I'm standing to be 🌹Labour's candidate for Southampton Itchen. I will be the candidate that listens. I will work with members to unite and inspire with a positive vision to turn Itchen red again. If you are a Soton Itchen Labour member and want to have a chat get in touch.

  1. Nice sound bites, but what will you do? Listening to people is one thing, but what tangible outcomes will you commit to delivering over an agreed period?

  2. There are some flaws with the video, as others have pointed out, but I salute your attempt. I wish more candidates, from all parties, would make similar videos, since it can help give people a basic idea of who they are voting for.

  3. Absolutely key issues, really hope the working class in the UK will realise what's happening to their legacy, the long and proud inheritance we got from our forefathers who fought tooth and nail for us to have what we have and which now we are selling down the river to the privately educated Torys due to naivety and lack of education within the working class.

  4. What's your policy on planting palm trees. And what measures will you take to defend us from the helicopter overlords. Last question, how many ice rinks will you commit to building in your first 6 months in office.

  5. It's right to develop brownfield land. It would have been preferable to keep the gasholders in some way to maintain an element of the sites identity.

  6. I really admire the attempt and it is much more down to earth than most candidates would even attempt but sadly the audio quality and some of the video editing where it's been cut doesn't help your case.

  7. Not from Southampton, but this may be the first time I've ever seen or heard anyone in the UK use Reddit as a campaigning tool. And I think it's awesome. Kick the incumbent's arse!

  8. Typical bullshit MP, get this shit off Reddit ffs. All this person has done is post their video and leave a link in a couple of replies. You really aren’t coming across as anyone that actually cares about people, you ignored the questions asked of you by users of this platform instead linking to your own site.

  9. I only went to Uni because of the last Labour gov.. jesus what a load of tripe. regardless hopefully the candidate will flesh out what they are bringing to the table instead of her Labour credentials.

  10. Thank you for your pointers I shall be investing in that mic. Selection process is a whirlwind timeframe and had to go with the footage i had. Had to battle the wind, the cars and the sun that day.

  11. I think the video is like this to look more down to earth and not “photo/video opportunity” and polished like it’s a promotional video (even though it kinda is)

  12. Or you could just reply to the questions here rather than just posting a video and running away. Can’t expect too much though, you are a politician after all :)

  13. I live in Itchen and I'm not a Labour member, but I'm flexible with my votes based on whoever stands the best chance of getting Royston Smith out. What's important to me is to know what you offer for the LGBTQ+ community and, in particular, what are your views on trans people? It feels like there's a lot of hostility in the media and from certain Labour politicians on trans people, Starmer hasn't done a lot to take a firm stance against this, and I'm concerned it will branch out and towards wider attacks on marriage equality, access to abortions etc.

  14. My position is the opposite. I will not vote Labour until they can decide what is meant by "woman". We are far from equality for women, and the party being unable to declare clearly what they mean by "woman" alienates many people who would otherwise vote Labour and have no trouble deciding what a woman is.

  15. It seems the other way round to me. There's a lot of hostility towards traditional feminists from trans activists. All seems a bit misogynistic.

  16. Labour betrayed themselves as the Tory lites they are not standing by the workers. Gutting the party to appeal to the centrists gives us no alternative. Integrity is in shorter supply that reasonably priced fuel, on both sides of the box.

  17. Ah yes, those darn Tories and their huge new wars, student loans creation, uncontrolled immigration, and rabid anti semitism.

  18. You're spot on. The double standards of the Labour Party are disgusting. The general electorate really need to understand that this country will never be OK with a Labour or a Tory government. We need fresh political blood.

  19. Yawn…. Nice try, I expect you’ll do nothing other than feather your own nest, one more parasite who can’t be bothered to even put together a decent video.

  20. I'm impressed that you put this together and found/put it on this sub. Feel that says something good as a starter for me! Also do like an MP that knows the area they want to represent, which you definitely seem to! What you say certainly hits the right tone for me.

  21. I will say you get points for having captions. I know other people have addressed the sound quality anyway, but plenty of politics still leaves out deaf/HoH residents. So it's good to have inclusion there.

  22. In short term would support more funding for councils to do what they need to do in terms of waste. Cuts to councils have made it harder. This should not mean more council tax. Council tax is not a fair tax. We also need a longer term view on ways of reducing waste, need to force those who make the waste (corporations) to help with solutions. Real recycling, real composting. At the moment a large proportion of stuff that is supposedly compostable is not as we don't have the right facilities available. Also look at how we create truly circular economy. As you say this provides opportunity for green jobs.

  23. Why Southampton Itchen? I'm not inherently "only local" when it comes to politicians, but I do think it's important to know why you are choosing to run here when it's not where you live or know best.

  24. So you support the red Brexit party? You were born with freedom of movement and stands for the party that stripped you and the rest of us of it?

  25. Well, all this has been said by virtually every politician before. I don't trust politicians. None of them keep their word, whether it's intentional or not. Trust is earned by doing what you say you will do.

  26. Best of luck, i’m not a fan or more red tape in construction though. The industry is already bogged down in it and struggling i’m not sure why it’s needed right now?

  27. Who tf wants insulated homes in this weather 😂 my home is insulated and I couldn’t even sit in the thing until last week because it was just so hot I ended up sleeping outside for 2 nights straight on the deck chair proper commando style waking up at 6am to birds shitting on me hahahaha it got to a point I was thinking of just getting a council house because I know those hell holes are actually some of the coldest places in the uk

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