dentistry and honestly me and Dh think she just wants attention. Toddlers huh!

  93. Omg this is neglect and abuse. This is horrible. How do these people even exist! She literally thinks those medications will soothe a rotting tooth? Sick human being.

  94. My teeth uniquely suck and I have a really strong bite. All the chewing surfaces on my teeth got cracked and now I have high strength composite fillings on almost all of them. Never take good teeth for granted, these things suck.

  95. Where i come from these things are taken to court and the parents need to pay the child for the pain and suffering they've cost them. Just the other day i read article abt parents whos kids teeth were rotting away, some had to be removed, others patched and so on. In court the father told that the kid was given regularly pepsi and candy. Thats it. Ffs if kids teeth look like this it is the parents fault.

  96. I thought this was fake when I saw the pic and was like, “uh, someone just ate a Twix.” The “colloidal silver” really sealed the deal for me.

  97. This is child abuse and neglect. If you were the one who took the screenshot, go back then, click on her profile to see where she lives, and then report her to CPS.

  98. HOLY SHIT. Those are realllly bad. That’s gotta hurt so bad omg. Probably nasty ass milk rot. Poor kid. That’s a grade a trash mom. How shitty do you have to be to intentionally let your child sit in pain?

  99. I’m aghast by this. I’m sitting in a dental office rn with my 3yo who just had his first cleaning and everything went smoothly. This person’s child is going to have such bad trauma about going to the dentist because of the lack of parental care. It’s setting their kid for a lifetime of dental issues. Get that shit taken care of.

  100. oh my goodness. I can imagine the pain the child is in, not the same story but I cracked my tooth and it gave me bad toothpain for 24hrs i had to go on antibiotics and have it removed. The antibiotics soothed an infection that formed and helped the pain. Its really not hard to do what's in the best interest for your child.

  101. We'd been taking our kids regularly to the dentist since they were babies. A combination of COVID, a change in management and a move, we hadn't been able to take them for two years. When we were finally able to go, my daughter had several cavities.

  102. This will never make sense to me. Why would you ever trust second opinions from randoms on Facebook over a dentist who's entire career revolves around taking care of teeth.

  103. Tooth pain is the worst kind of pain that I wouldn't Even wish on my arch nemesis. Like I was takin tramadol the last tooth infection I had and it hardly touches it.

  104. What is colloidal silver going to do on a decaying tooth? Why are there people parents? Are they all ancestors of Machavelli?

  105. Having cavities at 3???? She must only give that child soda and sugar. Jfc no kid should go through that amount of pain

  106. Jfc take your child to the dentist. If you've never had tooth pain, it's one of the most severe pains you can imagine.

  107. Oh my god I treated my 16 year old rescue dog who was blind, 3 legged, 5 lbs and meaner than a mug better than that! All his teeth were rotting when he came to me so I paid to have them extracted. Can’t imagine letting a child suffer like this. The last bit about the colloidal silver.. this is inhumane.

  108. I hate the dentist. But I’m the first to admit I was raised by idiots that turned me into one when I got older. But I make sure I am doing everything within my power to make sure their teeth are taken care of. Even with everything they still got cavities, and I did everything that their dentists suggested, including her going under to get them fixed. How can anyone knowingly let their child suffer? The first time they cried in pain, I would break and they would be getting rushed to whoever could help them. These are the people that need regular visits from CPS.

  109. my tooth pain before my root canal was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my life, I was definitely using too many pain meds to just calm it slightly for about an hour before it was bad again. had rotating ice packs. my heart goes out to this poor child and I hope they fix it soon.

  110. My nephew is 3 and he doesn't drink anything except water and milk, and his teeth are brushed twice a day. His teeth are perfect. This is medical neglect at best.

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