Has anyone else Received a call from this number that pops up as Tilray Brands on ios? I didnt answer but this is what showed in my missed calls.

  1. Yes I got also. Except it was weird. It was Simon on the call and he said buy more shares cause decriminalization is coming soon. He didn’t want me to say anything, but I don’t mind telling just you.

  2. Oppos. It was meant to be shared by him only but I did read it too and thats just a coincidence bro but trust me I wont share it further

  3. I’ve been in since before the apha merge so they know I’m not very happy with them…I didn’t get any phone calls.

  4. My brother who has one share got a call from them. Asking for me though (I have 2k shares, but haven’t gotten the call myself) I asked about item 3 (the class a to class b shares thing) cause I don’t really understand the consequences of a yes or no vote. She was clearly reading canned responses, and didn’t really know how to answer my question. It was actually hilarious, it was obvious she knows nothing about it, just calling people to remind them to vote. Told her thanks for the info, but I learned nothing. She was polite though.

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