Bianca Belair on her vs Bayley at Crown Jewel: "I actually had a moment after the match where I broke down because I never imagined my life doing this in Saudi Arabia. Being a part of change there and being in a Last Woman Standing match with Bayley, and it really was just overwhelming."

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  2. Absolutely nothing has changed in Saudi Arabia as a result of these shows. The way they've apparently convinced their talent that they're doing some sort of social good instead of just taking blood money is incredible.

  3. Bet a lot of WWE workers broke down and cried like Bianca; but in their case, it was upon realizing how many personal values they had to step on to make that money, and how history will likely judge them once Conservative America's weird crush on Saudi Arabia is over.

  4. Nothing in the short term, it I think one is the best wars to enact change over time is to show the people what they don’t have. Expose them to the debauchery of American culture.

  5. Respectfully, unless you have the experience to be in a country that's repressed and developing, you have no idea how much shows like this make a change.

  6. WWE made NO cultural or political impact in Saudi Arabia whatsoever and that country’s regressive government is getting exactly what they wanted, which is positive press.

  7. Well what do you want her to say? This is all BS? Lol cmon, WWE will bury the shit out of her or she’ll banned or worse, (☠️🪦) the next time she steps foot at SA! 😂

  8. Everyone here seems to know more about Saudi than Saudi people like me apparently. Change has happened since the WWE deal happened, not really because of WWE but it has happened.

  9. Bianca is part of a billion dollar image makeover by an autocratic regime with horrible human rights abuses including an ongoing genocide. That is the major issue, it is also true that people criticizing WWE/Saudi deal are often ignorant about Saudi Arabia. Women is Saudi Arabia couldn't drive not that long ago, its all relative but citizen women in SA have made major leaps and will likely continue to do so.

  10. I have no idea how talent is now convinced this Saudi shows are a good thing instead of sportswashing for a country with horrible human rights.

  11. They're saying what they have to say to keep their jobs. It's pretty clearly some lines that Bianca was fed because that's not how a human being talks.

  12. I'm sure Bianca is a great person, but she always comes across as a very naive person every time she talks about these shows. I hope she's saying that because she doesn't want to cause any drama and not because she genuinely believes that a wrestling match will change the mentality in Saudi Arabia.

  13. Could be as simple as she just parrots whatever lines the WWE PR dept is feeding the roster in media training. I can't imagine she's just organically coming to conclusions that match WWE talking points more or less perfectly.

  14. I don't understand this sub at all. Women being part of a show and doing these things is unheard of over there. Changing the culture is probably the best way to do this. Just because you think there is no change happening doesn't mean there isn't. Women being able to drive wasn't a thing there a few years ago. Women being out of sight of a guardian also wasn't a thing. Things like these women wrestling there helps change the culture. Not sure why you think this is so hard to believe. What should we do? Just ignore that women are being oppressed there? You're just part of an echo-chamber.

  15. I am legitimately embarrassed for the Americans supporting a sexist and authoritarian regime in Saudi Arabia in this chat space.

  16. Love Bianca, but she might be under the influence of that fat ass check she probably just got for that match. I can’t hate, she might have legit made over 100k just for that match.

  17. God celebrities act so high and mighty all the time. All you did was flop around infront of a bunch of bigots for blood money, you didn't change shit.

  18. Being intentionally part of the problem is bad enough, but trying to spin it as being part of the solution is so much worse. She 100% knows this is sports washing.

  19. I get it. It’s a big deal to her. But propaganda is propaganda regardless of who hosts a show in Saudi Arabia, North Korea…basically anywhere thats known for not exactly being “with the times” on what we’d consider major issues


  21. It’s not about “being a part of change” it’s a very carefully planned 10 year propaganda machine to try make the Saudi’s look more normal to the west

  22. How is she a part of the problem? She’s a foreigner. She can’t change the laws even if she was the POTUS

  23. Most people I know who work for some amoral company will drink the Kool-Aid for whatever deeper purpose marketing came up with to justify their actions. Its not surprising WWE employees do the same thing. Its easy to manipulate good people with these types of narratives.

  24. That’s a pretty sweeping, ignorant and, frankly, xenophobic generalization. The country itself and the people aren’t to blame. It’s the government and the leaders that are.

  25. What change are they talking about? I've seen multiple wrestlers claim they are "part of a change" when talking about the Crown Jewel shows but what exactly is changing in Saudi Arabia because they bring WWE 2x a year or wahtever it is?

  26. I don’t know how much change has gone on but there is still work to do like the shows are government propaganda but its funny to see any wrestling fan in here think they know better than actual ppl living there while ignoring WWE’s paid propaganda with the military and the facf it took “progressive wrestling fans” to realize 30 years to realize Vince is a fucking scumbag.. and the family have ties to Trump and literally have execs are that are boogaloo boys supporters and q anon members

  27. I can appreciate how she would feel wrestling as a woman in Saudi Arabia…and still roll my eyes at “part of change.” Yeah, in the ring, sure…but not so much out of it.

  28. I wanna give her the benefit of the doubt and think this isnt her talking, but rather saying what wwe told her to convey.

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