Met a Gamestop high level GME employee at my wife's 20th HS reunion.

  1. Can't trust a bro who is only "balls deep" in GME. I only trust bros that are neck deep or drowning in GME.

  2. I trust all bros, even the guy that said the space nazis on the moon are short gamestop and have threatened to come back to earth if this thing moons, because they don't want company.

  3. Trusting ain’t new to us…we’ve been trusting the DD for over a year and it’s playing out before us…I’ll trust this ape as well 🚀💪

  4. GameStop could literally make a killing just selling superstonk meme t shirts lol. They should too. I'd be a buyer.

  5. I, too, trust a bro. People are always ready to treat down an encounter of interest, but imagine how many are in your area, let alone the world. It's impossible to not have a story or two come up between two people with this aligned interest in da stonk.

  6. Yeah… maybe I’m cynical but the fact she is quoted as saying “bullish” and even mentioning “Ryan Cohen” instead of Matt or just “we” sent up red flags.

  7. Tbh we read countless posts about corruption/institutions/hopium (all great all welcomed). The thing that really stood out in all this - was the throw away detail regarding your wife being exceptionally kind and sweet to someone who was nerdy and less sociable in high school. Yeah it’s HS and yeah it’s 20 years ago, but that woman remembers that to this day, it rules that your wife was such G. Such traits never leave an individual, so you are a very lucky as she clearly supports you in this movement. This concludes the side bar, appreciation thread for your awesome wife.

  8. Hey man, appreciate your “shaking rn” trust me bro post. I’m the skeptical sort, so I scrolled wayy down through your post history and found this comment. I’m now leaning towards believing that you’re a real human person. Tits jacked.

  9. If this was true I can’t imagine not asking a high level GameStop employee invested in the stock (engaged in the conversation, no less) who else deserved to go out of business. It’d be my first question lol. But I get that it was a social function and that things are better in moderation.

  10. She was really guarded about talking more about that. I tried but she guided the conversation to trivial things. I'm a total stranger. Probably not worth the risk.

  11. What people not understand is that she meant the whole system. The DTC system with all it's participants must go down

  12. There’s so many participants directly in the GME saga that people have either forgotten or Citadel has taken over in terms of name. I’m sure a lot of people are happy by that distraction.

  13. I could share the picture I have with her and her position. Wouldn't that be really shitty for internet points? Wouldn't that leave a bad taste in her an other employees that want to share about their company but are now in fear of being fired?

  14. Definitely didn’t dox her… female senior employee at HQ who just went to HS 20th reunion so roughly 38-40. Best of luck “Sally” 😂

  15. I believe you. Doesn’t matter one way or another really, either way I appreciate the share 👉👊👈 Apes are dumb. That’s our strength 💪

  16. I started off the conversation. "I have significant holdings in GameStop and follow the stock daily."

  17. I mean if i need to come up with any fake "trust me bro" story, i would definitely write something like this...

  18. True sours are the best.. Not the fruited sours where they just add lemon juice to them. I just made 16 gallons of kettle soured beers a few months ago. Good stuff!

  19. Hey OP take out what state the reunion was in with the time frame people can Google GameStop employees that graduated high school in Texas and then Google reunions in that timeframe and figure out who it was Also they know it was at brewery so it makes it even easier to figure out which high school it was

  20. Trust me when I say, her hair was red, but she said it’s only red for two days cause she’s going green. BOOM, it hit me, she had to mean boom boom candles. Bro, trust. Her middle name was Marge…

  21. Bullish isn't Reddit jargon, it's stock market jargon, it's been around long enough that it's in English dictionaries...

  22. lol how the employees started to come around to the changes and new direction of gme. they even started buying it as to not get laid off line the rest. this was a fun “trust me bro, story”.

  23. If Citadel is shorting old retail into oblivion in service of consolidation and growth for Amazon... then I suppose Amazon deserves to go broke.

  24. This post is just extra confirmation of what we already knew, however, when it comes to the trust me test, this passes with flying colors 🏴‍☠️

  25. This is the DD I'm here for the trust me bro shit is class is any of it true who gives a fuck it's entertainment on the way to Ur mutha fucking anus 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  26. all of them.. the bread and the crust.. no person who manages, directs or monitors the stock market is safe from the bs. they are all gonna get caught

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