Tour Megathread: Tame Impala Live in Washington, DC (September 23, 2021)

  1. Damn so there was a sign, my friend and I were in the front and we shouted play half glass when he came out for the encore we thought we got him to play it😂. Nonetheless so happy we got to see that dime

  2. Almost drove all the way from Atlanta for that show in 2019 because it was on a completely different leg of the tour, kinda wish I had

  3. Any one else finding it extremely difficult using the CLEAR app for proof of vaxx/negative test?

  4. PSA: GA tickets seem to be back up for sale for D.C cheaper than most resellers if anyone’s interested in grabbing a few

  5. Super bummed, but I have two tickets for this show and can't make it anymore. They're in Section 101, Row C, and I'm selling the pair for $226.90, which is exactly what I paid. Transfer through Ticketmaster. Let me know!

  6. Security will likely be tight, in terms of your friend needing a wristband for the floor. I've seen people successfully sneak to the floor at other arena shows, but the best case scenario would be if security gets distracted somehow while your friend gets escorted to the floor by somebody with a wristband.

  7. Due to friends being unable to make it l, I have 4 extra tickets. Back middle of the arena. Feel free to make me a stupid low offer. Since it's so last minute, I might even give them away lol

  8. Anyone have any idea what time Tame is going to come on? There’s an opener, and the show “starts” at 8pm per Ticketmaster

  9. Yes, take it apart and hide the weed part in your wallet, and put everything in the bowl that doesn’t go through the metal detector.

  10. Hey all, due to the fact that TicketMaster isn’t letting me sell my tickets through their application, I’m throwing them out on Reddit as well.

  11. Selling a solo floor ticket for the Sept 23 show!! Bought the ticket a year ago and I can’t make it anymore :/ comment or dm if interested!!

  12. I have GA tickets. Anyone know what time I need to get to the doors to get good seats? Since it starts at 8, I was thinking 7 but I don’t have a clue.

  13. Do you know if GA tickets are first come first serve basis? Bc when I go on a third party site, they have like GA3 OR GA9.... Is it sectioned off?

  14. Ive never been tbere before, but im going to the same show and everytbing ive seen is yea 7 at the latest if you wanna be near the stage. Ive never been to a stadium show but i have been to many a bit smaller vanues, and yea it seems an hour or more before show time is a pretty general rule to be able to get where you want in standing areas =)

  15. I have two tickets for the DC show. DM me if you’re interested. I’ll be seeing them at firefly but want to make sure they find a good home 🙏

  16. Last time I saw him we waited like 30-40 minutes for the opener. Opener lasted like 5 songs then kev came on shortly after. I was tripping the whole time tho so…yeah

  17. Have 3 GA tickets for DC available. Half our group can’t make it. Will do face value for good Tame fans which came out to $112 per ticket (what we paid). PM if interested

  18. Hello Everyone! I am selling 1 GA ticket that I purchased back in 2019. I purchased 3 but my sister cannot go so I am selling her ticket. PM/DM me, looking for $185 thank you!

  19. It looks like I won’t be able to make it to the show. 2 tickets in Sec 409 row B for sale. Paid $185, willing to sell for $165 OBO. Feel free to message me!

  20. What time should I get in line to get a good GA spot? I saw people say 1 for other shows which kinda freaked me out, I won’t be able to get in line till about 4. Would that be good or nah

  21. What time should I get in line to get a good GA spot? I saw people say 1 for other shows which kinda freaked me out, I won’t be able to get in line till about 4. Would that be good or nah

  22. Selling two GA tickets at 10% off face value (2*$100). Will accept Venmo and will transfer via Ticketmaster app. DM me! Heartbreaking but I don’t think I can make it :(

  23. Looking to sell 1 GA ticket looking for face value ($112) DM me if interested won’t be able to make due to emergency

  24. If anyone is selling a Floor seat for the DC show today , let me know!!!! (Procrastination at its finest 😭)

  25. Two tickets for 205 row C, bought in 2019 for 145, willing to let go for 80. Have them on ticketmaster and will transfer through there, please let me know!!

  26. Selling a ticket in section 407 at cost ($60) if anyone would like to purchase! The other person in my party won’t be able to make it and I willing to sell the ticket cheaply to make sure it gets used. DM for details

  27. Selling two tix to tonight’s DC show at Capital One. Section 102, Row J for face value ($90 each). Bought them in 2019 and really wanna go, but we got pregnant this year and aren’t taking any chances.

  28. Would it be fine to get there at 5 and wait in line. Do we just park on the street next to the stadium and pay on the app?

  29. i went to the show in chicago and the lines for the merch stand were very long around 7:45-8 (doors were at 6:30, opener came on at this time, tame was on around 9:15), but they still had plenty of posters left when i got to the front. i’m sure the merch stands open as soon as people can get in.

  30. BUYING one GA ticket for DC tonight…please lmk if you’re selling under $100!!

  31. i have been trying to find the name of the opening act that played dc . and she was amazing . i really enjoyed her singing and the instruments she was playing . i’m not musically limited so i can groove to just about anything . i’m seeing a lot of people saying they didn’t like the opening act bc she was too long and sang terrible , what? i liked her and so does kevin for getting her to open the show . but anyway i ended up taking a fat ass Acid gel tab and this girl besides me ended up sitting besides me bought some of those Rushium tablet bottles at the merch stand . i took one and it was really dry and i chugged it down with some beer . about 20 mins later i was tripping BALLS like i couldn’t hold it together fr . idk what happened but the girl beside me said let’s sneak into the floor where the pit was at and i ended up leaving my seat in a hurry and i made it to the restroom and the room started spinning in circles . i was trying to hold it in but i was like tripping like crazy . i ended up outside the arena that’s how bad i was tripping and then i had to go back inside . keep in mind my brain is going through so many things it’s like i was going 100 mph and the foot traffic and everyone yelling made me nervous . i ended up back at my seat like an hour later and the girls i was sitting next to were gone . came back and the sudan archives was still playing and i was at my peak high and it was awesome . kevin came in and the crowd went crazy! kevin was killing it that night. the second the music started everyone started to get loose which i loved . people all around me were dancing , signing , grooving to the music . i must’ve been tripping balls so bad that the couple behind me when kev started to play Posthumous forgiveness and the stage lights turned white i over heard the girl say “so kevin parker is Jesus?”

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