How is everyone feeling about Chris Pratt’s voice as Mario?

  1. I don’t like Chris Pratt as his voice and I’m hoping it’ll grow on me, I do however like Charlie Day as Luigi, with a fan cast for Danny Devito to play Wario

  2. it’s just disappointing and it’s just filling movies with the most famous people they can get at the time without thought on if they’d be the right choice or not

  3. Yea I feel that’s why they went with Chris Pratt, honestly though I like Charlie Day as Luigi along with Anna Taylor-Joy as Peach and Jack Black is killing it as Bowser!

  4. I'm going with it. The rest of the movie looks amazing, so many talented professionals have put a lot of time and heart into this and it shows.

  5. Yea agreed, I’m so happy to have in my lifetime see a fully realized MCU, Godzilla vs Kong, and now a Super Mario movie along with a Mario theme park at Universal Studios!!

  6. Nah not homophobic opinions, Elliot page said he went to homophonic church but it turns out it wasn’t the church. Besides that I think some people are tired of him being type cast in these films.

  7. Only two lines sounded not vomit worthy. The pained "yeees!" and the "oh come on" from that TV spot with pipes.

  8. I feel like I've heard two different voices. One with a slight accent... "Let's a go." Then on that new TV spot where Toad whacks him in the arm he sounds like... Chris Pratt. That Wahoo also sounded like a completely different person.

  9. To me it doesn’t really sound like Mario but tbh I’m fine with it. I’m not one of those people that really freak out over voice acting as long as it’s not too grating. The movie has so much detail I’ll probably be too busy looking for Easter eggs than worrying about Chris pratts voice

  10. It’s going to be like when Daniel Craig was cast as James Bond people weren’t expecting it so the initial reaction was hesitant then everyone stopped noticing when casino royale turned out to be a great movie. If the movie is good people will accept it, and it looks like the movie is going to be pretty good

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