please help, I think I might have overexfoliated and my skin is peeling like this.. I'm healing it with skin barrier repair cream and Vaseline but I woke up today with major flakes and my skin feels too stretchy

  1. Don't try to remove the flakes, just cleanse with water or a very gentle fragrance free cleanser and use Vaseline/bare bones skincare. The flakes will come off when they're ready, but peeling them risks more damage and hyperpigmentation. NO exfoliating until this is all the way gone. When you do exfoliate, go with a gentle chemical exfoliant and no more than about 2x a week. Less won't hurt but more can. Also, be careful to apply plenty of sunscreen if you go out. While your barrier is damaged a mineral sunscreen is the most gentle.

  2. I'm using cetaphil cleanser.. I guess I'll stop exfoliating for some time and stick to once in 2 weeks.. I'll follow with sunscreen thank you so much I hope it heals soon..

  3. Do not apply anything now. Let it heal on its own. Apply Vaseline on damp face. That's it. It will take time to heal. Don't use any chemicals. Sleep on time. Sleep is essential to heal n repair quickly.

  4. Moisturize your face properly. I faced this issue as well and glycerine as a Moisturizer helped me a lot. It seriously works wonders and it doesn't deteriorate your skin barrier than it already is. Glycerine can be a bit sticky so you can apply it just at night. It also helps with the visible flakiness.

  5. Hi I do apply glycerine plus rosewater in my normal skincare routine.. I take few drops and mix it with rosewater and apply.. How long did it take for you to heal?? My whole face is dry and so stretchy like it's gonna peel.. 😭😭😭

  6. I don’t know about using Vaseline i would use an intense moisture renewal cream or something with B5 in it

  7. Okay I will follow up with it.. Do you think it was due to dehydration? Yesterday I couldn't drink enough water and had alcohol at night... I have been dealing with it since few days but it got major flaky and dry in the morning today

  8. Also, remove all actives and niacinamide for now. Cool water washing w wash only one time a day, lightly moisturize and then barrier cream - good luck :)

  9. Try Great Barrier Relief by Krave beauty, it literally saved my skin from over exfoliating!! It’s expensive but so worth it IMO

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