Sonic Colors is the worst boost game by far. It's worse than Forces and WAY worse than Unleashed.

  1. I have played a lot more of the 3d games than the 2d games, so I can't really say which is better, but I do enjoy most of the ones I have played.

  2. Shadow the Hedgehog is tied with Heroes for my favorite Sonic game. A lot of the reasons people hate the game are reasons I love it.

  3. I mean there was some good elements in there. Five different groups fighting independently, moral choices leading to whole different locations instead of just recontextualizing what you were gonna do anyway, finishing off Shadow's story line after 3 games.

  4. Me too, actually. The gameplay was a bit slippery and an aiming mode would help, but it was a good storyline.

  5. I’ve never played it but I do like how all of Sonic’s friends are actually in it, cause around that time Sega seemed to think Sonic having a unique cast of friends was a bad thing

  6. It's also cannon which many sonic fans disagree with just because its on a handheld device (idk why games being on handheld especially on the ds voids them or something)

  7. Explain why you think forces is better than colors? Also I think sa2 unknown from m.e. Is better than sa1 unknown from m.e.

  8. SA2 version of Unknown from M.E. has always been my favorite version. I think people only like the SA1 version so much because it's been memed into the ground and cuz it's easier to sing along to. Not that it's bad mind you, I do still like it.

  9. I agree with you except for the idea of Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic remaining as seperate universes. They should stay the same character. The events of CD and 3K were referenced in Sa1, the original mobile versions of Sonic 1 and 2 used Modern Sonic art rather than classic Sonic, and overall the idea of them being two separate universes is dumb. Just make Modern Sonic the grown up version of Sonic. That’s way simpler and makes a lot more sense.

  10. I want a side mission you can fish as big, you don't make it necessary to beat and people will love big the cat.

  11. unpopular opinions and hot takes are stupid, half the time they're just relatively popular or uncontroversial opinions stated annoyingly or combatively

  12. Highly upvoted comments in threads asking for unpopular opinions and hot takes are like that. If you want actual unpopular opinions you need to sort by controversial.

  13. Like the idiots who say SA1&2 are bad because they suck at the game and make fun of the cutscene animations and voice acting?

  14. As a new member to this sub I'm only realizing now just how fucking whinny this community is. (Coming from someone that likes every sonic game)

  15. Fandoms... they tend to be hiveminds with the emotional intelligence of an infant and an IQ lower than the temperature water freezes, in Celsius.

  16. It's generally in good fun. The franchise has a lot of different types of games, so everybody comes here for what they like, and opinions differ.

  17. I’ve got one more. I don’t know if this is an unpopular opinion, but in the Archie Sonic series, I thought the new universe was better than the old one.

  18. The designs of the characters were much better. While I will miss the old continuity, I was really enjoying the fresh take of the archie comics

  19. This ain’t just a hot take, it’s a nuclear take: what you people define as hot takes is just slightly unpopular opinions that are stated in an annoying way and have to much attention drawn to them

  20. They're pretty good I'll die on that hill anyday but this is a big but. Empire night actually makes me want to jump off a cliff.

  21. This is coming from someone who only played the Wii version... I agree. Unleashed is still one of the best Sonic games.

  22. Darkest tone or story? Because I feel the adventure games take that cake. Those were probably the most grounded in reality in the series was before heroes. I mean just Gerald’s plan is fucked up.

  23. Sonic & the Black Knight had Sonic decide to stab a king to death, stop "Knuckles" from committing honorable suicide, and then convince someone to let their kingdom die because a stagnant life without end isn't worth living.

  24. I mean we’ve got Ian Flynn writing Frontiers and coming out of the IDW comic’s zombot arc I won’t lie I’m feeling pretty confident

  25. I mean she barely has any competition lol. Her arc in rush is still leagues better than what Amy and Rouge have gotten in the past 10-12 years not counting comics

  26. To be fair, the writing for the games would destroy anything relationship related anyway. And then there's that one mandate applied in the comics.

  27. Or really any ship for that matter. It’s better to leave that kind of thing up to interpretation. Because the moment they make one of them canon, at least some people out there would riot.

  28. Japanese Sonic is better than English Sonic, simply because that he and the rest of the cast stay consistent and don’t really change personalities as each game comes out.

  29. Sonic 06 is worse than Sonic Boom. At least you could salvage the cartoon and Fire and Ice from Boom. Sonic 06's entire story and design concepts are completely broken.

  30. 06 needed a whole rewrite with that story. Boom when it was back in it's sonic synergy days could've been great with their old story before the wii u and cartoon bomb was dropped on big red button. 06 would've been terrible from a story standpoint even if the gameplay was good

  31. Edgy villains are fine, but whether they’re good villains or not is what makes the edgy aspect leave a sour taste for some people.

  32. I wish Sega would stop pulling a Dragon ball; everytime they make a game, rather than putting more Sonic/DragonBall characters into the game to give variety to the gameplay we instead just get 20 different versions of Sonic/Goku.

  33. I completely agree. The story made more sense, the other game modes were better, the stages had better concepts and in some cases better designs, and it includes older levels in a good and un-forced way, like Lava Reef and Ice Cap.

  34. Honestly the way Sega is throwing mandates around it seems like they want sonic to be ace, which is fine by me, but completely kills Amy's character

  35. sally shouldnt be canon to the games, so the creators cant fuck up her character and create an annoying rivalry between amy and sally cause you know they some how are gonna make that happen-

  36. Honestly, even as a classic fan, I can agree with this. Like fine, if SEGA wants to release merch using the classic design (be it shirts, coffee mugs, posters etc), then that's fine. Likewise Mania 2 is an obvious thing to do that should use the classic design just for consistency within the potential Mania sub-series.

  37. the boost could be better then adventures but it has never been used to its full potential egg man land proves you could have great platforming multiply rought and long levels. also the unleashed s ranks arnt to hard there s rank there supposed to be special/ hard

  38. At this point, there's been so many pieces of music, with such a sheer variety that most people could find something they like. That's not to say it's all winners, or that everyone likes all of it, just that there's probably something for everyone.

  39. I wouldn't assassinate you for knocking Colors this hard,, I'd assassinate you for putting fucking FORCES above any Sonic game in the last 15 years. Sorry, straight lines with rote challenges and literal boost to win gameplay is NOT better level design than rudimentary block platforming. I have to use my brain sometimes when playing Colors. Not like, MUCH, but you know, the lights flicker on slightly. If I get into the abomination that is the story and how it's presented (the culmination of a LOT of bad storytelling decisions since Colors, Unleashed if I'm feeling particularly critical) I'll be here all day.

  40. Somehow you perfectly described my issue with Unleashed. I never understood why people enjoyed the day sections. Growing up I found the day ones a pain and the night stages enjoyable because at least I could steer sonic pretty well then.

  41. Sonic 06 is legitimately a garbage game as a whole including characters, a mess of a story, aswell as Mephiles a bland af antagonist whose just there being generically evil and by design looks ugly af, not too mention if memory serves me right Mephiles and Sonic NEVER interact until he surprises him from behind piercing a blast through him killing the blue hedgehog (which is also stupid by itself btw ffs) my question is Why tf did he get Silver to target Sonic???. This seems like a no brainer of an answer but to my surprise there are a bunch of 06 apologists and some youtubers who excuse the game by the constant phrase "it's bad that it's good" no. I'm sorry but no, that to me just proves on how certain fans are willing to pass a legit bad game and not know what a quality video game is and proves that they don't know what they want.

  42. I like the Archie Comics' Knuckles the Echidna Ken Penders' run in the late 90s. I love Sonic the Hedgehog comics and even the post Robotnik story run from issues 50 to 75. Had it not been for him and the other writers and artists at Archie at the time, I would not be a Sonic fan today. I wish there was a game based on those comics. I was reading from 1997 to 2001.

  43. Sonic Heros is probably the best Sonic game out there, story wise, gameplay diversity wise, soundtrack wise, development wise, and much more.

  44. Don't know if this is a hot take but shadow wasn't always an edge lord. In SA2 he was just a confidant villain with a little ego.

  45. Shadow with a gun is best thing ever. I don't care if he has chaos poopoo or something like that where it's 100x more effective and efficient. Hedgehog with gun is cool.

  46. Metal sonic is weak, Amy is weak, shadow is the weakest of all. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are the only characters the series needs. Mecha sonic is far superior to metal sonic.

  47. Honest opinion, Elise is a perfectly fine character on her own merits, and is grossly overhated. Also, her being romantically interested in Sonic isn't gross like people think it is.

  48. Definitely agree. I feel people wouldn't have freaked out (as hard) if she were designed more like an Unleashed human.

  49. i agree, but i can't blame the fanbase for this, Sonic fans are so thrist for a good game that mania felt a game forged by the gods

  50. "Sonic CD is the best classic sreies game while 2 isn't" bruh the level design is so weird i get that the songs are what make it worth it but BEST??? In my opinion (of course) 3 is the best

  51. Not in every way of course, there are some things Sonic does better than Mario. Like the main character actually having a personality and music.

  52. That’s just factual though, even if you tell me it’s an opinion, if someone says the sonic games on average are better than the Mario games I’ll probably never take their opinion seriously when it comes to video games.

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