SLPT: Avoid paying costly medical bills by dying instead

  1. In Thailand, we met a retired couple from the US who get all their non-emergency medical done overseas. They vacation, pay cash for whatever they need, and come out way ahead.

  2. I had 15 operations the past 3 years. Spent about a year and a half in the hospital and long term care. I’m up to about $3.5 million. It’s ridiculous

  3. Funny cause I had a friend studying abroad in Germany who broke his leg and ended up flying back to the US because his mom was a nurse and after hearing how his broken bone was treated in Germany insisted he get it taken care of here

  4. I have friends who have lived in the US their entire adult lives who fly back to Canada to visit family for any big medical issues. Cheaper to take a vacation and see their parents and go to a hospital there than to just get treated in the US.

  5. Yes the US. Fucking crazy for medical. They know insurance will pay it and insurance is getting money from government.

  6. I love how all the comments below this are more or less us Americans saying "well actually you would only have to pay that much if you are too poor to have insurance, in reality you would probably only have to pay 25k or so" and then everybody from the eu replying with even greater shock and horror than they did initially.

  7. Pretty much always assume it's the US when talking about extraordinarily expensive healthcare or education on Reddit. It's the one time you're not making an ass out of u and me lol

  8. A lot of it is fluff that is negotiated with the insurance company. I had a situation decades ago with UCSF for a minor procedure and they kept billing "me" every quarter for increasingly smaller amounts. This went on for two years and I finally called them up and told them that they had plenty of time to get their money from insurance and had to stop cooking up new charges. They wrote off the last amount.

  9. 8 months ago I had a 4 hour brain surgery with 3 days in the ICU before I went home. My bill was $210,000. Luckly with my medical insurance I only had to pay 1,500 of it but still. The us health system sucks

  10. You can thank the Republicans and the people that vote for them. Time for Americans to get smart and the care typical of other developed countries.

  11. The trick here is to take out MASSIVE loans if you may die soon, then bury the cash and tell your relatives not to dig it up until the heat's off.

  12. As an European I really really don’t understand your system. I ends up getting much more expensive than tax paid health care. And not better. Same with private prisons. Too many having economic interests in high crime rates and an unhealty population can never be good!

  13. Don't pay it. What are they gonna do? Ruin your credit? As if paying that bill wouldn't ruin everything else. fuck 'em. Don't pay it.

  14. Medical bills are the #1 cause of bankruptcy. They can garnish your wages and send collection agents after you and any assets you have. Health care in the US is truly fucked.

  15. Can't do that. But, what you could do is send them $20 a month for the rest of your life. As long as it looks like you're trying to pay them there isn't much they can do.

  16. Medical bills are the one thing that won't go away on your credit history. They will also 100% garnish your wages.

  17. Lol have fun having your wages being garnished and paying out double after it's been sold to a collections agency with exorbitant interest rates.

  18. Maybe they don’t have insurance. Either way it’s horrific and essentially emotional terrorism to send a bill with a figure that is clearly impossible to pay.

  19. Clearly before. Normally would say “amount owed” or something similar when showing what’s expected to be paid by the patient. This is obviously the entire charge without insurance

  20. Also our internet sucks, our roads are falling apart, and half the country is fanatically dedicated to destroying the other half.

  21. I presume they’ll take your assets first and then charge the rest to your family. (Uk here so don’t fully know)

  22. I think there are legal loopholes one can use when setting up an estate so that medical providers can’t come after said estate and/or relatives/partner.

  23. This makes me sad. I live in Norway, guess I am lucky. I will gladly keep paying one third of my income in taxes so that noone in my country have to choose between health or money. Or worse: no money, no option

  24. When it comes to health care if your American just don’t pay them they literally can only send it to a collection company that cant do shit to you outside of annoy you.if anyone calls you saying this call is being recorded or asks for your (insert your name here) just hang up.

  25. Father in law passed recently. Has back medical debt. Dunno who is gonna come and try to collect yet. Might have to sell his house to pay the debt. You can die and not have to pay it, but if you have anything to leave for your loved ones, it may have to come out of w.e you try to leave them.

  26. My dad had a heart attack, got roto-rooted, had to go back to ICU when his artery they went through opened up. Then got to go back home a week later. Total bill before insurance, $250,000, even after insurance he still owed $15,000. But regardless... it’s crazy, but I’m happy my dad is still here :)

  27. I'm glad hes still here too. Start taking videos, making memories, and saving voicemails off your phone. I got that advice 8 years ago on reddit and my father passed a 2 years ago, 15 years after his heart attack. I have a lot of history to look back on.

  28. What did they do replace his heart with a new one they bought? It's stupid how there is zero regulations. Hospitals can be profitable without bankrupting people and flat out stealing

  29. This is a dark joke clearly but the reality is PEOPLE ARE REALLY MAKING THESE DECISIONS. When the choice is forgo medical attention OR bankrupt all the people who love you and still maybe die, what are you going to pick? I can't say for sure what I would do. The US system is absurd and barbaric.

  30. After cancer I ended up with $50k in medical bills AFTER our insurance paid... I told my family if I die they can just stop paying - I made sure they were all in my name only 😐

  31. Shitty or not, that has been my takeaway for years. I hope when I get sick it's sudden and deadly. If I ever get something debilitating I'm fucked. Thoroughly.

  32. My dad had a heart attack and paid $0...because we live in Canada and we all help one another out by paying higher taxes. But in reality, he never actually had a heart attack at all because we live in Canada and can go to a doctor long before getting to that point and it STILL costs $0. Yay!

  33. I’m having a pancreatic attack and downed two advil and two extra strength tylenol while laying on a heating pad to avoid going to the emergency room right now. Pretty envious.

  34. You think you can outrun them by dying? Nope. My mother recently passed and 4 days later i get a 5 grand bill for her ambulance ride to the hospital where she lost her life. I was also called the night i got home and the hospital wanted to take her eyes. A nursing home committee wanted me to donate her walker and bed. I have not recieved a caring note or empathetic call since i lost her. I have debts i never knew existed. The IRS is demanding 8k. I have a house that is inches from foreclosure that just a couple months ago was my mother's. I paid for a funeral i couldint afford. I don't eat as food stamps doesint know which state im living in. I own a dog now. Credit card debt. I was evicted from my apartment. Worse yet, i lost my medical insurance so im going through anti depressant withdrawals while i try to grieve. And now ive just vented into the void...

  35. I am so sorry for your loss and having to deal with being dumped on with all this debt and responsibility that you didn’t ask for. Tell them your situation and see if there are any programs they work with who can help you with the sudden bills. They will work with you as long as you confront it head on and let them know you’re not able to pay it at once but will make payments you can afford. Lots of people live with debt. It just is what it is, but it aint the end of the world.

  36. I had a 7 day hospital stay at xmas, 2 surgeries lots of good drugs constant ivs. Free wifi and cable. My total bill was 0$ , they even refunded me for parking I paid for. Yayy Canada. The nurse even brought me a tea and donuts from tims one day

  37. Just never pay anything and claim bankruptcy and continue doing that over and over, nothing matters, USD is worthless, and you'll wish you had not gave a f#ck when our chinese overlords invade.... I can't wait to be in some internment camp. see you guys there

  38. My dad had a brain aneurism years ago and had the surgery and treatment via the NHS, without the NHS he would probably be dead because there's no way we'd be able to afford the cost. Just the cost of the titanium coils that were put into his head was tens of thousands.

  39. No joke, if I have a life-threatening injury or incident like a heart attack, don't call an ambulance, just fucking let me die. With my "good" insurance working for a medical lab, a short hospital stay + routine monitoring and tests + ambulance ride I absolutely did not ask for put me in debt I'm still paying off 3 years later.

  40. I seen a similar story to this, same situation but the father died a couple of weeks later and they were still stuck with the bill, can't say for sure if it was true though.

  41. Dying just adds funeral costs to that total. Do you think a little thing like death will stop the medical system from getting every dime they can?

  42. The hospital system is not regulated and therefore this happens. I feel your pain as my new born daughter was charged 75k after birth for room and board etc. Had to fight like he'll to get it corrected. Stand your ground that is ridiculous

  43. If only he worked hard enough and was smart enough, he could’ve been a billionaire and this would’ve been a non issue. That’s what makes America great 🇺🇸

  44. No they won’t. That isn’t how debt works when you die. People do not inherit debt. That’s not a thing. Edit: user is trying to argue that if all debts aren’t settled the creditors will go after the assets people already inherited and took possession of, to try to recoup some of the debt, but that’s not how it works. When someone dies their debts are settled THEN any remaining assets, if there are any, are distributed. At no time should someone be getting an inheritance from an estate before debt is settled. That’s not the process.

  45. Actual advice: call the hospital and get an itemized statement. Go through it and mark down anything out of place (duplicates, etc) and have the hospital look it over again. Then ask them to rerun it through insurance.

  46. This is probably what is submitted to the insurance company(s). Unless he doesn't have insurance.. which would suck. But even still usually you can work with the hospital and they will usually take off like 90% or more of the total cost if you don't have insurance. At least that's been my experience.

  47. If you tell them you have cash, they'll knock it down to about 10% that cost. Turns out you can't really get blood from a stone.

  48. Are family members legally required to pay the bills of their loved ones? Deceased or not. What if someones dad dies and he hasn’t seen the dude for the last 20 years?

  49. No but if the loved ones inherit an estate they can be billed. This came up when my father-in-law died as he had medical debt from cancer. They sent us a couple bills but since we had no inheritance we just ignored it and they stopped eventually. We weren't on the hook but I guess they wanted to see if we'd be suckers and pay anyway.

  50. My husband just spent 11 days. Luckily his out of pocket maximum is 2,000. The bills keep coming but it shows our out of pocket max hit so they have all been zero. I'd hate to see what it would be without insurance.

  51. Had brain surgery last year.. no insurance obvi cause I'm a stupid American.. my bill was over 400k$ luckily I was put on indigent program( bc of my lack of income.)and it was covered

  52. I got a bill recently from my wife’s hospital stay in November. $77,000. But lucky me! Insurance covered most of it, so I only owe $1700 for them not being able to save her life.

  53. I've always wondered how people in countries without a functioning social welfare system pay for their medical bills. I mean if the average worker is 100k in debt I feel like they might as well hang themselves bc they'll spent the rest of their lives working to pay off their medical fees anyway?

  54. In case you didn't notice, there were massive stock rallies for health insurance stocks when Biden beat Bernie on Super Tuesday and then when Biden beat trump. Sorry this doesn't fit your narrative

  55. America has made such a business out of Healthcare we are stuck in this shifty situation. If we go to a universal Healthcare then the companies that profit on this will cry about job loss.

  56. This is so very sad. I feel like, it won't be long and Australian's will be dealing with this. It's frightening.

  57. You should take this personally with the medical sector. The lack of healthcare doesnt help but there are still many individuals responsible for these ultra-inflations in both the medical and academic sectors.

  58. That's insane you could like buy three houses with that money. In Brazil if you had a heart atack it would be completely free, that's like a right you have, idk why americans just accept this kind of shit, brazil have a fuckton of problems but at least people here don't need to sell their fucking house for any kind of treatment

  59. Can someone please explain how your America tolerates this? Your citizens storm government buildings when they think an election has been stolen, but you provide tacit acceptance of profiteering from the sick and vulnerable. In Australia today I got a double appointment with a doctor and a CT scan with a Medicare card that has been expired for five years. I have further appointments tomorrow, and I haven’t had to touch my wallet. My doctor was eleven minutes early to the appointment that I had made only two hours earlier, and I waited no longer than five minutes for the CT scan. If I require hospitalisation for this, it will be done swiftly and at no expense to myself in a world class facility. I can’t imagine living in a society where treating crippling pain is a financial choice.

  60. So grateful to live in Scotland where health care is free. USA is just so twisted in many aspects of daily life.

  61. Tell that to my coworker from the UK who told me no less than a month ago "Thank God I kept my private insurance" because NHS had no idea what was wrong with her and she ended up needing open heart surgery... If you still need private insurance, what's the point

  62. You fucking morons, this is a small snippet of a fucking picture and you eat it up like children. No context, no proof, nothing. This could be from an insurance summary and covered with minimal out of pocket. Or it could be from a corporate BOL detailing the cost for ordering 25,000 dildos that are going to be delivered to all your parents houses. You losers just want it to be real so bad you can't even help yourself.

  63. Half of Americans must just be thee most stupid mf to walk the planet. And the the other half are incompetent for putting up with them. Any hint of social healthcare is labeled as communistic in the states yet your army literally provides free healthcare to the locals wherever it is fighting someone else’s fight, often providing the army and medical services for free. All on the American tax dollar. Which is the ironic rub!!!

  64. I know the situation in America is super messed up and needs fixed but shouldn't your grandfather be on medicare/medicaid? It would cover something like this and it's something all elderly are defaulted into.

  65. Can someone enlighten me on on bills part, isn't all citizens covered as part of social security with free & quick medical services at most advanced hospitals in the world.

  66. I had a spinal fusion done in November of 2019. After the stitches tore and I started leaking spinal fluid like a waterfall down the crack of my ass, I found myself in for a second surgery 10 days later. Two days after that I was having horrible migraines. My surgeon determined there was still a spinal fluid leak, but on the inside, enter surgery number three. A week after that I was all but unconscious in my bedroom and my wife called 911. After being brought to the hospital in an ambulance the surgeon cut me open for a fourth time and infection began pouring out of the incision. I had developed a staph infection. From surgery number one to surgery number four over the course of five weeks, an IV I carried in a glorified fanny pack, and 3 months of medicine my wife had to change daily, I wound up with over $40k in medical bills. My back is better, but my bank account is non existent. I can attest, sometimes dying isn't a bad alternative. Please note, I'm not serious, I'm just saying, I understand this post all too well.

  67. I was in the hospital for fainting and instead of letting me go that same day, they kept me 4 days to run some test. Once the bill came, they were trying to get 100k out my anus

  68. So what happens if you just not pay the medical bills. It goes to collections, and eventually you credit score tanks. But are there any other consequences?

  69. Yeah my dad was in a car accident, intubated at the scene and airlifted to the nearest trauma center. That trauma center was a competitor for his employer, so they didn’t pay the claim for his ER trauma care. Well he showed them with his unsurvivable injuries and didn’t have to pay a single cent.

  70. I owe nearly 780,000 man, multiple trips from a body literally falling apart, like I'm never paying that shit, they don't even call me about it anymore because they know I'll just tell em to fuck off, that numbers just gonna keep going up too seeing as I'm gonna need rods in my back soon, all medical care is socialized if you don't give a shit

  71. My wife’s first kidney surgery was $156,000 which doesn’t include any of the $30,000 worth of tests and visits before it, first kid was in the NICU and ran $56,000, second kid was $10,000, and I had a tumor in my chin that ran $10,000 to get removed. Now my wife is having her kidney removed because the first fucking Ferrari didn’t work. I’m guessing another $100,000. Ive burned through 1,000+ hours of leave in 6 years and I have none left.

  72. Sad part, there have been numerous studies that show we’d save literally trillions of dollars over the next ten years by switching to universal healthcare and insuring everyone.

  73. My dad once got severe hemmoroids. He went to the ER and got a scan and had to get his ass drained. 12000$ without insurance.

  74. My sister was in the hospital for nearly 4 months and unfortunately passed away. Her bill came to half a mil. I never seen an amount that high with my own eyes. I felt sick. She never would have been able to pay that off.

  75. I can’t imagine the stress caused by high medical expenses on top of the illness. My husband had rectal cancer which required 3 surgeries, chemo and radiation and spent a total of 15 days in the hospital. It cost us a grand total of $45 for the ambulance. Mind you, I live in “socialist” Canada.

  76. The treatment that my mum has had would be over a million now. Had a heart pump and then a heart transplant. All covered by Medicare. She’d be dead if she didn’t have free health care.

  77. We’ve been debating this for decades. And people are still afraid to say universal healthcare is good bc sOcIaLiSm.

  78. See that’s why you need to live in Europe. Here in Denmark, my dentist told me, I needed to get a jaw surgery,so I got it,. And I didn’t have to pay a thing. Not for the surgery, not for the food I ate while staying at the hospital the 3 following days, not the medication I needed the following 3 weeks. All where payed for by the state.

  79. This is because of conservatives. They won’t allow universal healthcare. Everyone needs to see them for how horrible they are

  80. Meanwhile, recently, one my friend's dad had to spend the same amount of time for the same thing in a public hospital in Pakistan.. and they didn't have to pay a dime.. It's hard to believe but some of the things in the 3rd world countries like ours are way better

  81. I am so glad that I don't live in America. We have free health care here where I live. This really should be universal. No one should get indebted and maybe loosing their homes because they got sick. I am amazed how this has been allowed to go on for all this time.

  82. America is such a dystopia it’s unreal. How there are any patriots left is beyond my understanding, I genuinely don’t know how anyone could possibly love America.

  83. Bonus Tip: Keep fighting against socialized healthcare by calling it "socialism" because it's "not your responsibility to help someone else when they get hurt!"

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