What Are Your Moves? Weekend Discussion Thread

  1. $BEEM - up +20% today after my post, with plenty of room left to run. 8m float, options. New government contracts puts them ahead of BLNK and EVGO revenue-wise, both of which are trading at 6x and 10x BEEM’s current market cap. 10x (new) revenue forecast has SP at $60 fair value. Currently trading at $15.

  2. OPFI a financial company that is starting to make moves. Revenue growing each year and with high interests and a recession on the way i don't think you can get a better opportunity than this. Float 7M.

  3. MMTLP….not sure why this isn’t a no brained. Likely the last S1 amendment filled last week….now the S1 is just pending approval…after that short sellers are forced to vacate their positions before it goes private. I mean it can’t get much better and easier than that.

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