I love the kids but the culture is driving me out

  1. Changing school didn't work for me. Ive decided it's because their role models are bad parents, football hooligans, love Island slappers and drill rappers. I don't have a peer reviewed study or anything, but that's what I see at most schools, from a high number of kids I teach.

  2. Do you have any sort of “staff voice” at your school whereby you can voice your concerns about communication and how the major incident was handled? If your school doesn’t have something like this, could the union rep collate the concerns around communication and feed them over to SLT?

  3. That’s the thing SLT are deaf to staff voice. We have no way to communicate beyond what our union rep says to them and they are difficult at best regarding those conversations.

  4. I'd change schools. Not your circus and totally not worth wrecking your income for. If you do whistleblow make sure you already have your foot out of the door.

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