Another Billion gone from Tether's market cap. We are getting close!

  1. See right there, that’s the master stroke of genius for these coins… they’re all advertised as “Stable” when in FACT they have next to NOTHING in way of assets to back up their shit coins. It’s all smoke and mirrors folks. After the Dutch tulip bulb sham from the 1630s and the Madoff Ponzi-Scheme from the 2000s, the global crypto fleece is now ranked as the top money scamming scheme of all time.

  2. I think people park their money in stable coins when the market is going down with the intention of converting back into regular crypto when the market finds its bottom.

  3. Crypto traders use Tether to provide steady, reliable liquidity to get in and out of other cryptocurrency trades without facing unpredictable losses (or gains) from volatile price changes.

  4. Can we create a bot that will make a post whe Tether loses a billion? I am so fucking happy each time I see that. Once Tether collapses, the moon comes.

  5. I've been trying to warn my friends who are into crypto about Tether for months and most of them have been so smug about it that I feel genuinely torn between these being people I know and I don't want to see them broke and "I told you so."

  6. Be careful. A lot of shorts were opened on btc at 20k. If mm let it rip a little there are going to be a lot of liquidations

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