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  1. Fuckin hell I can’t wait for this financial sham to stop. I wish more people saw how crazy this is. It’s tough to tell people because you sound like a doomsday conspiracy theorist. But wtf man. Even if you ignore the collective blatant msm medias fud pump. Even if you ignore all the complex bullshit systems they’ve created with swaps, derivatives, etf bundlings, single share etfs, married puts, naked shorting, high frequency trading, pfof systems, sec lobbying, and fail to delivers. What you’re left with at its basic core is a fucking mind blowing illegal dtc that’s telling brokers to act as if it’s a 4:1 split and that there isn’t a dividend like the company that did it is the one that’s lying. Raise hell. Fuck these guys. I’ll see you in the morning.

  2. I forgot that I made a fractional share whole in fidelity. Just sent her over to my others in the pool. DRS +1.

  3. Good morning sweet apes! When buying on CS, is this book/plan still a thing or does it not matter? Thanks apes!

  4. I know its all going to be good, but it is a little frustrating being 100% in GME while watching the other shit pump every day

  5. I don’t know what this means but the Chinese consulate in Houston that got shut down a couple years ago for espionage had all of its lights on and security on site tonight around 10pm. That building has been dead for a couple years now. It was weird seeing that. I’m maybe just more alert to buildings with lights on at late hours on the weekend. Nonetheless very strange.

  6. I love seeing the downvotes by the shills for any post mentioning how fucking awesome it is that BBBY is 101% SI of float.

  7. I’ll be honest, I don’t love a lot of the NFT art and I’m sure others feel the same. I just have to remind myself that it’s a test run for the real product of gaming assets.

  8. If dropping ape is a thing I vote for elitist, I wear that shit proudly. I really think Ape is too ingrained in our culture at this point though to just be removed

  9. If the stock market represents price based on supply and demand, but the supply is zero because it is all bought up and they can't even deliver the bloody dividend to people, what does that mean for the price? I want an infinity pool made of granite.

  10. Die Lit is one of my favorite albums. Off the wall production combined with never before heard experimental hip hop vocals.

  11. Anybody else remember that FUD weekend where they tried to convince us it was costing Gamestop too much money with every Computershare account that held GME? That was hilarious.

  12. bbby fomo is gonna be crazy tomorrow and they already cant do much more than 200k shares a day on gme. multiple fronts running. this feels like the beginning of the end

  13. Popcorn is has legitimately some of the most retarded investors. But not smart autistic retarded. Eating gravel retarded.

  14. Was test driving a new car the other day and one of them popped up in the back seat and asked if WE were getting the optional heated seats. The audacity of these people and where do they come from?!

  15. Saw on twatter where one said GME is a distraction. Didn’t even get mad. I feel for them. Getting duped by their own CEO

  16. A Seldon Crisis is a major turning point in the future of the Foundation; should the leaders of the Foundation make the wrong decision, the Foundation may fall, or be corrupted to the point of not being able to carry out the mission of creating a new Galactic Empire.

  17. Historians of the future will read about how Fidelity fcked around and found out, the battle of 180, again and DFV. It reads like the declaration of independence from man. August 8th 2022 the day the levy broke and suddenly millions of millionaires were made in seconds. The world changed forever that day. Although historians argue wether it was August 8 or 9 because after all August 9 was a Tuesday. 🌝 Sweet dreams y'all!

  18. I think if Bath and LRC can squeeze I may be able to lock at least a half percent of the float myself maybe. Fingers crossed.

  19. Keep your eye on a stock that is literally "101 % short interest of float" and eat some popcorn. You know how this goes.

  20. If I make a direct purchase through CS tomorrow, when do you think they will send the order through? Wednesday? Thursday?

  21. I personally route to IEX on Fidelity because it happens right away and helps price discovery. The shares settle 2 days later and I DRS them.

  22. Funds from your bank have to settle in CShare first, then they get added to the next purchase. So if the funds settle on Wednesday, the purchase might be made Thursday or Friday (depending on the cutoff for the next order), with share settlement next Monday or Tuesday.

  23. sneks are used to ID potential shills and bad actors. spamming them only dilutes the meaning and robs us of a valuable communication tool

  24. I want to DRS more from IBKR (Irish ape). How do I make sure that the shares go to my already created CS account?

  25. Got my first letter from computershare today! How exciting. Canadian ape so uncertain about what to do next but that’s for another day. I will eat a popsicle in celebration and enjoy my evening.

  26. Markets can't open fast enough... when 24/7 trading.. just think about how many more jobs it would create. 3x @ 8 hrs shifts

  27. I say we should automate the market and let the jobs focus on systems maintenance. If we go the blockchain route with instant settlement and no room for errors, then we don't need middlemen.

  28. Find a hot chick. Tell her you want to fuck her harder than Kenny G has fucked the economy. You can pull it off. Then sleep well

  29. Disclaimer: all synthetics are IOUs. They are real shares not yet delivered. DRSing forces them to give you that real share when they transfer over.

  30. I was about to play calculator but was like fuck it, hodling for buffet money, limit orders on the way down if I don't just decide to live off future dividends.

  31. Dividends are the most interesting key to me, specifically marketplace dividends for shareholders. I might never sell if I could have that income for life.

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