Unofficial lurker guy here with a brief message about our friend Charles Payne

  1. Yup. CP's being built up as a friend of apes, but man oh man, when the tide turns and he says the squeeze has squoze THAT'S when you hodl tighter than ever.

  2. I don't watch TV, so there's that. I wouldn't know Charles if people weren't posting videos or Twitter nonsense in here.

  3. I said that before. MSM will give some honey 🍯 in the beginning to let you eat the shit in the end. Don’t trust no one. Just do what you think is good for yourself. Hold buy if you can and wait your moment. not mine not the media moment juste wait your one moment.

  4. This is just about stocks anyway, all the reaching out to celebs i see across the board on Reddit is just stupid. If you like the stock you buy it, it is that simple. Nobody needs validation om Twitter from a semi famous person.

  5. MSM wants you to start trusting them by pretending to be on our side so they can influence you later. Shut it out, unfollow them on social media, and don't interact. They are not your friend

  6. I think most apes just take it as entertainment value. At this point we are all overly-seasoned veterans of MSM trying to control the narrative. Why not find it as funny when it is and then go about your day and leave it at that? It’s just theater and we all know it.

  7. If there is one thing I have learned in this saga, it is trust NOBODY. The DD brought about here based on sourcable knowledge is king.

  8. I trust fox the least of all media outlets. So I take everything said with a handful of salt. Doesnt make it less funny seeing someone get called a bitch on live TV tho.

  9. I've watched enough MSM to know none of them are on our side. They are on the side of making money for the company and protecting the interests of the 1% with very few exceptions.

  10. Msm knows they are fucked. They are branch’s from hedge funds! Part of the hedge fund business model.Just knowing they are putting fake apes on their platform is showing they are forced to tap soon and are addressing to save face. They lie literally every day on their platform. Calling Dave a bitch is true but that’s a bitch calling another bitch a bitch

  11. Im amazed with just how aware everyone on superstonk is of the manipulators and their motives in everything they try to pull, makes them infinitely powerless and only strengthens our resolve

  12. The whole segment felt like a cheap ambush and was actually kind of cringe to watch. That is not the way fellow apes. Portnoy is still a paper hands bitch, but I'd say that for anyone who sold.

  13. He’s on fox, it’s easy to be on our side when a threat doesn’t concern you. If there’s a scandal in your high school and it doesn’t concern you, it’s easy to take the side of the winning group when you have no skin in the game. I think CP is being genuine, but it’s only to build a trust with fox because they’ve lost our trust during the trump era. Just my opinion though.

  14. As long as he doesn’t say shit about price, dates, peaks or what we should do with our shares then im okay with him exposing ppl. But yes i agree for the most part its good to stay very vigilant against anyone on msm.

  15. I agree! I don’t follow paper hands portnoy…but that interview was pushing an agenda that he was a GME leader, same as they portray Matt kohrs and treys trades as leaders of the AMC movement. Who cares if portnoy doesn’t know who the SEC chair is? The whole thing was SUS…. It was funny to hear CP call him a little bitch though 😹

  16. I don’t need anyone telling me what to do or think. This is why we say do your own DD. For the record C Payne has been the only one in msm calling out the hedgies. Does that mean he’s the end all be all, no. It’s sounds like you have issues with Fox business could be, you letting your predetermined political bias get to you. If you don’t like him, turn the channel. I personally think him and his analysis plus he destroyed Charlie Gasporino on live TV. The Dude is legit!

  17. I also want to mention I don’t have a political party. I think it’s all a charade as well. Hopefully gme blows the lid off the whole system so we can finally have honest political leaders and an actual president

  18. no MSM is our friend, but the reality is that media exposure will bring in FOMO, which is buy pressure, which will lead to margin calls and MOASS.

  19. Speak for yourself. I will give anyone love when they do something right. Subsequent actions need to be evaluated on a case by case basis. You cannot get into the heads of anyone on the screen good or bad and certainty of a specific intent is nothing more than conjecture.

  20. Fact: CNBC is seen here like the utmost worst because of their blatant corrupt coverage of the GME/AMC/Memestock saga

  21. I hate to say it, but Charles Payne job is to be the token. The token black guy, the token retail supporter, etc.

  22. Listen, I’ve been an anon for years, I’ve learned to do my own DD and not listen to the media, But... CP is awesome to watch and does what he can given his restrictions to at least wake up some people, I will never take advice from him but in a sea of media shills, it’s nice to once in a while watch someone who at least on the surface seems to care about Apes.

  23. IDK how tinfoil this idea is, and I certainly don't want to dive too hard into politics, but the whole idea of Fox being on the side of apes has had me thinking quite a bit.

  24. To be fair Payne has been pro retail for a very long time, before the January event. I think he's just capitalizing off of recent events.

  25. From what I’ve seen on here, apes have been really good at following no on in particular in the media. They like them when they do something good, and put them through the negative meme gauntlet when they do something bad.

  26. I'm here for the entertainment. Even when CP shills on theater or GME I'll sti hold both because he doesn't own my shares nor my money. He can pull all kinds of theatrics. Until I see millions in my brokerage account I'm not selling.

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