And that folks is how you do a speedrun to die faster

  1. I recoiled in fear when he smushed it all together and it became a panel from that Junjji Ito story with the grease

  2. No he didn't. Watch the edit - shells in, then cuts to adding more and suddenly no shells in, then another cut to him beating the eggs. Left it in because that's how he gets us to comment and interact, which eventually earns him more money.

  3. It doesn't even look like a good burger, they ground it until it's mealy, and then cooked it until it's gray. What a waste.

  4. Is this one of those channels that intentionally makes videos that are stupid and makes people mad (so they get shared)?

  5. Poorly, too. I'm vegetarian but even I know a food processor is going to mangle that shit and he should have a meat grinder.

  6. It's way too fucking fast! You could argue it's for the performance, which I'm sure is mostly true... But what if you're trying to recreate this? It'd be extremely hard. Not saying I'd want to, this looks absurd. However I'd assume some people that watch these kinds of videos do it with the intention of trying to recreate it.

  7. You Suck at Cooking does it really well but their channel is more comedy focused. Idk it's just kind of soothing to me haha.

  8. It was a thing back in the 90s and 2000s because digital editing let you easily do what would take you hours of cutting and pasting actual film strips or cassettes. It was great to see how many things you could create when you could cut footage without thinking in it taking tons of time... It was good for a while... But yeah, it's gotten to this level

  9. Generally speaking in film making this editing style is called a Russian Montage and is used to show a quick passage of time or enforce some aspect of repeated actions. Guy Ritchie uses them wonderfully like I'm "Snatch". Unfortunatley its usage in films over the years and how they are used to make some pretty memorable things has caused many amature youtubers and the like to think that Russian montages=cool when in fact it has a specific time and place. While this guy is doing repeated actions over time and it technically would work for the montage, it's a quick cooking video that voice or text would have the same effect and not be pretentious as fuck.

  10. Why does he have to make such an obnoxious expression like what he's doing is some crazy work of culinary expertise???

  11. Ye, it's an extremely expensive meat that is only eaten on speacil occasions, and he just burgers them which is alone a sin because these meats are full of fat so these patties must be soaked and serves them with super processed cheese

  12. Probably " so many idiots are gonna watch my videos, get angry, then share them on reddit so even more watch my videos thereby giving me what I always wanted by doing these stupid food videos."

  13. The amount of sodium from the cheese alone would make him sick. Not to mention the added salt, the spam, etc. Individually wrapped slices like that are typically 250-400mg of sodium each.

  14. Yeah, I feel like the spam fries with the cheese just used to make a dip would have been good.

  15. They should keep beautiful looking cuts of beef away from dickheads like this. They would make great burger patties but my god, in the food processor?

  16. Black gloves and a cutting board doesn't make you a cook. Those cutting skills resembles what I used to see in the restaurants when server's would slice lemons that way and almost cuts their fingers off.

  17. Okay, but can we stop to appreciate how, even completely setting aside that this food is flawed from is very concept, this man is just straight up mishandling his food? Those burgers are going to be disgusting gummy hockey pucks with the way he blitzed that steak in the food processor. He really couldn't find any cheese better to fry than plain processed sandwich slices? That spam is entirely too thick for what he's trying to do there, it's going to be soft and soggy even with the copious use of panko (an obvious crutch for his lack of frying skills). Also -and I know this might be an unpopular position - his gloves annoy me. On top of gloves largely being unnecessary, and even detrimental depending on certain factors, I am just sick of seeing black nylon gloves everywhere. Learn how to handle food with your bare hands, foodtubers.

  18. That’s what blows my mind. People making these videos with expensive ingredients but always use cheese that isn’t even cheese.

  19. Spam Fries are already a menu item at a local restaurant that does Hawaiian and Filipino food here in the SF Bar Area

  20. If he had marinated the spam and done a take on a spam musubi with wrapping the fries with a little nori I would be OK with this - as its own dish far away from from the wagyu destruction and "cheese" nonsense.

  21. Tall burgers are the stupidest thing on this godforsaken planet. What type of person says: "Yes give me the thick ass burger as big as my head that I can't possibly take a bite out of" They must love hot grease sliding down their face and neck as they attempt to eat the squishy mush castle of wasted potential.

  22. There is something so American about this video. Is it the stacked and deep fried cheese, the unnecessary addition of spam, maybe ruining a beautiful cut of meat, I dunno cant pin point.

  23. Wait isn't that freaking wagyu something meat? why would you do that, you can put that thing on a pan with just a pinch of salt and would be amazing, geeez

  24. I fucking hate this dude so much. His shit doesn't even look like it's trying to actually taste good and he clearly doesn't have any real cooking technique besides breading shit and frying it. That meat goo he made looked fucking disgusting.

  25. The part that's gonna kill me isn't the food, it's how many god damn cuts there are in the video. Jesus Christ I'm not even epileptic and I almost had a seizure

  26. Save yourself a step and just buy 73-27 disgusting ground beef rather than mincing a perfectly marbled wagyu.

  27. If you're gonna mince wagyu beef why not just buy cheaper beef and add in fat seperately... Surely would be tons cheaper

  28. I seriously despise this guy. The fact that he subjects so many to his disgusting asmr eating of greasy shit is just sociopathic

  29. I’m not gonna lie. I’m sure that was absolutely delicious. I am ever going to eat that. I would try a small portion, but never eat a whole thing.

  30. I always wonder why someone who is willing to do multiple steps to prepare food and to actually take some time for "cooking" decides to do this bullshit. I don't get it.

  31. I genuinely don't understand how this man eats this kind of food all the time and has not gained a single pound. No amount of working out should be able to save you from that.

  32. Probably a 40% fat cut of meat (maybe more), salted before being formed? That’s gonna be the most rubbery burger ever! I feel like the guys who make these videos have never actually read a cook book before with the amount of stupid ideas they compound on top of one another in a pursuit of Instagram likes!

  33. The thing that I hate most about these videos is the lazy sound effects they add after the fact to make it “ASMR”

  34. I blacked out after he put the Wagyu Ribeyes in a food processor. I hope he didn't do anything else ridiculous after that.

  35. I know this isn’t the point of the post.... but for f*ck’s sake, stop expanding burgers upward and start expanding them outward! If you want to make a bigger burger, start making the burger wider, nobody’s mouth can fit your dumbass foot tall burgers....

  36. It really annoys me when these guys make food that no human on earth can take a reasonably sized bite out of.

  37. This dude has to spend the entire day on the can after filming himself eating one of these abominations, right?

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