Sidekick/Geotracker help

  1. I recently bought a California 95 Sidekick with 149K miles in good condition for $7200 USD. Ive spent about $2500 getting alignment, new tires, and all new fluids. The one you're looking at seems in a little better condition than mine. I think $10K USD is reasonable if there isn't anything you to work on immediately.

  2. Thanks for the reply. I'm also located in Canada so it would be about $8200 USD. I'll definitely ask about alignment.

  3. Trackers and sidekicks are very well known for frame rust especially around the suspension components, if you're buying in Canada it has likely seen road salt, rocker panels, foot wells, wheel wells, underneath the plastic trim are all common places for body rust. Those are pretty good vehicles if you can find one that's rust free, if you do find one that's rust free spray down the entire underside with the best rust proof coating you can, personally I like DuraBack bed liner, and Raptor liner

  4. Thanks for the insight. Will fine comb through for rust. Post does say that it's Krown rust protected, hasn't been winter driven since 2012, and has covered all year round, all pluses. Has new rocker panels too. I want it as a daily driver so hopefully with the right maintenance I can do so.

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