Hypothetically, what is considered more important out of these 3, for example if you could only have one but not necessarily the other 2:

  1. I would put body up top out of those particular things. Skin is pretty close. Good thick hair is very very nice to have, but, thin, unimpressive hair is a feature I have seen tons and tons of women still be very attractive with.

  2. An attractive body is kind of hard to fake because you already have to put so much into maintaining it, to be honest. With hair and teeth, you can essentially fake it until you make it and things that may be unattractive about it are easier to cover up quickly as well as recover from quickly. Getting a perfect body is harder to get as well as harder to maintain.

  3. Exactly my thoughts. You can get a very good wig or extensions to cover bad hair. There’s no equivalent for covering bad skin or an unattractive body

  4. I would say body. Its the biggest feature among all and it really influences how you're perceived. Good body is a base on which you build other features. Also relatively easy attainable and not to mention.. free.

  5. Kendall Jenner comes to mind when I read this. She’s the highest paid supermodel in the world and many men (including my own) find her really hot. Her hair is thin and not great, but she looks great because she keeps it relatively shorter, has a good body, and cleared her acne. So order of importance : body, skin, hair.

  6. Body number one without a doubt. There are many women who aren’t conventionally attractive or pretty but if they have a banging body that can trump just about anything.

  7. I was just going to ask the same question because I remember finding online a few years ago a sort of study (I don't know if it was legit) with percentages about what had more impact in terms of physical attractiveness.

  8. 3, but not related to acne. People can see through that. More talking about plump skin without fine lines. Then 1. Then 2. Really they all matter

  9. I think overall body, then skin, then hair. Also, body is the one you're least able to conceal, while you can use makeup for the face and extensions and such for hair. So yeah, definitely body.

  10. I agree with many here that 1 (body) is the most important from a visual standpoint. You can easily get away with not great hair (toppers and different hairstyles can hide this) and clear skin is nice to have but not essential. Maybe it's not a popular opinion but you can "hide" bad skin fairly easily.

  11. Men value body over pretty much everything you mentioned, most unattractive people that I know have pretty good skin. good hair? Seriously?, Yes it is important but you can pretty much fake it with today's hair technology, you can't modify your body as easily, some people's skeletal structure it's naturally unattractive to the point it rest them points to their attractiveness. Just look at Madison Beer's body, her body has almost a goblin like shape. Being plane isn't a huge disadvantage, most guys can take skinny as attractive since it's also can be feminine.

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