How much do you think the rising gas prices will affect out tourism industry this summer?

  1. I work at one of the biggest tourist "attractions" West River, and so far we haven't seen our numbers dip at all. If anything, it seems like we might be slightly more busy than we were this time last year.

  2. I’m thinking that if you planned to vacation, most will stick to it and suck up the higher fuel costs. Those that can’t afford inflated gas prices likely aren’t able to afford vacations either. Like me haha. I’m all for staycations!

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if more people come to SD, compared to California those are cheap gas prices. Even Nevada is getting crazy, I tried to fill up the other day and the pump shut off at $100 and I wasn’t even up to 3/4 of a tank.

  4. Not much. Fuel cost is not the substantial cost on most peoples trips. As per usual it will affect those with the least money. The ones who were doing an affordable simple outdoor mountain trip with not many costs beyond fuel and food vs the ones getting an expensive hotel and going to lots of attractions that cost money making fuel a minor annoyance.

  5. Hard to say. With the crazy influx of people moving to the Black Hills recently, the true impact will be hard to discern

  6. I also sometimes wonder if high fuel prices means higher airline tickets and we get a bump from vacationers that decide to drive to us instead of flying to Mexico or Disneyland

  7. Yeah but someone doing my job in Canda makes 15 per hour more than me and doesn't have to pay thousands per year in Healthcare costs 🤷

  8. Well, I'm about to hit the road! Looking forward to seeing if all the crazy trumpiness I read and hear about West River now is true, and if so, taking pictures of said crazy trumpiness. Then ignoring all that and enjoying the beautiful land and animals.

  9. Won’t matter much. Maybe the smaller RV or 5th wheel crowd won’t venture as far from home on their one big road trip of the year. But then again, maybe they can’t resist plastering those ridiculous “I did that” stickers on the pumps as they go. Probably try to use em as breadcrumbs to find their way home.

  10. The fuel price is all a hoax from the democratic party. Just go to a gas station and you will see the prices were never raised. Wake up sheeple! (do I need a /s?)

  11. South Dakota is already upping their tourism marketing here in Colorado. I think people traveling to destination places don't care as much about gas prices, despite them saying they do as they buy a shiny new SUV.

  12. I won't lie, part of me supports higher gas prices as it will spur the move to electric vehicles and speed up the adoption of wind and solar.

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