I graphed with every Shitadel 13F since 2013, record drop of ~20%

  1. EDIT: After posting this last night, I went to bed thinking I should have made a disclaimer:

  2. imagine having your fingers on the power levers of finance and still getting this fukt. like staring into the barrel of a loaded banana.

  3. Great part is, investors cannot withdraw their funds. Losing 20% of investor funds while building a mega facility in Florida. You'd have to imagine he has a limited supply of new investors, given the circumstances, and old ones are hesitant to add to him at this point.

  4. he already lost bunch of investors, I can't imagine others are happy with citadel, you have to be extra dense to not see all the red flags. no matter tho, they can't withdraw.. if they did it would have been game over long time ago

  5. And this is based on what they are reporting. Makes 1 wonder what those numbers actually are...

  6. Does this not distinguish what are losses/gains in trading and what are losses/gains from people adding/removing money to their fund? Because that could change the picture a lot of how well they're actually doing with people's money and when people do and don't have confidence in them managing their money.

  7. Short seller and market maker seeing a record 20% drop in a bear market. You couldn’t make it up. Their parents must be really proud 🥲/s

  8. Looks like a lot of clients pulling their funds out! No wonder Mayoforce has been flying around the world so much!

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