Has anyone else’s opinion on Taylor changed since the fiasco yesterday?

  1. I feel like there are a few controversies where she's in the wrong at this point, but with Ticketmaster don't they have a monopoly? She can't just tweet out something to incite them since it'll severely impact her tours.

  2. My opinion hasn’t changed, but I never saw Taylor as my friend or caring about me as an individual. She doesn’t know I exist. She is a celebrity and a businesswoman and as far as those go, she’s better than most. But she is still a flawed human. I love her music, and she has done some great things in the past, but that doesn’t mean she is exempt from mistakes and unfortunately in her position she doesn’t even have to acknowledge them. To me she is simply a musician, not a role model, and so her silence and handling of this whole fiasco is not surprising or disappointing to me. It’s what I’d expect. Call me jaded, I probably am. I atill adore her music but as far as liking her as a person goes I’m indifferent, and I have been since the beginning.

  3. 💯 We need to be reminded that she is not our friend, and though it feels like it, at the end of the day she does not see us as one. She appreciate us, but isn’t caring for us indivually.

  4. Yeah the problem with OP is that they unapologetically defended her over all the previous issues no questions asked until it affected them... You should be able to see your favourite singer's flaws and issues and recognize that they are wrong and you shouldn't feel like you need to endless defend them. You can like a person and recognize they do wrong things at time to time. This is the issue when you put some one on a high pedestal when you should see them with a logical eye.

  5. I wish more fans were like you, honestly. This is how you can respect an artist and support them without being completely enveloped in them as a person.

  6. Hard agree. She’s always been a lil capitalist cog in the wheel who wants to succeed, break records, and be on top. And she’s good at it! Will always love her music but Taylor Swift the person is very different from Taylor Swift the marketed product.

  7. The problem for me is that she has absolutely no problem calling out other people. The Ginny and Georgia writers make a sexist and dated joke? She comments, and says nothing when some of her fans attack the young actor calling her the n-word. She has been very vocal about Kanye, Kim, Scott, and Scooter. She's not afraid to call things out when they affect her. But fuck over her fans--the people who fund her lifestyle--and it's "meh, whatever." Either you're doing "vigilante shit" or you're not. Everyone cares about money but when you're a hundred millionaire preying on young mostly women for MORE money I can't get behind you. She writes "my covert narcissism disguised as altruism." After her participating in a DOR film, supporting Nikki Minaj, and now this, I kinda see the covert narcisissm.

  8. I agree with this. However, I will add that much of my disappointment comes from the fact that Taylor has basically built her brand around having a strong fanbase, and much of her long-term success can be attributed to the relationship (real or not) that she has cultivated with her fans.

  9. I totally agree with this. I really don't get the idolizing of celebrities. I honestly couldn't care less about most of them, as mean as that may sound? They're all just normal people who have jobs that just so happens to be entertainment. I honestly wouldn't even recognize most celebrities even if they were right in front of me. They're all human, just like me. If I ever saw Taylor Swift, I'd just be like "oh hi, how are you?" Like I would to anyone else. I've never been the crazy fan girl type, although I have a special place in my heart for Taylor swift's music as well as Coldplays. I get very excited when either come out with new music.

  10. Absolutely agree. I think this type of fandom has been heavily influenced by social media. I'm a millennial who didn't have social media until college. I've been fortunate to see Taylor 8 times already, I keep up with her every move, and I listen to her music every day. That being said, I've never crossed the line in thinking I have any form of relationship with her personally and I could never be let down by her actions as if it's a direct insult. I honestly can't even understand that perspective. But I do think social media and how artists like Taylor have engaged with fans has led to many fans, especially younger ones who have never known differently, to feel that way. It's scary to me.

  11. She tells us time and time again that she’s a businesswoman, a self admitted narcissist, someone who lives to be adored, she can be vindictive, and wants to break records. She cares sooo much about accolades in her industry + just in $$$. She literally is the exact kind of person who would not care that x amount of fans didn’t get tickets bc 14 MILLION PPL got online for the CHANCE to see her. People develop these unhealthy parasocial relationships with the curated version of herself she presents in the media (we know it’s curated because she’s a self admitted perfectionist who NEEDS approval from others) and perceive her as a personal best friend and that curated version of herself and the woman she shows herself to be in her lyrics are two different people. Her music shows all those honest, negative attributes she sees in herself, and more intensely she talks about how much she values privacy. Don’t you think if privacy was your #1 most valued thing in life that you’d build something to protect it, would you really be showing your truest self to the world? We all know she wants to win a game she’s playing against herself 🤷‍♀️ how fast CAN she sell out a stadium tour? She doesn’t care who the tickets go to as much as she cares about winning🤷‍♀️ it’s winning over everything for every person who makes it to the top. Her most honest form of intimacy with us is in her lyricism. She tells us exactly who she is in lyrics like :

  12. Exactly. My feeling didn’t change because I don’t have an unhealthy parasocial relationship with someone who doesn’t know I exist lol

  13. I do sympathize with the fans that didn’t get tickets that really wanted them, but I can’t help but find it funny that op basically said “I can excuse ruining our planet with exorbitant co2 emissions for literally no reason, but I draw the line at bad ticket sales management” 🤣 like I love Taylor but I won’t defend objectively bad things

  14. I can still like Taylor and her music, admire her songwriting skills and her business acumen, and still recognize that she is not a perfect human and has flaws. You can love someone and still recognize their failures. I don’t support everything she does and don’t defend or advocate for all of her actions.

  15. This exactly! There are some things she’s said/done that I do not agree with at all, and I hate how capitalistic her team has been with churning out poor/lacklustre merch, unnecessary digital releases of songs with slight remixes/differences, deals appealing solely to American fans, etc. However, her music has been with me since I was thirteen. That’s more than half my life. She’s been a huge part of who I’ve grown to be, and I don’t think I’ll ever not love her and have a deep respect for her work. People really put her on a pedestal, though, and I never want to do that. It’s not healthy.

  16. The girl is making fucking bank. You think she truly gives a shit about her fans? It's about her sales and legacy. She had to have known the tickets would be a debacle...she probably has the the biggest grin on her face when she sees her bank account now, too.

  17. Full disclosure, I did not receive a presale code so I have not personally been involved in the ticketing process but I have seen what is going on from here and other social media. In general, having been a fan since 2007 I’ve put a wall up between her as as person and her as a musician. I think she is so talented and I am thankful I have gotten to grow up beside her and have her music for the journey. However I do not blindly defend her. She deserved to be held accountable like every other high profile person. I do not agree with a lot of stuff she has done and the projects she has chosen to involve herself in. I do not support that and will not give my money to that. It’s tough to enjoy something someone does so much but also have to balance it out with situations like this.

  18. Not gonna blame Taylor for Ticketmaster being a clusterfuck of a website. Maybe her team could’ve done something to make sales go smoother, but at the end of the day, she’s not a programmer for Ticketmaster’s website

  19. I agree with your edit so much. You have to click “confirm” on your purchase so many times, there’s no excuse. No one forced anyone to spend their entire bank account.

  20. Thank you. The whole process of buying through Ticketmaster is designed to make you feel like you have no power and few choices, but as the person with the credit card, you absolutely have the power to walk away. The choice to spend your money on non-essential items like your tickets is always on you.

  21. YEP. I grabbed four nosebleed seats as quick as I could but I absolutely made sure to uncheck all the VIP options before looking at seats. I was not spending all that money on seats and I was absolutely not putting that on my friends either. We all wanna see the concert, but no one (myself included) is willing to drop $800 to do so

  22. thank you! this backlash against her is so weird. believe me, there are things fans can be upset at her about, but the ticketmaster website/process is not one of them.

  23. Didn't WAY more people sign up as verified fans than expected? Didn't she add a bunch of new shows because they werent expecting such high demand? I'm not saying this was handled perfectly, but people are acting like she herself saw all this coming and acted in malice. I don't think is the case. I'm not saying she is without flaws, and she definitely wants to earn money. But her interest is to sell out the shows. Plus the tickets, while expensive, are frankly cheaper than they could have been to still sell out. She doesn't get rewarded for people reselling tickets for way higher or people sitting in queue all day...

  24. No, it only deepened my hate for Ticketmaster. Every concert I don’t get to go to the more I hate that corp. I didn’t have high hopes for getting tickets to begin with and yet it was worse than I could have imagined.

  25. I think the only part I would put on her shoulders is the VIP sections because they're not good perks and 2-3x as much money as the 'regular' seats next to them. That just seems like a pure money grab.

  26. My criticism is that the VIP packages weren’t disclosed in advance. Trying to speed-read and differentiate five tiers of VIP knowing full well that all of the tickets were potentially going to be “grabbed by another fan” at the exact same moment was rough. Little things like this could have alleviated the issues a LOT.

  27. This is very a big part of what makes me sad. I got a VIP pass that doesn’t allow me to get in early either. Only the highest two tiers do. So $700 for just a seat, a tote bag and some pins. I was sure VIP must come with really amazing merch or something cool… parking and early access to visit the merch booth and grab a drink and not miss the show ya know? Since I paid that much

  28. Throughout all of the controversies that involved her (including the private jet one), I have found every & all ways to unapologetically defend her

  29. The private jet was the one where I was like nope. not her fan. Tbh hate that fans and people literally defended her when she is out there killing planet. Like I'm sorry but I just get so angry even thinking about it

  30. Ye me too. However I was desperately trying to convince myself the co2 emissions thing was fake news but now it wouldn’t put it past her. Also if it really wasn’t true I think she’d have addressed it way more but seems more like she just wanted to brush it under the carpet as best as possible. If she was innocent then she could do the decency of providing a corrected answer of her co2 emissions. Just by sayin something is “blatantly not true” doesn’t prove it wrong Taylor.

  31. Loverfest was about the same as this just on a smaller scale, because of the massive demand. Same checkout and website errors, same issues with the queue restarting, same issues with the checkout page not allowing you to finish the sale. The only thing that was new was the codes not working. And of course it was happening to way more people.

  32. I'm kind of lost by people who "blacked out". It must be nice to be able to just buy whatever and not worry about your finances. Most adults don't have that luxury--I certainly don't. I was clear on my limits and was prepared to walk away with nothing if I couldn't stay within them. Idk. I don't feel bad for those sorts of people. Your finances are your own responsibility, not a far away celebrity's. Must be nice being able to displace blame like that haha

  33. Right! I had tickets in my cart but with fees and stuff I couldn’t justify $350+ for two tickets in the nosebleeds 6 hours away in one of the major cities in my region as that was going to be at least another $200 for hotel and then gas and food.

  34. I’ve noticed a lot of failure to take personal responsibility for financial decisions lately. It was the same for the vinyl variants and merch. I don’t know if these people are teenagers using their parent’s credit card or if they’re adults. If they are adults, this behavior is concerning. Sorry if that sounds condescending to anyone, but please think before you put yourself in debt. I went over my budget, but I did so knowing that I can make adjustments over the next few months to compensate.

  35. Yes. People are acting like they are entitled to tickets, or great and affordable seats. No concert works that way. I don’t know why people act like Taylor’s concerts should work differently than the rest of societies economic system. If you can’t afford something, don’t buy it.

  36. Meh I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I think it’s mostly Ticketmasters fault. Ngl a lot of the criticism towards Taylor is stuff she doesn’t really have control over, Ticketmaster does.

  37. Thank you! I've been trying to get these points across the subreddit for the past 2 days. Half the people claiming Taylor is influential enough to bring down Ticketmaster sound delusional af

  38. I’m old and have been through many ticket fiascos. Take a break from her music for a bit if you need to. It’ll heal in time.

  39. Nah, Taylor is a captalist. It's been very clear for a while that her aim is profits, fame and to break records. I enjoy her music and am excited to see her perform live, but I'm under no illusion that she cares about me being in that crowd beyond the money I've spent to be there.

  40. Exactly. I don’t know ANYONE, myself included, who goes to work for any other reason than money. I love my job, but I’m not going if I’m not getting paid. Taylor just happens to have a different, better paying job, which is arguably 24/7.

  41. I feel no sympathy for people who spent more than they can afford on tickets. You know your finances, you know your limits and if you chose to exceed those limits, it’s on you. The numbers are right there on your screen at checkout and if you willingly hit the button after seeing a number that was higher than your budget, how is anyone else to blame? Sure, be angry at Ticketmaster and Taylor for the clusterfuck of a situation that occurred, but neither one is to blame for you choosing to max out your credit card on a concert.

  42. And it’s not like this is a life or death situation. This is not healthcare or something people are compelled to buy.

  43. Seriously! I already thought it was wild enough that some fans took hard inquiries on their credit to get a capital one card just to get access to the capital one presale. It is so absurd to me the amount of grown adults that have commented that they're now distraught over being in debt they cant afford to pay all for a concert.

  44. For real. They give you EIGHT MINUTES once you get to the payment screen to make a decision before you lose the tickets.

  45. I don't want to come off as callous, because the whole thing was handled terribly... but this was kind of expected. Ticketmaster always sucks. She's never been as popular as she is now. People are dying to get tickets to things after years of pandemic cancellations. I fully expected a shitshow as soon as the tour was announced and I'm kind of surprised how blindsided a lot of people seemed to be by it turning out that way.

  46. This is where I was. I was frustrated with the situation, because TM is terrible and the whole situation was a mess. But at the end of the day, it's a concert. It's a fun thing that I'd like to do, but if I wasn't able to go, it wouldn't have been the end of the world. I'm definitely not blaming Taylor for people going broke or "blacking out" and spending way more than they can afford. That was their choice. Personally, I was frustrated by the lack of pricing transparency, but I basically gave myself a cap and if I couldn't find something I liked for the price I set, I was prepared to walk away.

  47. Does anyone have any concrete proof of dynamic pricing? I tried to make a post on this but bot mod keeps auto deleting.

  48. I can concur that I didn’t see any proof of dynamic pricing today. I was in the C1 presale for MPLS, Denver, and Seattle and all pricing were very close (MPLS was $239 in the lower bowl center, while Denver and Seattle were $249).

  49. I saw the same nosebleed seat go from $149 to $49 within 5 minutes. At that point none of them were loading, and they were all behind thr stage at the tippy top. They were still giving error codes.

  50. I think it wasn't necessarily dynamic pricing, but just that some tickets straight up increased in price. The first time I got in was around noon, the whole thing bugged I guess because no tickets were selling but I was able to look at prices for everything and I thoroughly inspected it so I'd know what section to try for in advanced that's in my price range. Front row nosebleeds at the sides of the stage, so decent locations, were under $100. It didn't let me purchase and kicked me to the end of the queue when I tried, didn't get back in until after 3 pm and there was absolutely nothing under $100, even the behind the stage tickets.

  51. I had floor seats in my cart when it crashed and they were $350. When my coworker got in those same seats were $750. Upper stadium seats were $49 at the start and over $100 by the end. It was real.

  52. I was in the verified fan sale and the c1 sale and can confirm that ticket prices changed between the two. I bought my nose bleed seats for 99 each yesterday. Today the same seat areas were 119. I also did not see a seat better than nose bleeds that was cheaper than 239 and that was in mid bowl. I spent time looking around at the pricing during the c1 sale today but didn’t purchase tickets.

  53. I also tried to post about this and it got deleted. I don’t think most people know what dynamic pricing is. (I don’t think it happened btw)

  54. I got nosebleeds that are the 4th to last row and it was $125 each. Pretty sure it shouldn't have been that much. My seat should've been $49.

  55. This has been the case with Taylor for a while. Love her as a musician but unfortunately a lot of the musicians I like aren’t great people. Not saying Taylor is a bad person but she is a capitalist as much as she is a musician. I saw someone on Twitter say Taylor would be upset if her oldest fans didn’t get a chance to see her this tour and only the “locals” did and like, I guarantee Taylor does not give a fuck how long you have been a fan if you guys are spending the same amount of money.

  56. I’m really sorry you feel this way. Do you often try and buy tickets for gigs? I live in the UK and I’ve missed out on many tickets to bands I love or the tickets they offer me are £300 as all the ones more reasonably priced are gone.

  57. I get the disappointment. A lot of fans feeling let down today. But keep in mind she’s a flawed human and doesn’t owe or know any of us. We simply opt in as far as we’d like. Sounds like you have have discovered you’re a little over-invested. That’s totally understandable and fair. Taking a small step back may be best so expectations are reasonable and met. Hope you get your dream to see her some day!

  58. I thought the boosts were for helping you get chosen for the presale, not for once you’re in the line itself. So it would be equivalent to putting in the name of people with boosts into a bowl more times than the other names, and then the people chosen are random regardless but you have more of a chance of being chosen because you’re in the bowl more

  59. i saw a tiktok where someone was saying that they think that ticketmaster accidentally flipped boosts and gave them to people people who weren’t supposed to have them. tbh i’d believe it, the only people i know who got tickets (including me) are people who didn’t have any boost.

  60. Honestly, I don’t blame her at all, just like I didn’t blame Olivia Rodrigo when this happened for her tour, or when I could only snag a single seat for Ed Sheeran’s Divide tour because all the presale tix were gobbled up by scalpers and on Stubhub, or when bots took all the Lady Gaga tickets in thirty seconds and all the tickets on Stubhub. This happens too often to too many artists for it to be their fault. Ticketmaster is 100% to blame for this and should be called out. I’m sure Taylor is just as disappointed as we are. No one wants to see their fans who were so excited for this tour sobbing in their mentions because of this nightmare rollout. That’s why Taylor Nation created the booster program for Rep and why Ticketmaster took it away. It sucks, but until someone in government steps in to stop this, it’ll happen again.

  61. Not to mention- TM allowed other artists to have presales yesterday. - they knew how much demand there was going to be and still allowed another artist and his entire fan base to also bog down the site.

  62. I have realized that there are good things to defend her over (song writing, sexism, her private life staying private] and things I don't need to defend her over (like her private jets and their emissions, but wild how so few other people got singled out for it). Her music will always mean a lot to me. This ticketmaster fiasco has made me hate TM with the fire of a thousand suns and I wish she would say or do something. BUT I don't know what she could say or do and I'm aware there are mechanizations I don't even know about.

  63. No my opinion hasn’t changed. I’ve felt like Taylor is a corporation for years. Ever since reputation she has solely focused on her product: and almost everything she offers is behind a paywall.

  64. Honestly no—she doesn’t make anyone do anything, and honestly anyone claiming they “blacked out” buying merch or tickets and are broke now is just looking for a reason to blame anyone except themselves; or they have a medical condition, which also isn’t her fault. I’ve loved her since middle school, 10 years atp, and I don’t feel “entitled” to a concert honestly; this Ticketmaster stuff is horrible obvi and tickets should 100% be more affordable, but there’s honestly no way everyone who’s a big fan could possibly get a ticket, she can only do so many shows without compromising physical and mental health, and she has a massive number of fans. Ultimately, she’s a business woman and we listen to her music bc we like it—she’s allowed to do whatever to make money; no one has to do anything if they don’t want to

  65. I’m sorry, but this is getting ridiculous (not you specifically but the trauma some people are going through over this). I’m sure Taylor is a nice woman but this is her job. Taylor Swift is a brand, a product and it’s our choice as consumers whether or not to consume. If you don’t have the money to spend hundreds on merch, don’t. There’s a massive element of personal responsibility that no one seems to be taking. They impulsively spend and then are blaming Taylor.

  66. right! people saying they spent more then they can afford on tickets bc they were so stressed in the moment. why is that her fault?! be responsible for your own money and choices, such a strange thing to put on her.

  67. No. Maybe I'm a pessimist but I was prepared NOT to get tickets and was just happy to try. I had extremely low expectations because I haven't been able to get tickets since Red. I've either not been able to score tickets during sales or have been too broke to go.

  68. I love Taylor but idk why people had this weird parasocial relationship thinking she was “one of them” or a friend. I think she’s probably one of the better people in the entertainment industry, but at the end of the day this is her job. If her selling you the same record 4 times didn’t make it clear, but Taylor Nation is out to make MONEY. The real issue is Ticketmaster. I don’t fault her for using them…it’s 2022 who doesn’t use Ticketmaster to sell tickets. And honestly some smaller site probably would’ve been worse. I do fault her for not doing a better verified fan process though

  69. As for the records..I mean, she also wouldn’t sell those things if her fans didn’t love them and buy them. I think it’s fun having colors I can choose from and particularly love in a Taylor album. It feels special to me. Does it make her more money? Yeah! But as fans we eat it up. Why fault her for something we clearly enjoy. If the demand wasn’t there they wouldn’t make them.

  70. My opinion hasn’t changed. Taylor Swift is an artist. It honestly astounds me that we as a fan base demand her to fix all the industry’s and society’s problems.

  71. Taylor Swift is very talented, and it's easy to connect to her music. She's been the soundtrack of many of our lives, through times both hard and joyous.

  72. Everyone who bought a ticket chose to do so. No one forced anyone to wait 6 hours for tickets. People are complaining like they were forced to hell and back, when they easily could have been like “huh, waiting a couple hours sucks. Fuck it, maybe next time”. Like yeah it should have been easier and more organized, but no one HAD to buy tickets. People are freaking out over something that they voluntarily did for fun. Life isn’t fair, no one is entitled to tickets. It’s really not that serious at all

  73. LITERALLY. People keep using the word “had”. Like “I had to spend $900” and “I had to get the VIP package”. A comment on TikTok even said they went into debt?? No you do not HAVE to do any of those 😭

  74. this is how i feel. Like. live music is not a right, it is a privilege we are so lucky to have! People have taken it so much more seriously than it was ever meant to be.

  75. With you completely. I also can’t believe how many people are emphasizing how many hours they spent as if it was… an active situation? Like. The process was get in waiting room 10 mins ahead of time, wait for your computer to sound letting you know it was your turn, and then buy tickets. About a half hour of active work at most. You could very easily do work, chores, etc in between lol.

  76. Exactly! I’m trying not to judge because I did get tickets, but I’ve been seeing a lot of people acting very entitled about getting tickets when the harsh reality is that the demand exceeded the supply. There was always going to be people that missed out. So many people in their complaints mentioning that they’ve been to every other tour… maybe it’s someone else’s turn this time!

  77. Just don’t buy into the materialistic stuff and you’ll be fine 👍🏼 I never even look at merch and won’t buy a concert ticket over $250 because at the end of the day…we’re probably going to be able to watch it somewhere.

  78. Just curious, what would be a better alternative to sell tickets here? She can’t manage everything—she is only one human being and the demand is astronomical. The pre sales were terrible, but I don’t know why everyone wants her to issue a statement on it…like what could she have feasibly done different? She can’t hand deliver tickets to everyone who calls themselves a “real fan.”

  79. I’m so glad to see these comments. I’ve been SO turned off by the vitriol directed at Taylor. I love this sub so much but I might need to take a step back. I’m thrilled I got tickets and I feel badly for those who didn’t, but to turn on someone so quickly for something they largely cannot control is…yikes.

  80. Love her music but there are some things she does that I don't necessarily understand. That's all I'll say. Although I will agree that I hate ticketmaster way more

  81. No. Not mad at her using her private jet because rich people do rich people things (not defending, but it’s unfortunately a fact in life). Not mad that she was in a DOR movie, because I guess I accept that her and the other high profile cast members just do not care. Not mad at the overpriced ugly merch or LE vinyl releases because at the end of the day, the music industry is still a business and the truth is they will take advantage of people being fans.

  82. It's always confusing to me how many blame their own financial irresponsibility on people selling the product. Happened with the vinyls too

  83. My thoughts on this are that some people are taking this way too seriously. Yes, TM is a horrible platform that makes purchasing tickets much more expensive and difficult than it needs to be, but ultimately, no one forced you to buy a ticket.

  84. I’ve been a fan since the beginning. I would sing Teardrops on my Guitar while pining after middle school and high school crushes. Every time an album came out, it felt like it applied perfectly to my life at that point.

  85. No. This is going to be the biggest tour of all time from one of the world’s most popular artists. As unfair as it seems, it was always going to be extremely difficult to get tickets. Taylor isn’t your friend. She provides her art for a price and you can choose if you want to pay that price. I get that people are upset but the freakouts I’ve been seeing on here are immature and embarrassing.

  86. Respectfully, in her vogue 72 questions, she was asked what song in history she would have wanted to write if any. She answered, “the friends theme song, think of the residuals”.

  87. Individuals should take responsibility for "blacking out" and spending money they can't afford on concert tickets. Absurd to blame an artist because fans have no self control over their spending habits.

  88. Lol I basically got called a jerk for saying that people's finances are their own responsibility like how does anyone survive with the mindset of "whatever I spend isn't my fault."

  89. Personally it doesn’t phase me at all. She’s not the first artist whose situation had been like this, and definitely won’t be the last. I had the same issues trying to get tickets to other artists as well, and dynamic ticket pricing isn’t uncommon or exclusive to Taylor. While I would agree that it could be better if she can do more about it, I don’t really blame her for this at all. I don’t really think something like this should call her character into question. We’ve known for a long time that she’s all about that money with all her bad merch and the way she drops her merch just to name one way (but there is definitely more to get into) I don’t blame her for wanting that money either (who doesn’t want the money lol), while a large portion of it goes to her there are also other people who need to get paid. The most simple concept of economics is demand vs supply and there is just more demand for Taylor then their is supply. But if people choose to or didn’t choose to spend money that’s on them, it sucks trust me I feel like I went into a depression today like I think I had an anxiety attack about it because it was such a disaster and I wanted those tickets so bad, but I’m more so going to be fighting with ticketmaster, this is not a Taylor exclusive situation so I really don’t see the need to blame her at all. If she doesn’t speak up she’ll get criticized like she has been, but if she does she’s probably gonna get criticized for that as well. Unlike some people in this thread I do think Taylor really cares about her fans and doesn’t just see us as numbers, but she’s also a person who wants to make money, unfortunately it’s hard to find a middle ground between the two.

  90. Nah. Like a lot of others have said, this is business. Taylor/Taylor Nation doesn't "owe" me anything. I see a lot of people saying that they have been a fan since the beginning and that's wonderful, but it doesn't mean they are owed anything. I've been listening to Taylor for 14 years. That's literally half my life. I do not expect anything "in return." I went into this with a price cap in mind and I was lucky enough to stay under that with fees. If I couldn't get anything, then I wouldn't. It's not Taylor's fault I have a budget. I feel like there was a lot of panic to get the best seats but at the end of the day, aren't we there to enjoy the music and be a part of something huge?

  91. My issue with this no one is forcing fans to buy anything. You can’t blame Taylor for bad financial choices… my opinion is the same as it always was. I’ve only bought the album cause that’s all I am willing to spend and financially I can’t buy to much more. I would love to see the eras tour, but it comes back to pricing and stuff.

  92. I love her music because it's relatable. I don't like a lot of her merch so I just don't get it. I seriously only pay to see her live. When I saw what was going on the last couple days, I was like, I'm waiting til the hype goes down.

  93. What if we... stopped blaming Taylor Swift for Tickemaster's issues? I never thought this would be a hot take, but there are so many threads post-sale where people are complaining that Taylor hasn't put out a statement or addressed the fiasco and they're disappointed in her not taking action and somehow fixing this issue. In reality, there's likely not much Swift can do to control Ticketmaster. The company has truly cornered the market in ticket sales, and even though they've been taken to court over some of their practices (Pearl Jam filed an antitrust against Ticketmaster which triggered an investigation into the monopoly in '95), Ticketmaster has a lot of sway in the industry. Saying Taylor needs to personally hold them accountable or take them to court is a tone deaf take that ignores how powerful Ticketmaster is. In order to play at these large stadiums and venues Taylor may have no other choice but to use Ticketmaster for sales since they have exclusive deals with venues which dictate any event held there must have tickets sold via Ticketmaster. If she refuses to use Ticketmaster, she may not be able to play at stadiums in the first place.

  94. As someone mentioned she might have NDAs and other legal agreements that keep her from trashing the business that she is in business with. Ticketmaster has a monopoly, one that should never have been legally allowed to take place. She doesn’t and didn’t have control over that. Without their service, how could she do a stadium tour? Is that your preferred alternative?

  95. Idk what to think. What I think is that Taylor initially refused to put her music on Spotify because it was unfair (to her)…she has clearly fought hard to own her own music and gone to great lengths to get what she thinks she deserves (again for herself)…. so IMO she should fight the ticketing system next if she actually cares about her fans….because at the end of the day she still made a ton of money and will have a sold out tour. (I heard Garth Brooks sold his tickets on his own website only while still playing stadiums, but maybe not??)

  96. As European who has fortunately never encountered dynamic pricing themselves, I don't understand how you "don't know how much money you just spent".

  97. I think they’re saying that because you couldn’t opt out of VIP packages, and they are extremely overpriced for what you get. I was able to buy tickets at the very end of the queue, and there were only VIP tickets left. Multiple people have said they would pay any money they could just to get out of the queue, so they ended up paying a lot more money than what they planned.

  98. I guess I just don't understand how people expect it to be different. She's contractually obligated to use Ticketmaster. Server space is expensive, sure Ticketmaster could afford to purchase the additional servers for these crazy situations, but this isn't their normal website traffic. Why invest for such a one off situation? Could things have been done differently even without server space? Sure. Of course.

  99. The whole situation sucks but I'm honestly not sure what people expect her to do. Do you really think she could start a competitor to TM? Guarantee you it would be just as much of a shitshow.

  100. There really is no excuse for ‘blacking out’ and spending a tonne of money you don’t have. Adults should be able to control their impulses and not make purchases they cannot afford. There really is no external factor you can put the blame on.

  101. Honestly, it hasn’t. I’ll always love Taylor the way I always have from the beginning, but I hold more of the blame on Ticketmaster than I do on her. Do I wish she and her team could’ve done something to address the situation? Sure, but I also understand why they didn’t, especially if legal ramifications are involved. I also wish the Reputation boost system still existed. Now I understand that people are upset. I myself wasn’t thrilled with how things went down, but she’s not the only artist whose had issues like this happen nor will she be the last.

  102. I commented this in another post, so I'll just say it again. Love her art, phenomenal songwriter ( I will drown for folklore and evermore because just the writing is excruciatinglly beautiful) but her tactics and her as a person... Questionable. I think she sees fans as her numbers and we are her way of getting richer + more numbers for everything = more fame. If she didn't think that way, she wouldn't be just post on insta and twitter like nothing is happening and fans aren't wasting their prescious time in long cues just to see her. The prices were ABSURD but I'm not shocked seeing how much cheap expensive merch she has been dropping + the amount of remixes. My opinion on her honestly changed when I got to know about her jet scandal ( which I'm honestly angry at swifties and people to not shame Taylor and tbh All the celebrities who use jets like they are cars everyday, basically killing our planet for their comfort. Her response was even worse, like WTF).

  103. This might sound harsh but it seems like US fans are just experiencing what international fans have always dealt with with any big star. We usually get late announcements, have to wait up to a year to even see the concert because our dates are always at the tail end of the singer's tour (so they're tired and don't care anymore/probably halfway through recording their new album anyway). My country never gets a show in every state so anyone unlucky enough to live on the opposite o northern coast has to make the decision to travel interstate because the star usually only books 1-2 nights at most. You usually have to fork out the cash because many don't return for years (Beyonce hasn't toured here since 2013, Rihanna since 2011 I think). Or they just ignore us all together until they're irrelevant in the US then suddenly we become priority. We also get reduced stage sets (The Weeknd's giant spaceship was a fucking glowing triangle, Justin Timberlake downgraded his entire set to acoustic only, Beyonce's Formation stage couldn't even be accommodated by any of our stadiums). We NEVER get surprise guest stars and probably won't get half of the support acts (I was truly stunned we got Charli XCX for Rep, we didn't get Camila). More personal but the online experience in this regard sucks too because swifties literally act like the tour is over once it leaves the US. No one even reports on it with the same enthusiasm once the US leg completes. Rep Tour when it finally got here was like "Oh? Is she still touring? Cute. Anyway".

  104. Exactly!! You but it way better than I could have. I’m Canadian and I’m looking to fly into the states just incase and everyone is acting like this is something new that has only happened to Taylor Swift like this is what happens when there is more demand than supply, I had the same experience with Harry, he did 2 shows for the whole country and I paid what I had to pay in order to go.

  105. kind of insane to me how this whole ticket thing is leaving a sour taste in a lot of fans’ mouths, but were able to excuse her working with a literal ABUSER / RAPIST director….

  106. It sounds harsh, but it's because they're now being personally inconvenienced. It's not really about being a "good person" to a lot of fans, it's about keeping them happy

  107. No honestly. i know presale was a mess but this has been happening to all the big artists lately. the concert industry has changed a lot in the last few years, especially after covid.

  108. I cannot understand this perspective. We know Taylor is a popular artist. She could have priced tickets 5x what they were listed for, and people would call her greedy and exclusionary. Well…it would have the effect of reducing demand!

  109. Why would my opinion of her change. It wasn’t her fight for tickets. It had nothing to do with her. What did you want her to do? Genuinely asking.

  110. Bro was she the one buying the tickets so y’all couldn’t get them? No. It was the MILLIONS of fans that showed up, and ALL waited in line for hours. I’m just saying. Also how is it her fault that you guys paid a lot for tickets? She didn’t force you to.

  111. I was finally able to get tickets for my show today and I have had a pit in my stomach since. I’m excited of course but I spent a LOT more than I was anticipating for 2 tickets

  112. I personally don’t blame her at all. Also, Ticketmaster had extensive information on what was included in each VIP package. If people were reading things (which I understand they had no time for) they would’ve seen underneath the ticket price there was information about which VIP Package was included in the ticket. I knew I was going to pay for VIP going in so this didn’t really affect me, but it was not hard to see if you had a VIP Package associated with the ticket before selecting it.

  113. this is why you guys should stop with these parasocial relationships u have with her. i still love her because i know at the end of the day she doesnt give a sh1t about me and im only here for her amazing music.

  114. I’ve never idolized Taylor and have always been weirded out by fans who say that Taylor is their BEST FRIEND and mean it… so I don’t think I didn’t know that Taylor was a big capitalist celeb and I was never under the delusion that she and I are buds just because I love her music, BUT for me what has grossed me out over this whole thing so much and soured my opinion is that she is still out there spinning this narrative about how much she loves her fans and the fake surprised attitude and fake graciousness accepting awards. She breaks records and shit but she also releases 50 different versions of the same shit and somehow people are deluded enough to buy duplicates and then she acts all astonished about her sales and record breaking… idk I’m rambling now but the point is tldr wish she’d stop the act because it’s tiresome and gross at the point.

  115. yes thank you I completely agree. Love her music but her “little old me” and “love my fans” attitude is so disingenuous it’s so obvious. I’m gonna be honest I never believe she actually cared about her fans since the beginning of her career. I’m talking when she did those 13 hour meet and greet during the debut days. It’s obvious in hindsight it was all a gimmick to appeal to her parasocial relationship for fans

  116. I’m disappointed she didn’t treat her Loverfest ticket holders better. I feel like I’ve been let down twice now, first when it was cancelled and now when I couldn’t get tickets.

  117. I have a feeling that based on that fact that the intent was to boost loverfest ticket holders, that what happened was more likely Ticketmaster’s failure.

  118. Bruh you’re gonna hate on taylor and question her ethics bc ticketmaster fucked up 💀💀💀 some of you taylor fans need to go outside and touch some grass lmaooo

  119. I'm just sad because I don't think the general will work out and looking at the resellers on Stubhub is seriously sadder to make it worse I have a Taylor Swift night on Friday and I doubt I'll be in the mood to go so I hope Livenation enjoys my 20 dollar cover I won't use since they do tickets for that venue.

  120. I think you might’ve answered yourself on the NDA side of things. She can’t go slander the company putting out her tickets for fear of lawsuit. She made as much a statement as she could on IG. Overall the blame is on ticket masters. There’s zero to shift any blame away from them. As for anyone going completely broke because of yesterday that’s on themselves. If you “blacked out” and clicked something random spending thousands that’s on you.

  121. I completely agree. I find it very annoying that you can’t dislike some of her decisions without people insisting that means you hate her. I absolutely love her music but I also find her marketing tactics to be a bit shady. I don’t think there’s any point in berating her about everything, but simply pointing out she’s not a perfect genius 24/7 seems like a crime to some people.

  122. not really. i don’t think this is inherently her fault. but i do question her lack of response to he disappointing but not surprising. she’s a millionaire business woman at the end of the day. and i don’t have to support every thing she does. i think it’s important to remain critical of the people we admire and idolize

  123. The thing about Taylor is that she’s built an entire brand based on allowing us to feel close to her and like it’s all her. Taylor isn’t the only one involved in making these decisions. There’s events planners, business directors, finance executives, people whose sole purpose it is to make the label money and honestly I’m tired of people putting all of this crap at Taylor’s door.

  124. Probably a super unpopular opinion here, but like, what more do yall want from her? Her entire life is a fishbowl. She works and works and works, she added SEVENTEEN dates to meet demand.

  125. A Live Music ticket purchase experience that led to Members of Congress tweeting about breaking up TicketMaster, the Tennessee Attorney General promising an investigation and countless news stories about the fan experience has been ever present over the last 48 hours hasn't changed my mind about Taylor, I purchased a CD of Midnights and that will be the extent of my money laid out.

  126. I really think Taylor does not want to do this to her fans. I am sure if she had a better option she would have chosen it. Ticketmaster has a monopoly so there could have been some weird terms. She is not personally benefiting from scalped tickets so why would she want this option? I bet there’s more to this situation than we realize.

  127. My opinion on Taylor hasn't really changed. She and I are basically the same age. I always left like we were living parallel lives--mine just a poor normal person and hers normal people problems with a crap load of money and a whole lot of publicity. I felt like this because her albums always had songs that were directly happening in my life when they dropped. I was never the fan that thought she could do no wrong because I was the same age making similar bad choices (she did some shady stuff during her Calvin/Tom/Joe era based on publicly available timelines). She's always been just a person like the rest of us and that's what I always defended her on.

  128. Where is your source that she had the choice for dynamic pricing? Ticketmaster has a monopoly and she has no power really on this negotiation table. She HAS to go through them

  129. As far as I know Taylor had to trade control of her merch and tours in exchange for owning her masters. That’s the trade off she had to make. She doesn’t control the ticket prices, her label does. She doesn’t release all the merch, he label does. She doesn’t get to approve any of it. And she probably can’t speak up on it either because of the agreement. Also, it isn’t Taylor’s responsibility to create and make people stick to their personal budgets. I’m 31, I’ve been listening to Taylor since 2006. I’ve never seen her because tickets were always too expensive for me. I finally bought $200 nosebleeds. Was that crazy expensive to me for those seats? Absolutely. But I also knew I really really wanted to finally see her and I’m super excited for the eras tour itself. It was my choice to purchase tickets that were well within my budget I just had to sacrifice seat location. I know people who have been saving up for years to see her and this isn’t breaking the bank for them to have floor seats. The prices match the demand. So while the cost is insane, it wouldn’t be that high if people weren’t willing to pay that much.

  130. I’ll be honest that I’ve seen people posting about “blacking out” and it just seems irresponsible on their part. Maybe this makes me a grumpy old person, but the checkout process has multiple steps in it where you could stop. And once the tickets are in your cart, there’s a countdown that tells you how long you have to check out.

  131. It’s shady but I still can’t pull a several hundreds out of thin air for a concert, so is what it is. Lol. No celeb is worth going into debt for.

  132. I'm not sure she or her team are to blame. Ticketmaster has no competitors, and it assumed it could get away with not having to do due diligence. They should've known demand would be sky-high: Midnights had the biggest album opening week in 7 years, she hasn't had a tour since Reputation 2018, and she for sure gained new fans with the Folklore/Evermore releases.

  133. I feel like she did everything she possibly could to get tickets into the hands of her fans. Her hands are tied and I’m sure she is scheming something so this doesn’t happen next tour. Don’t forget she is a mastermind and always calculating her next move

  134. If you’re wasting all that money on a concert ticket, that’s on you. Nobody else. Yes TM sucks for the prices, but a responsible adult also knows what they can afford. You won’t die by not seeing her in concert. Would it be nice, yes, but I’m not putting myself in debt to see her when I’d be able to tailgate a concert and listen to her outside.

  135. I say this as someone who spent too much on tickets during the presale; if you “blacked out” and bankrupted yourself buying concert tickets, that’s on you dawg. The total price was very clearly listed on the confirm order screen. If the price was too much a responsible adult would either not go to the show or pick different seats.

  136. I know a couple of musicians who have a way better connection to their fans and / or handle the selling of tickets in a way more ethical way.

  137. We are all adults here. We can’t blame Taylor for our financial decisions. Yes the entire process was absolute chaos, Ticketmaster is to blame. Monopolizing this industry, taking advantage of fans, blatantly lying to us, giving out way too many access codes for ONE day. I trust Taylor will do what she can to help sort through this but no, my view on her hasn’t changed. I don’t hold her accountable for my actions of how much money I spent or how poorly a corporation is run.

  138. No. Taylor doesn’t own Ticketmaster. She doesn’t even own all of her albums. She’s absolutely not to blame for this and anyone who thinks she has THAT much control needs to go outside and touch grass.

  139. Honestly, Taylor had nothing to do with what I was inconvenienced with. I was selected for Verified Fan. I received my text and code, and come time to join the cue, my link didn't work. I was told I wasn't a verified fan. From my experience, this was all on TM. I understand people being upset, but I don't thing Taylor is 100% at fault here, and does not deserve some of the hate I've seen.

  140. I've honestly just become more of a Pearl Jam fan after this whole mess as their actions against Ticketmaster and the music industry as a whole align with my values and I don't even listen to a lot of their music, but I will certainly support them more financially than Taylor going forward.

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