This Been Common Fashion For Bangalore Girls Wonder Why Not With Tamil Nadu Girls🤔?

  1. I used to wear vaporwave and weird shit to school. no one fucking cared. one of my classmates had swears on their hoodie and no one gave a fuck

  2. I just wanted to ask that what makes you think that the current fashion is bad or inferior and this fashion in some way is superior or good or for your sake "modern".

  3. How's that even a sensible question? People have different preferences and other stuff, so if u r asking why we don't wear qll black t-shirt with a leather shorts and thigh high leather boots in the burning sun qnd with our parents and the society's criticism qnd judgement u really don't make sense

  4. Yarru da neengala !! Suthame reality theriyame summa post eh poodurathu. Un gaaju ku paakanum naa, blore la poi paaru. TN has a culture, 'Tamil' culture, beside that it is still stuck in a age old Caste, it can't even change its ways from that.

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