Current run-up compared to previous run-up's [08-24-2021 - Day 6]

  1. Except this time we’re walking in with $2B in cash, no debt, crushed earnings, NFT, new team established, 2 ginormous warehouses, etc etc

  2. I think you need to relabel your graphs. It looks like it’s meant to say “feb and March run up” in the first then “added may runup” after. That might not be 100% what you meant but I know the current labelling doesn’t make sense

  3. I guarantee you, there will be at least 2 retards, who will think the cycle is going to be identical, and will sell right at $350, and get left in the dust of MOASS and laughed at, for being little Portnoy bitches (for those out of the loop: paper handed fool). Ok

  4. No it isn't look at DELTA NEUTRAL graph (search for delta neutral girl post), we're going fucking sky high in another sneeze.

  5. Thats a good idea, i support Criands theory. I will try to contact Criand to hear his opinion on it. My only rule for matching the dates are that X1 = the day GME fell below 350 as the startpoint, so i dont have anything solid.

  6. Yeah Imma need 45mil per share. And out of all of them I’m only selling a few, one for each immediate family member. The rest are for my “pool”

  7. Nice work OP. Seeing the run-ups and subsequent downward price manipulation I feel that in each cycle they have lesser and lesser control over the price. Which means that when it goes up to 350+ in this cycle they won't be able to drop it down as much. The EOD price might actually be the last time we see such numbers 🚀 It's payday tomorrow and I'm buying some more at market open

  8. Better don’t do another cycle kenneth. I believe we will only stop buying if the price is climbing. Holding is another thing … 😉

  9. I think people alot smarter than me have already thougt about this pattern/algorithm i can see why people would think that. But I dont think it will go down again, given whats ahead of us in september. Not a financial advice, Expekt fuckery, always.

  10. So if it follows the old chart we could see a pull back tomorrow and another rip early next week? Am I reading this correctly?

  11. I would say No, mainly because this post is not about telling People what to do with their money but to document fuckery.

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