My friend is asking for judgement on his setup. I'm conflicted, what do you guys think?

  1. Your friend has a sub sitting on top of the same stand that his turntable is on. He clearly doesn't give a shit about anything.

  2. Ask him what is the logic behind putting all the effort in wall mounting a TV, but refusing to do any kind of cable management. It’s like starting a job but stopping half way. Infuriates me

  3. Agree. The thing I was most proud about putting up my TV stand with 3 HDMI peripherals is that from the couch you can only see the cable the goes from the subwoofer to behind the tv cabinet. Can lay on the floor and nothing. It’s extremely satisfying. Seeing mounted TVs with bendy dangly cords is slightly infuriating.

  4. I'll bet the previous tenant had a much larger tv which came down much lower. Prob also had an entertainment unit that was higher too. But this guy just joined his where the last one was

  5. Hey hey I'm the friend. Sorry for infuriating you. Its my first time mounting a tv. It's still a work in progress. But thanks for your input 🤗

  6. Small and high, haha I'll pass that on. It's actually tilted but yeah it's hard to tell from the photo. I'll be sure to tell him about the cable management channeling, that's really helpful!

  7. Thanks for your advice! You were literally the most informative while being the least rude so I appreciate it. Thanks for the link. I'll definitely make it better

  8. He just really wants people to stare at that ugly cable. Also the PS5 is going to overheat in that tiny space.

  9. Was thinking the EXACT same thing, why put your 900$ gaming console in a teeny tiny little hole, I'm praying its open at the back but even if it is, that is still really poor gaming etiquette and a waste of money...smh why just why.

  10. Agreed, I always tell him there's no other way other than directly on the stand or maybe an inch or so above, but he never listens 😂. Thought maybe it was okay because of the beanbag but nope, I'll make sure to tell him about the bin lol

  11. Hey, that’s an expensive custom Etsy piece is what that is. (Google is great, gentle reminder to clear your damn room before you post it on the internet)

  12. Imma definitely move it out. Was trying to play with the layout but it shouldn't have gone there in the first place. Thanks for the advice

  13. What are you conflicted about it’s a monstrosity looks like a Third World maintenance man hook it up

  14. I never understand why people buy perfectly suitable TV stands and then put the TV up on the wall. Fucking mind boggling. Is it like a bro thing?

  15. Too high unless he’s planning on going a lot bigger and/or getting way more consoles. If he’s not planning on going bigger (with the screen), new consoles could rest on shelves installed on either side of the hopefully LOWERED TV.

  16. Too high and so unpleasant to look at anyways. Couldn’t he have at least centered it between the top of the alcove and the cabinet if it had to be mounted high?

  17. If it's higher than where it would be if it was sitting on the TV stand, then it's too high. I don't understand where the conflict is.

  18. -Well, I can say I don't know how your friend can stand looking at that red wall so long. (and I like red, In fact my setup is black/grey/red and I often wear red).

  19. I mean it’s too high, cluttered, and if you have no plan for cable management, you shouldn’t hang the tv in the first place.

  20. Obviously tv’s a lil too high but other than a bit of organizing and maybe a raceway to hide the cables it’s pretty chill

  21. I think it looks pretty nice. He has an area that looks like it was supposed to be a closet area but repurposed it perfectly and painted a nice shade of red that goes with the room. He has a switch and Ps5 so that’s another bonus. And to top it all off he’s playing Breath of the Wild, what more can you need.

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