I'm so sick of the complaining about BGS and Starfield.

  1. I do hope they fix a few things, like make conversations a bit more fluid, the eye moveement was wonky. And obviously the performance was below 30 which isn't ideal.

  2. Consistent decline in quality, why do you think you keep hearing the same things? Many of the critisms come from people who are very passionate about BGS games and just want to have the best experience.

  3. My big question is why there's all these media sites bashing the game before its even out?... Saying its the least of the space games... Without even playing it... Then again, who really listens to game journalists anymore. Ill judge the game when its out. If it really is Skyrim in space, good. That's what I wanted.

  4. Because it gets them clicks. They want to evoke a strong reaction out of you, because that gets you to click and interact more often than a simple title that leaves you emotionless.

  5. Least of the space games? It literally has every imaginable space game feature aside from seamless ground to space transition. No other game even comes close. You need to be completely clueless to believe that.

  6. I’m convinced the closer a game gets to release the more hate it gets. I agree with what you’re saying but they are just goobers

  7. This behavior seems crazy magnified in rpg gaming subs. In the CP2077 you'll still see people focusing on all the things the game didn't do vs the things it does well

  8. And no one is forcing you to make a huge post about it. Don't engage if it bothers you so much or just log off. People aren't going to have the same opinions as you and they are free to express them. Its okay to like something and also be critical of it, or have doubts or anything. In a world after Cyberpunk and 76 it is probably good to set expectations low and be skeptical... unless you just want a circle jerk echo chamber. Trolls are obvious trolls, most people here can recognize these idiots and ignore them. They feed from these types of posts.

  9. It seems to me that a large portion of the gaming community simply cannot comprehend the concept that we might have our own criticisms of Bethesda but still enjoy the games. They assume we are either blind fanboys or idiot consumers who keep giving money to the company that has "let us down".

  10. Criticism is always OK with me. I just hate those whiney people who just trash Bethesda for the internetpoints. There is not even valid criticism just pure hate. I hate such people

  11. I think some of the things worth pointing out is alot of these "concerns" are about a game that is at most a year out. That is plenty of time to change things around performance. Or wanting this game to be something other than a bgs game.

  12. It's a bunch of people new to the sub, pissed off PlayStation owners, and general Bethesda haters. Bethesda is a huge company with a stellar track record at this point. And Starfield is a greatly anticipated game both for Bethesda themselves and the gaming public. It's not surprising to me there is a target on Bethesda now.

  13. Starfield wouldn't get nearly this much hate if it was multiplat. Can't wait to play it, haters can get a life lol

  14. I’m so tired of posts like these. Just because you enjoy something doesn’t make it a crime for someone else to trash it.

  15. This, I was excited for Starfield, I love RPG's the trailer has turned that excitement into dread. Simple as that, I don't like what I'm seeing.

  16. Its ok to be critical because of Fallout 76 and such. But many people are just being angry for no reason and just dismiss the game before even playing it because "Bethesda hate boner", plus the media doing the exact thing for clicks. Some of these people were also guilty of overhyping games like Cyberpunk like its the second coming of Christ, so I see some hypocrisy. Let's just keep expectations in reasonable level and judge when we get our hands on the game.

  17. The truth is that a lot of the haters will buy the games. I know a few guys like this. They complain about every Bethesda game pre and post launch, but then still play them for hundreds of hours.

  18. Lol. I have a friend who hate-reads ALL of Dean Koontz's stuff. That reminds me of him. Minus the modding of course.

  19. While I am excited, I think dismissal of BGS track record as of late is silly. I am cautiously optimistic about this game, but Bethesda has not been at the top of their game since arguably 2011. People are more than reasonable to express doubt and hesitance.

  20. They've had 1 release since 2011. It's not like they're pushing 7 games out a year and have been subpar for dozens of releases as a result.

  21. Skyrim is still in the top 20 sold games in the US 11 years after release. The Bethesda haters are a very loud minority... that just saw their numbers increased with an influx of juvenile console warriors.

  22. Just leave them be and ignore them. Those people were never interested in Starfield and Bethesda, only in bashing Bethesda. When Fallout 4 released, they based it for worsened RPG mechanics and pretended that improved graphics and gunplay "don't matter in an RPG". But now when Starfield introduces deep RPG mechanics, they are silent about it and suddenly graphics and gunplay matter...

  23. Yeah, this happens with tons of games especially sci fi RPGs. Star Citizen, Cyberpunk, now Starfield. The constructive criticism gets lost in the vitriol. Low sodium rules might be a good idea for this sub or a new one that branches off.

  24. People just want to express their opinion. They don’t have to give any constructive feedback. Just like you don’t have to listen to them if they don’t.

  25. Players like you just don't get it. The controversy isn't going away. This is about the direction Bethesda has chosen to go. It's about the design decisions they have been making for the past 15-20 years so it's about their pattern of behavior and what it means for their future games.

  26. You just gotta ignore it people are gonna complain about anything and everything regardless. I did the same thing with elden ring despite its many issues it's a game I enjoy alot.

  27. You just gotta ignore it people are gonna complain about anything and everything regardless. I did the same thing with elden ring despite its many issues it's a game I enjoy alot.

  28. Ive set all the negativity to mute. Sure I'm willing to hear some constructive criticism but all the rest just gives me bad vibes. I've grown quite tired of all the comparisons to other games.

  29. they are other company's hired troll.. bgs games are only single player games that i can play where i dont get bored..other games are soo boring.same thing as always..

  30. Gonna get it and probably spend a thousand hour in it then log in skyrim and then fallout and then back to starfield bethesda games are the only offline games that stay installed on my pc

  31. I think it’s because Xbox bought bethesda that we now all have the toxic console wars people coming out of the woodwork. Any time a new bethesda RPG comes out it’s always an awesome time and is for years to come because nobody makes games quite like bethesda does when it comes to open world RPG’s.

  32. Then ignore the posts. I've never understood people going into post they know will trigger them. And then get "so sick" of the complaints. Lol.

  33. It's not about objective qualities of whether the game is fun or not. They have an agenda, or they are looking for views/subscribers and are just joining on the hate-train with some click-bait to make that happen.

  34. I’m excited for this game! It’s crazy the amount of hate the game is getting. I can’t wait to fly my ship and recruit my crew!

  35. Then just play the game, who cares what random people think. The games not out yet, people can criticise even if they’re wrong.

  36. On the other hand this sub needs to learn to keep their expectations in check. I get legitimately worried when i see post like:

  37. Tell them Fortnite is overrated & tell the others that console wars died in the 90’s when Sega lost during the Dreamcast era, it’s the same kind of people, console wars people who are hurt because of exclusivity if it was a certain system exclusive it would be the best thing since…insert whichever is their fave game for that system, the first type I alluded to are immature & can’t help themselves, I know I have been there and still sometimes act this way myself & I should know better I’m 40.

  38. Empty planets are not an issue. Empty planets that you have to explore on foot with the orbital scanner that marks all the interesting things on your map can be...

  39. I'm fine with people complaining about BGS. Skyrim is the very definition of a "flawed masterpiece." A plethora of more than valid complaints you can make but I'll be damned if it wasn't one of the best games ever. A lot of the complaints about Bethesda in the last few years are justified.

  40. I’ll always play a Bethesda game. I just hope they do enough different each time to keep me interested until the end.

  41. It's the hot new thing which means clicks and interactions. And unfortunately negativity sells. So they all have some "hot take" on the game to get people to discuss it in their comment section.

  42. I see people have psychological problems with companies. I saw a similar thing in my own country, Turkey. For example, that Epic Games is angry with the company for giving free games. and someone with enough distress to want the company to go bankrupt. so my point is this: don't care about people who seem like they have a personal problem with a company. Let them talk. In time they will shut up.

  43. I don't give a rats ass what anyone might think about the entertainment I enjoy. Maybe when I was 15 did I care about what my friends and classmates thought, but that time is long over.

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