Let's get Citadel trending on bird app again, see if they'll have another tantrum.

  1. It was Citadel Advisors fwiw, their hedge fund, not Citadel Securities (the market maker).

  2. Can't tell if the OP's on these posts are ignoring this fact or just deliberately trying to spread misinformation...

  3. Wow I didn't notice that until now. You turn the citadel logo sideways and you can see it does spell LIE. Or am I just high. Seriously though.

  4. “It must frustrate the conspiracy deniers that [insert irrefutable facts] are becoming known by more and more Main Street investors every day.”

  5. Can someone here PLEASE put Citadel’s loss of a billion a day last quarter into words my smooth brain can use to explain to my 55 year old father who is a financial advisor and still thinks i’m insane for believing in this stock? Every time I try to talk about it I trip on my words and end up sounding like an idiot who’s argument boils down to “a community you’ve never heard of on an app you don’t know about told me to buy and hold”

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