Speak Now (Taylor's Version) Mock-Design

  1. She’s so fan-focused, I think this is a fantastic idea. She could hire fans who post stuff like this to do the actual job. I agree this works well - I’d love if this were the actual cover!

  2. The TV covers so far have had the same posing as the originals so I can only assume it will be the same for SN. I hope she wears a dress like this but i have a feeling she might not :(

  3. I loved the dress she wore but didn't like the cover itself.. it felt stiff and her hand and arm right in front solid made that even worse. I feel like a lot of her creative control wasn't there for SN. They talked her into naming it that and who knows what else. I'd love a full on princess theme for the new one. I feel like none have been like that since this albums original release!

  4. This is probably sooo close to the actual cover Tay and team would come up with SNTV. You got the aesthetic spot on!

  5. this was always one of my favorite all-time photos/shoots of hers. from the same year as speak now i think! utterly gorgeous

  6. That looks awesome! I do hope they go back to colored vinyls for the next TV, I can imagine the logistics behind why they didn't for Red TV but that was bound to be a cool aspect of the re-releases for those of us who missed out on RSDs, etc.

  7. I don't know if it's my equipment, or the different materials, but I always get static when playing colored vinyl, while black vinyl sounds just fine.

  8. This is gorgeous (pun intended) and now I have high expectations for Taylor lol. Speak Now has always been one of my favorite covers because of how whimsical and purple it is. this modernizes its essence perfectly.

  9. I love this shade of purple, if the vinyl was this color I'd buy it even though I definitely don't have the money. incredible work, really captures the vibe of Speak Now

  10. this is so beautiful. my heart kinda jumped for a moment! I can only hope she wears a dress in the new album cover and poses like this

  11. You wound me with how beautiful this is 😩 she needs to make the vinyl purple, blondie just get it in production now plz so the store will be ready

  12. Oh gosh I love this so much!! I was never a fan of her hand pointing forward like it did on the CD. Thus is so beautiful honestly.

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