Jakobssons Mint Original

  1. It tastes good, but it tastes a little too good, and doesn't go away, which is my problem with it. Reminds me of peppermint schnapps with no tobacco character. It doesn't go with anything as far as food/drink goes, and I can taste it in my lip long after it's gone. Based on flavor with no context, it's my favorite mint snus, but I like a little tobacco taste, and when it's gone, I want it gone. I settled on Catch eucalyptus for my mint fix. Not exactly what I'm looking for, but I like the lack of sweetness, and when I'm done with it, I can get something else with no flavor bleed.

  2. Yeah, I am in the minority. I like sweetness, I like a lot of flavor. Tobacco is good if you're eating and drinking but usually I don't eat or drink when I have a snus in. The mint is pretty pleasant for me. I don't really find it too strong. I just think everyone is used to traditional snus which is very nuanced. I have an American pallet so we're used to heavy flavorings lol. It's a nice change to not taste the tobacco flavor much and just feels to freshen up my mouth.. It's a nice change for me personally.

  3. ha, that's because you're literally the king of Snus. I just typed it in google and picked a random picture I liked. Figures it would be yours haha.

  4. Snubie, just stopping into this thread to scream from the mountaintops how just positively DELICIOUS your Dark Vanilla is. What an absolute delight. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect Snus. Detecting some marshmallow in there as well. Wow.

  5. Same here. I wanted to like it but it just had a weird sickly sweet mint taste. And like the above comment it just stays around to long.

  6. I guess to each his own, we all have different taste. I'm not super into die hard snus flavor which reminds me of salty mud and a little fishy.. Although i did enjoy Ettan los. Not sure why sweet mint would ever be off-putting to anyone lol.

  7. i really like jakobssons products but theyre a once in a while thing bc theyre kind of like candy and they make my favorite snus taste very bitter. (odens extreme white and siberia all white)

  8. I only have one can of it unfortunately so I probably wont' get tired of it. I'm used to outlaw dip which is really lip candy so the mint jakob isn't too much for me.

  9. It's been so long since I had general mint that I can't comment on it. But I can compare offroad frosted with jakobsson's mint. The Offroad frosted is more of a spearmint/mint.. I think. The mint is less sweet.. More like a mint oil type feel. It has maybe a little sweetness but not too much. The jakobssons is more of a mint candy or something relatively speaking. I don't find it too sweet at all. I like both, but I think I prefer the more sweet Jakob, especially that it has a more nicotine. But both are good and I use both.

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