200+ hours into the game, i will never know to tell them apart...

  1. The amount of times I’ve placed a tapper on a maple tree for the bee hive to only receive oak resin is ridiculous.

  2. Curl in trunk vs straight. Large leaves cs small. Pointy shape vs smoother. Never ask me about the growing stages though.. that is impossible for me still.

  3. I confused them for the first maybe 10? But the differences become clear pretty fast, especially because oaks are more useful so i started keeping an eye out for em

  4. Left is maple that's all I know. Only tree I ever need to know by sight because it's so valuable to my playstyle. I like making wine and I gotta get as much syrup as possible. Curved trunk and large, light green triangular leaves, it's unmistakably maple

  5. left has bigger leaves than right....... but I still can't remember which is which. I can only tell them apart, but that's about it. xD

  6. someone said it somewhere on this sub before and it's how I tell them apart now- oak has a little "o" made of shadows near the top, maple has a little "y" made out of branches at the top 👍

  7. Every play through I've done, I tap maple thinking it's oak. And then I've gotta wait another week for the resin.

  8. I didn't clearly notice the gaps in the leaves on the left before, and this might actually help me tell them apart in the future. Thanks OP!

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