German broker Comdirect says that the DTCC told told their despository (aka Clearstream) that the splividend should not be treated as a dividend but as a regular stock split. (More inside)

  1. Jumping on the top comment to note that Clearstream is one of two International Central Securities Depositories (ICSD). The other one is Euroclear, which is slightly larger than Clearstream. Back in February, Euroclear received a WHOPPING $50 BILLION of treasuries for a

  2. damn, DTCC just lied to an entire country. still think this was some silly mistake? by a org that handles billions of dollars a day? hell no, this was planned.

  3. Country? Mate we're all over the world, they fucking lied to the whole world. I have to check if my shares are in fact dividend not a split

  4. tragic as it sounds but this is the spice I've been waiting for. there will be consequences to this and it will be glorious! RUNIC GLORY!!!

  5. Please also send a msg to Der Spiegel. They broke the panama papers story if I am correct. Here is their contact page:

  6. Did they just think they could sweep this under the rug? “I’m sure European stock holders won’t notice”

  7. This is absolutley fucking ridiculous! Once this game is over I will need to find a way to hide my moneys from all this fuckery....

  8. Correct me if I am wrong, but if a broker decided to execute a standard stock split, instead of a dividend with shares from GameStop, wouldn't they essentially be creating a literal fuckton of synthetic shares?

  9. Exactly my thoughts… I am 80%drs and 20% at comdirect and out of those 20% at comdirect I have at least 75% synthetics now. LOL

  10. I thought about this too. The DTCC was given a boat load of real shares. Then turned around and told the brokerages to treat it like a stock split.

  11. This level of pure malfeasance while it is millions of our hard earned dollars is absolutely unconscionable. Unlike the large firms who get handed money, this is literally our life (in the form of money) that they are fucking with. I trade my time (life) for money at a job. Then I try to use that money to get to a place where I can finally own some land and live with my family (which is getting impossibly hard nowadays). Except because they printed a shit ton of money, mine is worth less. So, I invest in order to try and get ahead/stay afloat. Then they print a shit ton of extra shares. They deny it the entire time and say we're crazy conspiracy theorists.

  12. So is this what RC was trying to do? Show the DTCC at fault by not being able to distribute shares properly at an international level?

  13. Seems like Sweden might have the same issue. One of our biggest brokers claim it isn't a dividend but rather a normal split. The Swedish stock sub is currently talking about it.

  14. I swear we are living in a post truth era, where facts don’t matter. What the fuckerty fuck. “No Sir, it was a stock split, nothing to see here, now move along but have a nice day!”

  15. I wonder how many countries the DTTC told to do this. Can apes in other countries ask their brokers if it was treated as a stock split or split divided?

  16. Might be wort it to contact journalist's in Germany. If some mayor brokers in Germany are not giving you the shares you have a right to, is actualy stealing from you and gamestop. I'm sure someone wants to pick up that story. For the brokers this means a pr nightmare and they might think differently to giving you all the shares you are owed.

  17. True. German media isn't as beholden to Wall Street as our financial media is, and this story is massive. Who wouldn't wanna cover it??

  18. Keep bringing in the posts about what happened. I dont care if it’s the CFO or a janitor on the other end. It’s company reps and it’s your $ they took to “purchase” things in your name

  19. now this is interesting. I was skeptical about this whole German broker thing but this makes it a very different story. Have my award man.

  20. Sooo if they believe its a stock split and not a dividend, does that mean they would just do the ol’ divide by 4 without waiting for the additional shares?

  21. Well, the situation in Germany is a mess :D some brokers did it properly, some just treated it like a split. Some canceled the split and rebooked shares for some reason. I have no clue what’s going on. Maybe just a fuckup by someone at the depository Clearstream or dwp bank, but that would be just another cohenincidende, right?

  22. I am a stockholder with comdirect and just forwarded the matter with screenshots, explanations and links the the GameStop investor relations. Let’s see how it goes.

  23. Stalling, Due bills were Friday people, this is not how shit goes down. I got a very clear mail from

  24. If this can happend with a such overlooked stock I don't even want to know what they are doing behind our backs on other stocks. Totally currupt

  25. This situation right now, the half of the German Brokers that removed the dividend shares, are going to book them back in until tomorrow (gonna find them on the market right now?) - claiming that they then corrected all to a splividend.

  26. I have no clue. It’s a fucking mess :D all I know is that I’m going to drs my few shares left with brokers asap.

  27. I want to add, that the source of this info is a Social Media Team Member of Comdirect so u might want to take this with a boatload of salt.

  28. DTCC are fucking corrupt pieces of shit. We knew that from the finance house committee gamestopped report where they waved 10s of billions in margin calls and let the buy button get stolen... But this is something else all entirely. They are actively defrauding the company and it's shareholders at large by intentionally lying and misleading. The difference between a stock split and stock split dividend is that they cannot simple exempt the divy which is WHAT THEY ARE FUCKING DOING BY SAYING ITS A REGULAR SPLIT.. JUST GIVING FUCKING CONTRACTS FOR DIFFERENCE OR ABUSING BONA FIDE EXEMPTION STATUSES (TO GIVE SYNTHETICS).

  29. This is ridiculous! GameStop clearly handed out their split shares in the form of a dividend, so saying otherwise is outright lying and manipulating the markets!

  30. Now I’m wondering if the DTCC did a regular split for all the american brokers and exchanges too. Anyway to determine if that could be the case?

  31. Does GameStop or even a Ryan Cohen have some sort of responsibility at this point to call the German clearinghouse and tell them that they’ve received incorrect information and that this is absolutely a split dividend?

  32. The clearing house should be able to check what GameStop stated to the SEC. And I believe it stated a stock dividend.

  33. the dude who posts politely to the DTCC twitter page every single day until he gets a response will be out of a job

  34. So the DTCC pretty much took their shares from CS and told everyone to just split it instead of handing out the dividend… I wonder why? Maybe because there wasn’t enough shares left for them to give out? Hmmmmm


  36. Absolute criminal. They better find the person responsible and put him in prison. This needs to end. They tried to save the shorts. This is fucking illegal I can't wrap my head to insult them 😤

  37. that's a lot of people to put in's fine though, just release all the inmates that are on petty drug charges to make room

  38. So what happens when an NFT is given as a dividend instead of a stock split given as a dividend? 🤔

  39. So proof for GME to pull out of DTC right? That's the contingency they have right? 90 days to fix it or GME pulls out right? RIGHT?!

  40. So, if they treat it like a dividend, they basically have to locate and deliver the actual shares?

  41. Good lord...this is horrible - you could almost be thankful that Comdirect didn't fuck you with taxes on top of that. Well.. guess I DRS some more.

  42. Of all the crazy twists and turns on this lollercoaster, I definitely was not expecting the endgame fuckery to start with ze germans. this is getting spicy 🔥

  43. This is potentially big. Not at all like those other German brokers that said 'oops my mistake I thought this was just a split, I didn't realize I owed you splivy shares all along. I'll take those shares I poofed out of nowhere back and give you these brand spanking new ones instead".....

  44. If it's true that the DTCC instructed market participants to perform a stock split instead of dividend, it's obviously crime masquerading as incompetence. I hope the course of action from GameStop will then be a 4:1 reverse stock split to undo the action, immediately followed by a dividend split done properly with a NFT token on top to "help" the DTCC track that it's done properly. Only way. In the meantime, DRS what you can, screenshot everything not DRSed and hold. If somebody got the DTCC to act like this, it's the biggest case of confirmation bias ever.

  45. Any institution treating this as anything other than a stock dividend is fcvking with my investment. Treating it as a normal stock split is fraud and that directly impacts the value of every GME holder's stock.

  46. You mean the regulator that has been part of repeatedly investigating / raiding Deutsche Bank then not prosecuting? Fine to report. But don't expect better response than the SEC.

  47. My 1 year anniversary for 100% DRS will come before the end of the fking year my Korean brother! I'm trying to get some authentic Korean BBQ for the first time in my life and it has to be from Korea! LFG...

  48. Maybe the DTCC will be redefining the splividend. 🤷🏼‍♂️ This is a blatant lie from the DTCC. There need to be consequences.

  49. This is what it looks like when TOTAL market corruption isn't a thing. They NEED to actually find those missing dividend shares and they are being told they can't get them. Seems to me those brokers have some buying to do... 😗

  50. My two uk brokers called it a STOCK SPLIT with no reference to dividend in our communications. Uhh.... Are all the brokers treating it like a stock split then?

  51. Almost all brokers have this kind of wording as far as I’ve seen. I thought it’s just clumsy, but maybe they all just quadrupled the shares and crossed their fingers lol.

  52. So you German apes have actual proof your divi shares (if/when you finally get them) are FAKE, because if they were real they would have been distributed properly.

  53. DRS is the only way to end this. They do not believe retail will ever lock the float and their entire market depends on us never locking the float. They are all in on this bet. DRS.

  54. This is pure confirmation that the DTCC were not able to distribute divvy shares. Feces is starting to make contact with the ventilator!

  55. DTCC really out here thinking Eurapes will be okay with paying taxes on a split instead of no taxes on a dividend

  56. This is actually NUTS! The DTCC is now lying to Clearstream, because they don't want to give them the shares? I wonder why that is... And the weird thing is; share dividents are not so uncommon, why dtcc not understanden share dividente?

  57. I honestly gave up trying to explain the difference between dividend and stock split with both JPM and TDA. These brokers are just making stuff up at this point

  58. Yes but dividend split means new shares issued and given out in the correct amount by the company’s agent in this case computershare would take them and pass them to the DTCC to distribute. Massive International stock fraud being committed by the DTCC.

  59. If this is true, and the DTCC is telling German apes that this is just a stock split, not a splividend, then what about everyone elses shares?

  60. theyre doing this blantantly because they bet on people not knowing whats happening or not caring enough to do anything about it and boy are they 0/2 this time.

  61. I know everyone already figures Robbinghood would do this (since they don’t have any real shares anyway), but they blatantly called it a stock split too and go on to give you the definition of a regular stock split and give an example of one. No where does it mention anything about a dividend in their explanation or example.

  62. I’m starting to find the huge influx of “the German situation is a nothingburger they just did it the wrong way and they’re gonna fix it” posts over the weekend to have been highly suspect

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