Is the Zoo underfunded or understaffed?

  1. You did a fantastic job with this comment! I love our zoo and have known many people involved with it, all of them really care about their job and the animals. I think we are also extremely spoiled with the education and outreach our zoo does as well!

  2. Also if they’re referring to the birds, a lot of the bird exhibits will still usually be empty for another few weeks depending on the weather at night.

  3. Yes as a person in animal care and very concerned with animal well being, I interned at this zoo. A lot of great people with a lot of experience. the staff does everything for their animals. Some enclosures could be considered unkempt but the most I've seen is when they give the animals enrichment. Plus animals poop you can clean an enclosure every day but there will still be poop haha. I'm not sure how much I can disclose but I did want to stick up for this zoo and my experience.

  4. The top comment answered this really well, but the empty and unkept enclosures are likely any avian enclosure (due to bird flu), animals like zebras, ostriches, giraffes, flamingos, and others (still in winter viewing until temps steady out), or animals like red wolves (under medical observation until both were recently euthanized due to long term illness, one had a type of cancer and other had severe chronic kidney disease).

  5. As they work to budget and grow; I'd rather the animals be happy than me think their home is pretty.

  6. I wish the zoo, butterfly Garden, and the Washington pavilion would offer a “City Pass” type membership where a family could pay for one membership and have access to all 3 places. Price it at about what 2 of the separate memberships would be - cheaper for families and most likely more funding for the 3 groups (unless there are a lot of families with all 3 separate memberships now).

  7. That sounds like a great idea but considering that the zoo stays open based on admissions as do the other 2 facilities combining passes would actually penalize all 3 facilities.

  8. Zoo pro tip: it’s incredible during winter viewing. When we get those random February days in the 40s we bundle up the kids and it’s awesome. Almost no one there, animals much more active, zoo keepers all super nice and take time to talk to you. Once this year in February or March school was closed and they were doing rhino care for some skin and teeth stuff. Warmed up inside as the zoo keeper gave us a private demonstration for like 20 minutes on rhino care. Sioux Falls zoo is great

  9. This!! We went on a random Saturday in February when it was cold but tolerable and had a great time! The tigers were actually roaring and wrestling with each other, compared to if you go in the height of summer when they're just trying to stay cool.

  10. I love our zoo. The tiger likes to sleep right up close where you can see her. And we always get a spectacular view of the bears playing in the water inches from you

  11. I say we take it back to the Fargo “zoo”. Now that is a zoo. (Don’t actually do this. That’s where animals and locals go to die.)

  12. I haven’t been there in years. Do they still have all the animal “trophies” in the entrance? That bugged me.

  13. The GPZ facility and staff are absolutely fabulous for a city this size! Coming out of spring, everything in the world looks dingy and brown and terrible here. Many animals can’t go outside yet because the ground temperature is still too low overnight. Many animals prefer to live in overgrown grasses and leaves and rocks etc. because that is what nature looks like when humans aren’t manicuring it.

  14. You're right - we probably shouldn't have an airport either, since Omaha's is bigger. In fact, why don't we just close down the entire city and all move to Omaha?

  15. As much as I love Omaha‘s Henry Dorley Zoo, I could argue that the Great Plains Zoo currently has a better rhino and bears exhibits

  16. Haven’t been there in years so don’t really know what, or what’s not, going on. I do know my wife was part of a group that was suppose to volunteer there. That was this spring. Day prior to going a call was made to confirm event as it had snowed the day before. “Oh yeah, we’re still on. We’re gonna have you rake leaves.”

  17. If you volunteer your time to an organization, shouldn't you be prepared to help however they ask? Why assume they're incompetent and are wasting your time?

  18. From my understanding, I’ve had other friends go to the zoo as part of volunteer groups, a lot of what they do as volunteers is help beautify the grounds. There’s lots of area to cover and raking up leaves makes the lives of keepers, grounds facility members, and other staff a lot easier.

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