Biden Will Sign Bipartisan Marijuana Research Bill Passed By Congress This Week, White House Says

  1. I’ve been so shell-shocked having owned this stock for well over a year, that I fear any good news will drive the price lower! Yet I still bought another 2500 shares today! If this sucker tanks, it will officially be my worst investment of my 65 years on this planet!!!!

  2. This is already one of my worst investments. Only bought 600 last week at $4.90 thinking momentum would keep going or stabilize. Watch it all the way back down. I really need to learn to use a stop loss.

  3. Just wanted to touch on this House/Senate passed bill going to Biden’s desk to get signed. ‘Medical Marijuana and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act’.

  4. We’ll said. Thank you for sharing. Love it, I felt the same way. Such a huge industry and a great time to buy for long term investment. Holding 15,820 shares and buying a few hundred more every week. TLRY we’re getting closer and closer to safe banking reforms, USA and Germany federal legalization. Stay patient and long. TLRY time has come.

  5. I’m honestly shocked that the cannabis stocks aren’t flying high like crazy right now because of this news. We’ve seen this all along these past several years when news like this comes out. There’s a big pump… however, it’s been pretty silent as of late.

  6. Because it is able to be used to create negativity and fear, it is. I think it is an omen of good things to come and I don't think they're going to stop the work. Schumer will pull through before Christmas.

  7. Great job Biden. Let go. Positive week coming up with this news and TLRY stock holder meeting 11/22/22. Patient and long. Three step forward, one step back. Waiting for Safe banking. Germany and USA getting closer and closer to federal legalization. Holding 15,820 shares and buying a few hundred every week.

  8. If the dems pass this I would be shocked! We all know they are paid off by big pharma! Why would they allow cannabis which is a huge competitor for big pharma!

  9. 2 to 4 years of research and clinical trials, then a year or two making a summary, then a recommendation made for rescheduling, then a year later marijuana will be changed to a schedule 2 drug. Nothing to get hyped up about here.

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