any ny or east coast style delis worth trying?

  1. I wish there were. I can’t even find good deli meats at supermarkets. I buy my mortadella and other deli meats in Seattle.

  2. If you’re willing to make a trip to Seattle, The Other Coast is the best I’ve had in Washington. Their Raging Cajun is so good.

  3. Unfortunately there's never been a rich Italian-American diaspora community here, so you're not going to have that sort of high quality food.

  4. The deli sandwiches at Harbor Greens grocery stores are surprisingly good, and decently priced. I would go there over MSM any day. That being said it’s not going to satisfy the need for an east coast style deli sandwich.

  5. Really surprised no one has mentioned Stink or Marvel! Also, people bitch about them, but I love Antique Sandwich Company. I’d add The Valley as well.

  6. Drive into West Seattle and go to Sub Shop #9. Their sandwiches have always been good, it’s worth the drive. I would of sent you to Borrichinni’s but they closed this year and broke my heart so no more good cuts of deli meats or cakes.

  7. Funny you couldn’t be more right. What’s up with microwaved Mexican popping up all over. It’s outside Tacoma too everywhere I look. Over priced nasty white People Mexican food. It’s the new teriyaki.

  8. Tacoma has a number of excellent restaurants but we are lacking in some specific types of food and deli places are definitely one of them. I have yet to find a single one that was even close to worthy.

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