Best pools/lidos & rivers in and around Soton?

  1. The two outdoor swimming spots I know of are the Itchen at Mansbridge (by the old bridge) and the Test over near the former Echo office site on I think Redbridge Lane - theres a place where there is a crossing over the railway tracks which leads to the river. The Test seems popular with wild swimmers.

  2. The Mansbridge area will potentially be very busy to note, it’s not a wide river as well and sometimes kids end up jumping off the bridge into the water (not advisable)

  3. If you can get to the meon valley, I recommend soberton heath. There's a nice part of the river meon there which I went dunking in last winter. It will be busy but it's a lovely area.

  4. Following, sorry I don’t have a contribution, moved from Devon two years ago and haven’t been able to visit any body of water since.

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