Thoughts on the city?

  1. What general neighborhood are you in? I’m in the north end and it’s completely fine. I walk around whenever I want (including at night) and rarely have any even non-serious issues. And yes, I’m female. :-) welcome!

  2. I live around UP. And that’s awesome! Thanks for sharing your story with me. I definitely feel better after all the positive and nice comments on this thread

  3. Thank you to everyone who posted or reached out with kindness. I’m going out today and seeing the city for myself. I hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend. Cheers! 🍻

  4. My wife’s from Tacoma, I’m from Olympia. I was always very hesitant to move to Tacoma, not due to crime but more so it seemed like Tacoma didn’t have a vibe. I love living in a beautiful city and yet there are factory smoke plumes wrecking the downtown views IMO, and driving through I5 was never that appealing… but I was wrong. Here are some highlights for me:

  5. Speaking of car show I saw a sign in Steilacoom for an electric car show. Kinda made me crack up. Not sure how fun a bunch of Tesla's would be!

  6. 😒🤨 it’s not that bad…. Seattle seems to be way worse for violent crime. You’ll get property crime everywhere, don’t live your life scared. It’s a waste.

  7. Keep in mind that local news focuses on crime a lot because criminal activity is publicly available information that's ready to report on. Local news coverage has been gutted to the point where there are only a handful of local reporters left in town, so you're not going to see a ton of good news reported because that requires someone to go out and find the story. Don't be swayed by news coverage.

  8. Did you move from a city? It's normal for there to be crimes(especially petty crimes like theft) in cities. Just part of the deal.

  9. Poor person. Get off of this sub because it doesn’t seem to doing you any favors. This town is extremely safe from violent crime. Most of it is property crime due to our increasing homeless population and wealth inequality. I’m putting my baby into a wagon and going for a walk around town without fear of us being assaulted.

  10. Yea I think I’m going to delete my Reddit account soon because this platform is just filled with toxicity. I appreciate you sharing your story with me - definitely makes me feel a lot better about the area

  11. From the Eastside of Tacoma and everybody always responds like ahh dang rough neighborhood scary crime central. All the usual troupes. Honestly in the 10 years living there, I hear far far more fire truck sirens then the police. I walk a few miles at night on the regular about 4-6 times a week and I've never had any sorta of dangerous or even remotely sketchy kinda encounter. I've seen a few suspicious types that were obviously being shit criminals messing with car doors or shinning a flashlght quickly into the windows of parked cars, like all the cars parked along the street for 2 blocks ya know, none of thems theirs, while out on my walks and on a few occasions just said loudly and sharply something like "Out fckr!" which startles the shit outta them and they're gone.

  12. Oh my god, stop listening to this sub and stop listening to local news. Tacoma is safe in nearly every area. There’s a LOT of property crime, which is unfortunately very common in the whole state, so don’t leave something outside that you intend to keep. A lot of cars with rims bigger than the car will revv their engines. But you’re not even close to likely to get robbed at gunpoint. I’ve walked around Downtown at midnight with no problems.

  13. I can’t really afford to move somewhere else right now but thanks? I honestly just want to like where I already am

  14. Thank you so much for this thoughtful reply! I truly appreciate your words - they give me the strength to go out and explore. And yes, definitely leaving this subreddit. I also love your name

  15. Wow really tired of seeing you push your narrative that north of sixth is not diverse. That’s not true at all. You are part of the problem- this is a very divided city and it’s not because of “red lining” from 100 years ago, it’s the you (north) vs us (rest of the city) mentality that people like you continue to push.

  16. I always wonder why people move here, Then they get all somewhat judgy.. If you know how to handle yourself and carry yourself well you shouldn't have a problem anywhere. If you're scared go to church.. That's how you get caught slipping bro

  17. I moved here for a job opportunity and didn’t really have an opinion. Then when I hopped onto this subreddit, there was a new post about a scary incident everyday. I think I’m just going to get off this sub because it’s obviously not helping my anxiety lol

  18. There is an out door event at point Ruston today (Saturday) with a fireworks show tonight. Mask up and check it out. Would be a good way to get accustomed to the city outside your apartment. Tacoma has its issues for sure but the odds of anything bad happening to you are very small. It's always good to worry about personal safety where ever you go, but most victims of violent crimes know their attackers. Our murder rate isn't great this year, but with the exception of some horrible instances, most are domestic violence or criminals vs criminals.

  19. I have lived in three countries, multiple cities, and travelled to many more both alone and with others. I'm a woman who has lived here 5 years.

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