2021 Spotify Wrapped/Personal Listening Stats Megathread

  1. Note: tracking for Spotify Wrapped ended on October 29th, so you aren't going to get any Red (Taylor's Version) metrics from them.

  2. My Swiftie best friend and I share the same top artist (Taylor Swift, of course!) and the same top song: evermore ft Bon Iver! I'm just so happy about this fact haha ☺

  3. Omg yesss thought I was looking at my stats for a second lol. Cruel Summer was also my most played at 1595 (my main running song/driving song/airpod in one ear only cause I’m at work song lol …) Aly & AJ and Carly missed my top 5 because I listen to a lot of Disney classical music while reading so those composers made up my numbers 2, 3, and 4 but if it weren’t for them they would definitely have made it.

  4. Love your top songs! My top 5 artists were also all female singer songwriters, including Maisie and Olivia :)

  5. My number one song of the year was the Power Rangers theme song. This makes sense - my kids learned how to use Alexa this year.

  6. Oddly specific question, but did Mr. Perfectly Fine not show up on anyone's top songs? I played the heck out of that song and was sure it was going to be #1 song this year, but it didn't even crack my Top 100 which is impossible.

  7. yes! I've listened through my top 100 and kept expecting Mr. Perfectly Fine to show up, especially since That's When was on there and I'm sure I've played MPF way more. Definitely seems like a glitch if it's happened to a few of us

  8. Same here! Forever and always was my top with 666 plays and I was just like ??? That's not true compared to MPF 😂. MPF doesn't show up in my top either.

  9. Proud to be the first 0.5% of listeners and my top song was champagne problems. Honestly surprised at how much I listened since I’ve also bought all her vinyls she owns and jam to them often

  10. Got Top 3% , she is my top artist and my most played song this year is Love Story TV ( As Fearless TV was her main release this year ) , atleast we got something good in COVID..

  11. Hello all — first time posting (well, commenting) in this subreddit. Top artist that I listened to this past year on Spotify was Taylor Swift, being in the top 5% of listeners. Peace was my #1 song. In more important news, my husband was in the top 3% of listeners and proved to be a bigger Swiftie than me in 2021.

  12. Congrats on your first comment! I’m also relatively new to this subreddit and love all the positive swiftie energy here! :)

  13. I was in the top 1% of Taylor listeners with 4727 minutes (think it may have been lower last year). Only Willow and Wildest Dreams were in my top 5 songs because I tend to shuffle her stuff more than loop individual ones... but I'm pretty sure All Too Well (Ten Minute Version) would have been in there if they'd counted November. I've had that one on a lot.

  14. I’m an Apple Music girl and my # 1 was cardigan. I’m an amateur with a lousy 16,000 minutes compared to you folks. It was interesting though because while my top played song was cardigan with 92 plays, i looked and between listening to TWILY original (50 times) and TWILY TV (52 times) I technically listened to TWILY 102 times. Was I down bad or what lololol. Love everything TV and the old ones but I guess I need to let the OG’s go 😭

  15. Top 0.5%, 6,212 minutes, my top 3 songs were cowboy like me, Daylight, and my tears ricochet. Didn't get 10 min All Too Well in there but it's late in the year, so next Wrapped for sure!

  16. Opening credits theme: long story short, song playing as you proclaim your love in the rain: gold rush, top 2 & 4 songs: gold rush and long story short, she was my top artist and I'm in the top 6% of her listeners

  17. Taylor was my top artist again (second year running!), but none of her songs were in my top 10, or maybe in my top 20. But she does win for the most songs from any artist: she makes up 10% of my top 100, even if they aren't the highest ranking. It definitely would've been different if they used data in November because I had Red TV on a constant loop from the day it released

  18. Taylor was my #1 artist but none of her singers were in my top 5-- everything but Taylor on my top 5s was emo/punk music. Apparently I listened to Taylor for 6,140 minutes (or 102 hours and 20 minutes) to put myself in the top 0.5%... Even more since none of last month counted. Lol

  19. I love Taylor but honestly I can't listen to ANYTHING that many times without getting sick of it. I assume people in this demographic only listen to other artists occasionally?

  20. Surprisingly dropped from being in the 0.01% category last year to the 1% this year! Listened to a lottttt of her vinyls this year, that could be the main reason 🥰

  21. Top .1% I particularly love the “audio aura” part this year, which gave me confident and hopeless romantic.

  22. I'm hoping spotify will update soon because with some users like me, Spotify Wrapped 2021 will play about 39 seconds of the 1st slide and then will automatically crash and reopen. At first I thought it was my storage so i uninstalled Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, TikTok, and few other apps and uninstalled spotify & reinstalled it. I tried using it and opening spotify, went to my 2021 wrapped and it basically still crashed after 39 seconds😢

  23. Taylor was the #1 artist (Top 1%) and Dolly Parton was number 2. Funnily enough, my top song was 9 to 5 by Dolly (I often listen to this when I’m pissed about work).

  24. Top 0.05% with 26,989 minutes (approximately 52.32% of my total listening for the year). My top songs were The Story of Us, Speak Now, The Man and Girl at Home !!

  25. Top 0.05% with 30,809 minutes listened (approximately 86% of my total listening for the year!) Cruel Summer was my top track (for the second year in a row), followed by Dress, King of My Heart, The 1, and Call it What You Want!

  26. I only started using Spotify in November but I did get a wrapped and it contained Red (Taylor's Version). All Too Well (10 Minute Version) was my most listened to song and I was in the top 3% of Taylor Swift listeners.

  27. In top 0.5% of listeners, Love Story (Taylor’s Version) was my top song. Maybe unpopular, but I love Fearless TV. It was the first Taylor album I had ever bought, so it brought a lot more nostalgia for me than Red TV did. Love Red TV, particularly the Vault tracks, but I gotta say I did keep going back to Fearless.

  28. Top 0,01% with 36 242 minutes listened with delicate (1,793x), willow and cardigan in my top 5 songs. Top artists: Taylor ABBA Stromae Troye Sivan Lord Huron Total listening time 139 320 mins, 10k less than last year surprisingly!

  29. My most listened song was All To Well 10 Minute Version (17 times). I just got a spotifiy account in October, so maybe that's why.

  30. They aren't. Tracking stops October 29th. Some people are sharing their Apple Replays, which constantly updates, but nobody is getting Red TV on Spotify wrapped.

  31. My only guess would be that it's a Christmassy song and Spotify Wrapped doesn't count November or December so maybe you listened to it less than you think the rest of the year?

  32. Okay this is interesting, because my top song for Taylor was “tolerate it” which made no sense to me since I never put that song on by itself. It always plays after TTDS so TTDS should be the top. 🤔

  33. Top 0.05%. Same as last year. All top 5 songs are dominated by Taylor, with renegade at number one and my tears ricochet at number two.

  34. Yeah my Spotify wrapped is weird this year. My top song is Industry Baby. I did listen to it a lot for the first few weeks it was out. But I've had songs on my daily playlist from January that I play literally everyday. And they didn't even make top 5?

  35. I’ve seen at least 10 wrapped on insta stories where it’s like 4 really obscure indie artists or 4 hard rock bands and Taylor lol

  36. This is kinda me. Taylor Swift>The National>Death Cab For Cutie>Big Red Machine>Daughter. The power of evermore & folklore lol.

  37. Taylor was my top artist of the year, and I was in the top 2% of listeners. Top songs were cardigan, Begin Again, the 1, champagne problems, and gold rush.

  38. Lol, same. Still in the top .05% and top 5 songs are all Evermore/Folklore. I did manage to get my top Genre to change to Pop Punk so I'll consider it progress.

  39. She was my top artist (14,156 minutes) and I'm surprised that All Too Well (10 Minute Version) was my most played song of the year. I played it 309 times!!

  40. The fact that it came out like 3 weeks ago has me hoping you aren’t a permanently crumpled up piece of paper lying there.

  41. And I fell from the pedestal right down the rabbit hole... from the top 1% to the top 2% 🥲 ... somehow- lol. I feel I would be in the top tier if it counted the youtube videos, echo streams, and the nonstop playing of her cds in my car- right?!?! 😅

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