Someone wanted four of their favorite Charley Harper critters color coordinated with the four seasons and this is what I came up with. We’ve got a robin, bluebird, nuthatch, and chipmunk.

  1. Well done! Nice mix of organic and geometric design elements and great use of the Bullseye flake.👏❤️💎👍

  2. These are amazing!!! I love Charley Harper’s work and I love stained glass. You’ve created my perfect pieces of art.

  3. these are fantastic. i’ve been wanting to make some charlie parker inspired pieces in the style of some of the motawi tile.

  4. It’s called fracture streamer and a lot of glass shops will have some of it they sell but I get mine wholesale from a place called Franklin art glass In Columbus Ohio. Im from Cincinnati. The brand is Bullseye.

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