Do we really think Craig is completely over Naomi, or are some of the things he says regarding her just to appease Paige?

  1. I believe if Craig didn’t have the closure of hooking up with Naomie after the Metul breakup he would still want to be with her but now that he did it, he’s good with Paige

  2. I don’t think he’s over Naomi. But I think Paige is easier for him bc she is obsessed with him and lets him get away with whatever he wants. Naomi always challenged him. I thought she was trying to motivate him (not always in the best way) while they were together. I think he may get bored of Paige soon enough. Remember how he was speaking like Natalie was the one too? He falls too hard too quick like a puppy

  3. Okay I have a question/discussion. Do you have an ex you still love to this day in a “deep love” type of way but are with someone else currently?

  4. Yeah, I find it interesting that there are people here who see it as a binary. Craig loved Naomie, their relationship ended badly and they reconnected. He can still love her in some way but chose to be with Paige. FWIW Naomie thought she had a total upgrade in Metul, I think if she met someone like him she would take them over Craig. The problems they had in their relationship will always be there and she’s the kind of person who is attracted to status and money.

  5. In a way yeah, but I'm single regardless, and see it more in a light of appreciating that person and what was there. Perhaps that means closure. I also don't think I would use that phrasing around a new partner lol

  6. It’s hard to know but part of me thinks he will ALWAYS wish things had worked with her but she didn’t like what made him, him at the end of the day. I think he remembers that & has moved on

  7. It's a contrived conflict for the show. All three of them know what they need to do to keep this thing going for another season.

  8. I think he’s over Naomie. At the end of their relationship things were bad. Then she got with Metul and thought she was above him and the show. I actually like him and Paige - I’m usually skeptical of any celeb relationships but the do seem genuine.

  9. I think he prefers Paige, but if she's not around and Naomi is there, he's game. Pretty much playing both them with a preference toward Paige IMO.

  10. i see it as the opposite, paige actually makes more sense for who he is (bravolebrity/influencer) but naomie is his aspirational dream girl. even when he was talking about her in his book his grievances just seem to be that she didn't think as highly of him as he thinks of her

  11. I think they’re done for good. Craig felt like Naomie abandoned him while he was struggling and now that his business is thriving, I think he likes the feeling of “see what you could have had if you stuck it out” but he was SO hurt by it I don’t think he would ever forgive her.

  12. I don’t think Paige or Natalie would’ve put up with the Craig that Naomi had. Naomi had him at his worst (he still sucks imo) Paige and Nat got the money & job version of Craig.

  13. THANK YOU!! He was in the middle of addiction at the time, and people give her so much shit for how she acted. Of course she was pissed. She was working her ass off and he was trying to be shep without the trust fund.

  14. Exactly! If Paige and Natalie had Craig move into their homes and then do nothing but work on hobbies all day while he lied about having finished college, passing the Bar, and running Gentry Bourbon, I think they may have felt differently.

  15. Yes! Thank you!! I actually really like Paige but get so sick of the “she accepts Craig for who he is, while Naomie tore him down” narrative. No way in hell would Paige have been with him thru what Naomie was with him (lying about the bar exam, sitting around doing nothing all day while Naomie worked and studied, addiction/alcohol issues, screwing up that job with JD, etc etc) and i think Naomie supporting him for so long then leaving him was the kick in the pants that helped him get his life back on track.

  16. Just a tangent- I think Craig lied on wwhl about when he hooked with Naomi? He said it was end of June (Vegas), but I think it would have been end of July? Didn’t Naomi and Metul break up in July and Leva was in Vegas end of July/beginning August. And he said they hooked up the week after Vegas… that would have been mid August?

  17. Yes, he did lie. Andy also mentioned that Summerhouse didnt begin filming until the beginning of July, which was probably why Craig lied and said June. That way he could try to convince the viewers that his hookup with Naomie happened before summerhouse filmed so he wouldn't look like such a jerk. Viewers saw him giving Paige a hard time when she only kissed Andrea and yet he was sleeping with Naomie and Natalie (and who knows who else) during this time and Paige was supposed to not get mad? Craig was pissed with Paige when she got upset that he had hooked up with Kristen, yet he made her cry when she admitted to kissing Andrea. Craig lying on wwhl makes me think he's also lying about Naomie wanting to get back together with him.

  18. My stoner self can’t remember the details, but I did the math when he was talking on wwhl and the timelines totally didn’t add up. He def fudged dates

  19. If he was truly over Naomi, he wouldn't keep talking about it. He said she was all over HIM, but after the whole BAR fiasco, I really don't believe a word that comes out of his mouth and I'm astonished that Austen DOES.

  20. I think he’s over her! I truly believed him when he said after the hook ups and they chatted he realized he would never want to get back together with her.

  21. He'll never be over Naomi, it's just the circumstances (Paige) he now has to say it to save face and also he probably feels he's winning compared to Naomi, so it feels good saying that.

  22. “The things that bothered Naomie don’t bother Paige”—- Telling. Paige is a downgrade but he has Paige eating from the palm of his hand so Paige makes sense. Despite what he claimed Naomie said about them I think Naomie knows good and well that Craig is still the same old Craig that she watched herself fall out of love with.

  23. Nope! He'll never be over her. He's endlessly in love with Naomi. He has to settle for Paige because ...socially, economically , maybe same religious beliefs are same. He probably feels Naomi is above him, therefore relationship imbalance.

  24. He may still have feelings, but I don’t think Craigs ego or self-esteem wouldn’t put up with Naomi anymore. I think she would still belittle him no matter what because she wants to marry big money. They are not compatible and never seemed to get along.

  25. Now the really important stuff - Craig is an Aquarius, Naomi is a Leo and Paige is a Scorpio. I don't see an Aquarius with either of those really strong signs.

  26. I don't watch Summer House, so I don't know anything about Paige, but at K's birthday party she looked like a bitch. Who knows, maybe she just has resting bitch face.

  27. She does have a bit of resting bitch, not as bad as Kat on below deck thou. I watch SH and don’t find Paige to be much of a bitch really, especially not in comparison to Naomi.

  28. I think Naomi will always be a true love for him. Not saying he won’t move on to someone else but Naomi, other than wanting him to be motivated and making fun of sewing-which I agreed with at the time, was all of the things he likes and she’s obviously doing well.

  29. I hope he's over her. She treated him like trash. However, some people are drawn to a hot and cold person. I used to be, but now I've moved past toxic relationships. I hope he has too.

  30. It’s a shame that Naomi treated him so horribly when they were together. Craig isn’t perfect but he’s really making a nice life for himself now. If Naomi had treated him better, she’d be by his side enjoying his success with him.

  31. Oh yeah, if Naomi had just turned a blind eye with all his lies about the bar, sitting at home doing nothing while living off of her and her parents she could be enjoying his success lol. She has her own success.

  32. I mean he would be dumb to take her back. She was so bad to him and they just didn’t make sense. (Not saying he doesn’t suck too)

  33. I had always read that Naomi was dating some trust fund guy. We obviously never see her relationship or her post any pictures but I think that’s just to keep the storyline going with Craig. I don’t think she actually wants to be with Craig. Being in Vegas you know they were both drunk. Kathryn telling that business so freely though to Shep. It’s no surprise her and Craig are friends.

  34. This isn't about Craig. Naomie treated him like garbage. Talked to him like garbage. By the end, she had total contempt for him and everything he did. Contempt is more hurtful and damaging than hate. When you feel that from someone you love, it's deep and awful, which is exactly how it is meant to be received. You can tell a lot about a person from how they fight, and she fights nasty, which is funny considering she recognizes how Kathryn fights dirty. I don't care what Craig did or didn't do. Contempt is like cheating. For some people, it's in their tool bag of solutions and reactions. Not everyone goes to cheating, and not everyone goes to contempt. Naomie can, and did, go there. It's in her tool bag. Though Craig still cares for her, he probably needed a reminder of how she is. Hooked up with her a couple times, and undoubtedly, he was reminded of how she is. You can forget some of that stuff a few years removed and only remember the good things. "Oh yeah, this is why we aren't together, and I'm grateful for that." He needed the reminder, and he got it.

  35. I will say (in my opinion) Naomi used to put him down about his sewing etc and try to get him to do the law thing because it was what she wanted and I’m sure how it reflected on her was in her mind. I think having a partner not even be unsupportive but go so far as to put you down is devastating. I don’t know much about Paige but I think Craig might still love Naomi in a past type way where he knows the person he wants to be with is someone else. Also generally the relationships with “fireworks” are always fondly remembered but incredibly destructive. Paige seems like less drama but we shall see…

  36. I think Craig enjoys that he is in a relationship right now and Naomi is not. At least Naomi isn't constantly make snide remarks about his relationship like he always did. It will be interesting to see how he reacts when Naomi is with someone else.

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