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  1. I just checked with my broker (international ape here), they're also very adamant about it being a stock split, even after I sent the GameStop news page to them.

  2. When I started in GME, my money jiggle jiggled, but now, it folds. And after MOASS? Ill have too big a stack to fold.

  3. Remember playing on a calculator, multiplying numbers until the value was so high that it errored out? I want that to happen to my Computershare balance.

  4. Ordered a pizza tonight, pizza delivery boy also works in a senior position at a MAJOR financial institution. I didn't want to tip my hand so I danced around the topic, just asked him how his other job is going, etc, etc. But then BANG, I shit you not, he says he's considering giving up the hedge fund work and taking up pizza delivery full time. I asked him why and he literally, no lies, he literally said - GAMESTOP.

  5. We've been shown the way and the way is DRS. It's like SHF are building golden palaces at the bottom of a snowy mountain and DRS is the dynamite to send them that much needed avalanche. The instructions got easier - buy and DRS, or if you already bought just DRS. Just DRS for the good of the apes.

  6. New report: Elon sold a bunch of Tesla. Hopefully those short GME were long. This market is too small with such large players to not have an effect.

  7. So I keep 2 shares in 3 different brokers. Recently I had to drs the 6 shares that appeared in each broker. I did this two days after the split. I’ve gotten 2 letters so far and fully expect the next letter tomorrow because I checked my cs account and they were there today. I would not worry if I were you.

  8. Adult life is tough, fuck those lofty expectations because you are more than good enough. Treat yourself and give yourself a pat on the back!

  9. For real, trust me bro. Got a few too many dranks with a federal attorney tonight, and he mentioned “pay off your debt, shit is going to get real bad in Q4”.

  10. If I want to sell a stock $zyx which is non-covered(no cost basis) in cs, how does that work for taxes?

  11. Noncovered cost basis means that your brokerage firm is NOT responsible for reporting cost basis information to the IRS and will only report the sales information. For noncovered securities, you are responsible for reporting cost basis information to the IRS when you file your taxes.

  12. It does that quite often around 12est. I noticed it three days in a row and made a comment here about it and someone was all “not this again”.

  13. Q2 just ended right? Q3 starting off with a BANGIN ass DRS wave. Though it will be quite some time before we get the official numbers. Can’t wait for the game of magical chairs to be realized by the masses and for the fomo to set in.

  14. https://www.tradersmagazine.com/featured_articles/mdi-rule-might-be-problematic-for-retail-brokers/

  15. Hey does anyone have the link or know where I can find the detailed milestones that GameStop stated with respect to IMX?

  16. Fugayzi, fugazi. It's a whazy. It's a woozie. It's fairy dust. It doesn't exist. It's never landed. It is no matter. It's not on the elemental chart. It's not fucking real.

  17. Suspiciously close to a 69420% increase from where its at currently. Bi-ass confirmary

  18. Been poor my whole life so I'll be content with selling just one share. That much will be life changing enough as it is. I'll finally get a car that doesn't make the ERRuuRRPUPU noise

  19. I just want to go from Ameripoor to Europoor. Is that too much to ask? Somewhere nice and tucked away... like Monaco. Jk, I'd definitely go somewhere much more sophisticated than that

  20. So I moved the last of my shares to the appropriate account so I can drs tomorrow morning and I just checked to make sure they settled, outta nowhere the cost basis has changed lmao

  21. I have a “trust me bro” that nobody on here would believe, but apparently I will soon be partying with a Citadel employee whose boss is Mayo man himself. I know he ain’t gonna say shit about this saga but I’ll try to read his face as I ask questions.

  22. 53 consecutive days of over 50% shares gme being sold short. Holy fuck. Last time a streak was broken was March explosion and I think it was only. 40 something days

  23. Bed Bath only has 79 million shares outstanding, and over 100% of those are listed as being owned by institutions and insiders, yet in the last two trading sessions the entire outstanding has traded two and a half times over. Where is the liquidity coming from?

  24. I make memes for the GMErican working man, because that's who I am, and that's who I care about. The women... and the children too! 😘

  25. -1996- The house your parents just bought. No furniture. Sleeping in one room with your parent/parents and brother/sister with only mattresses on the floor. A box tv, and a ps1 hooked up. Pizza delivered. Madden nfl and an experience that would stay with you a lifetime.

  26. Thinking about calling my doctor, I have had erect nipples since I fell in love with this sub/RC/DFV/the stock. Literally holes in all of my shirts. Not to mention when I wear a life jacket normally they would chaff my limp nips I had back in the day, but now they punch right through the life preserver and I sink to the bottom. Luckily my nips push me off the bottom and back to the surface.

  27. Pissed off that these criminals keep fucking around and it’s keeping us stuck in a mindless life meat grinder. I’m sick of my job running my life and we could be done by now if everyone would DRS already. PSA brought to you by yours truly. ❤️

  28. Fuck sake. My Twitter feed is saturated with half bankrupt popcorn desperados. Insufferable c🤡nts

  29. Man catching that new madden fresh from a local GS, always brought so much joy to the house where there was none.

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