Hester Peirce is mad about the new "DTCC loses its independence" rule. Here is her full dissenting opinion.

  1. She's a leading indicator for me on what is something I should care about and what is just fluff. If she is upset about something then naturally I love it and am very bullish on the opposite.

  2. 100% this. It's almost like you can tell if any proposed rule will be effective in combating corruption and promoting transparency based on if she supports it or not. Even better if she speaks out against it!

  3. Absolutely this - she somehow works as an indicator of „this stuff is so juicy to her hedge fund buddies that they call and order her to take a hard stance against it“

  4. She is such a wallstreet puppet. She should have qualified for a multimillion dollar job in the other side of the street in a Hedgefonds or so by now. Can’t she just take it and leave?

  5. her arguments lose all basis for validity, in light of the history of these capital markets SRO's (self-regulating organizations) many failures...and, with their continued fail-safe reliance on the public till to bail them out, they are not sufficiently incentivized to manage risk for themselves & for their member firms.

  6. imagine being in such a rigged system that your complaint is "regulation dilutes the duties of directors"

  7. Her selling out humanity and the environment/wildlife and everyone's future is just an investment in her future. This is how she gets a stupidly lucrative opportunity in the future - no need to pay right now seeing as that would just open her up to actual legal issues. Revolving door loophole.

  8. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA “you are taking away the power of the DTC board of directors, we all know how much they care, WAY more than the SEC”

  9. I thought the consensus was that the DTC going 'quasi governental' was another pretext to guarantee a taxpayer bailout. a dick move in ape culture.

  10. She ran her own crypto ponzi scheme with her husband. I still don't see how she ever got her job in the 1st place. Does not at all consider retail at all and is only lining their own pocketbook.

  11. Hey Hester. I have a box of dicks here, just for you. Why don't you go and sit in the corner and eat every last one of them?

  12. She is the polar opposite of an Ape. Post MOASS, these people might have to get jobs like the ones many Apes are doing now. The service industry will go to complete shit as people like her take over after Apes quit to start their own enterprices.

  13. Blah blah blah, we won’t be able to do crime anymore without giving the government a bigger cut blah blah blah. Infighting over the spoils of crime.

  14. they cant be any worse then the dtcc now. she is just afraid she doesnt get bribe money anymore. anything that scares her is good in my opinion

  15. The regulator is supposed to be an authority, for her to describe the regulatory body as using a "regulator knows best approach" is dismissive language meant to undermine confidence in an elected group informed through investigations and committees rather than being club crime members.

  16. When your business has an impact on everyone’s lives, whether they participate in your ponzi scheme or not, then you shouldn’t be self regulating. I cannot think of a single example where self regulation of an industry has ever worked. There might be an example, but it definitely isn’t this

  17. Oh Hester, everything about you is ugly, your soul, your thoughts, even your name... Nothing makes me vomit like when I see your horrible face and horrible words appear online... Dear uncle Hester, get fucked.

  18. Is this the same DTCC that did not properly distribute GME share dividends to brokers around the world and thereby expose them to 3x leveraged unlimited losses?

  19. Appointed by the senate, and senators are voted in by the people. AFAIK there is a tradition of 3-2 party split in favor of the incumbent party. So when Hester was confirmed in 2017, it was 3 R and 2 D. Now, it’s 3 D to 1 R (lead Roisman co-wrote a hit piece about Gensler w Hester in December and quit 5 days later)

  20. It's almost like if you start doing criminal shit, the regulators will get more prescriptive with you over how you solve (or whether you solve) transparency issues as a fiduciary.

  21. Never would’ve guessed Hester would be a villain in this saga. The Big Short part deux is about to be lit

  22. As a Canadian ape, fuck whoever this person is. DTCC committed international securities fraud. Strip them of every power possible, throw those in charge in jail and right their wrongs.

  23. 7 pages of jargon that could be put in a few sentences! We are in trouble and the individual investors are going to disrupt the market due to its greed in betting! We must give them a pass and regulate thru this giving the clearing agencies a way out! Fuck you Hester this manipulation has been blown open and the market must be altered to keep retail involved in your Ponzi scheme you call a free market

  24. Hester Pierce is a shit bag criminal leaving a trail of ass-to-mouth selfies for banks & hedgefunds to find when she finally leaves the SEC and wants millions of dollars a year to be a consultant. “See?! I was always on your side!” Fuck that scab on humanity. May she rot.

  25. She lost me at: “this proposal is bull shit because it would require the clearing agencies to report on conflicts of interest” - as if that in anyway is a bad thing. The only way that’s a bad thing in any government capacity is if that agency or those benefiting from that agency are in conflicted interests…

  26. Which is EXACTLY why the ACTUAL investors in the stock market want it...we are the ones with actual stocks to lose due to the corruption going on right now....the market is protecting HFs that only try to destroy companies/investments of hard working people to further their own Hedgie greed

  27. The “Horror” Trying to regulate probably the most Transparent Company of all time. It’s not like it’s been in the shadows where less than like 1 percent of people knew it existed a year ago or anything. Lmao buncha 💩

  28. Does Fester write these herself or do they come pre-written from her sponsors and all she needs to do is sign?

  29. She operates under the assumption that market participants (clearing/MM) want a working and efficient market but that's good for the market. But ain't nobody ever knowingly placed a trade that helped somebody else at their own expense.

  30. Dear Hester… ⬆️ the PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN so be quiet please, we’re all aware that your PERSONAL INTEREST in this matter is because it will have an effect on your future ill gotten gains. (Albeit perhaps indirectly) but an effect nonetheless in a negative capacity! You should be removed from office as your interest is so far from alignment with American people that you shouldn’t even be able to hold an American passport! 😡

  31. After careful consideration, and after speaking with my counsel,(wife’s boyfriend) I have come to the conclusion that I will be taking one for the team here. I’ll do it. I’ll initiate coitus with Hester. It won’t be easy. No. But through hard work and determination and a couple of beers, I feel like I have been put on this earth for this moment. I will not falter in the face of evil. Nor will I become limp at the hideous sights of Hester no man should bare. I will remain strong and solid and complete this mission. To that, I owe you my solemn oath of erectile functioning. Fear not, for I am but a man of the smoothest caliber. It shall be done.

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