The LAST chance, cmon DEJ! you can do this!

  1. I dont care who wins,what's the point in any of them fighting?purely for money now,is demi expecting a spectacular red time lucky scenario?Makes no difference if he wins or loses at this point,his 1st fight he was awfull,his 2nd fight,he didnt wanna know,and now his against alix wussabi?I justdont get why his trying

  2. This is a bad fight for Deji. If he wins, whoopty shit, he beat Alex Wassabi, and if he loses, his boxing career is fully over.

  3. Train your ass of dej i want you to win so damn bad. Dont fucking slack, dont underestimate. Its better to overestimate, and come in overprepared. Make your come back, prove to everyone you can do it. You got this brother, lay him on his ass!!!!

  4. Same, feels like the youtuber vs youtuber boxing fad has more or less died out. Good for deji but this really isn't interesting

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